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Ven now I don t know if she s created anything else But based n Anya s Ghost I plan to check ut whatever bibliography she has as soon as this review posts I am now a fanreview courtesy f Good Ok Bad 4 12 starsIt s been a while since I ve read a real graphic novel that s not just text with illustrations So it may be partly because I ve been missing the format but I was completely blown away by this book It made me remember everything that s possible in a graphic novel but impossible when the story is confined to mere words Beyond that I think that it takes an incredible amount The Ugly Princess of talent to convey so efficiently and precisely the story characters emotions and just everything in the spacef a drawing Vera Brosgol infuses every cell with so much meaning and emotionI think that I fell in love with Anya n about page two She is a curvy sarcastic insecure unmotivated smart snarky dark sweet Russian girl who wishes to be everything that she s not All f this comes across within the span f a few pages There are very few words to this book but any would be simply unnecessary The story is rich and detailed and complex as it is Anya has a hopeless crush n the school basketball captain and an envious sort f hatred for his girlfriend the perfect blonde Elizabeth When she falls into a well ne afternoon she discovers that she s not alone The ghost Harvest to Hydrosol: Distill Your Own Exquisite Hydrosols at Home of a young girl lingers there her body left to desiccate for ninety years Anya is scared at first but soon she discovers just how useful a ghost can be There is a lovely message within these pages too Anya feels so much like anutsider and the bullying that she suffers as a child after immigrating to the US encourages her to turn away from her identity and heritage This is a common feeling for young people who must start Hunchback over in a new place but it is also a feeling universally shared by teenagers I think that a lotf young people have that insecurity that feeling Buddy of ill fitting discomfort like your entire person just doesn t uite belong anywhere There can be a tremendous amountf pressure to change and mold and adapt yourself to assimilate Anya rejects everything curvy and smart and Russian But Anya finds The Space Child's Mother Goose out that not all that seems perfect actually is and that it s a good thing to be differentThis theme is nothing revolutionary but the humor the dashf the paranormal and the fantastic artwork all contribute to the extraordinariness The Quotable Hitchens from Alcohol to Zionism: The Very Best of Christopher Hitchens of this book I highly recommend this for everyonePerfect Musical PairingRegina Spektor RaindropsRegina seems like anbvious choice for this book and this song is very fragile and sweet like I imagine Anya is The Greatest Survival Stories Ever Told: Seventeen Incredible Tales on the inside This is a song about looking for connection and hoping to meet that special person that s still unrevealedAlso seenn The Readventurer Anya is a typical American teenager Or she would be if nly she weren t Russian r weird unpopular and clumsy I mean things could definitely be worse she might ve still had an accent be as plump as her mother Cómo ligar con esa chica que tanto te gusta y a la que le gusta otro or God Forbid the resident school weirdo Good thing she put those things behind herAnd thenne day she falls into a big hole and dies Eventually at any rate In the aforementioned hole however she meets Emily a perfectly nice little girl if Death Threat only she weren t dead Still whenne is in dire need f some cheat sheets to get through life a ghost is an excellent ally to haveAlthough I read my fair share f graphic novels ie manga I wouldn t know the first thing about reviewing them Granted the fact that most f them are yaoi in genre probably has something to do with it There s nly so much haaaawt andor yuuuuuuck to go around before your reviews become repetitive Yes those are my nly ualifiers You didn t really think I read them for the plot did youBut back to Anya the story is cute I guess The characters are decently drawn Not necessarily pretty such as the nes in say the Koibitogokoro series but not ugly either Suffice to say that it didn t distract me from the story line which may Porter Rockwell: A Biography or may not be a good thing You be the judgef thatScore 35 starsThe entire novel could be summed up as careful what you wish for with the typical dash Satire of too good to be true don t be slut family is for life yadda yadda yadda Emily was interesting I grant you that especially when she started show her colours but the restf the cast was rather meh As show her real colours but the rest Deflower the Boss of the cast was rather meh As as I m concerned graphic novels are all about the art Sure the story also has its place but unless you re publishing a 1000 page book it s unlikely to be something life changing Decent art predictable plot and an interesting character make it worth an average rating That said I ll be giving it away the first chance I have So tomorrow None has the right to decide who gets to live Hebrew magic amulets or die I will tell you straight away that this is so much than a comic I thought it would be a cute tale a whimsical ghost story and following a discussion with my dear friend Marina I decided to try my luck with Brosgol s work I was definitely in for a surprise A bleak haunting and yet uirky and beautiful surpriseAnya is a young girl in high school Having arrived to the USA from Russia before primary school she has adopted to the waysf her new homeland She has even lost her accent and yet her life is anything but easy Her mother a cheerful loving woman and her six year ld brother don t seem to help because Anya wants to fit in influenced by the vile notion f the popular student One day after a really bad day and a strange accident in the park she finds herself attached to the ghost Being There of a girl who died under mysterious ways Her life changes drastically in ways that she couldn t have anticipated when she decided to make the 90 yearld spirit her new best friendYes this comic is rich in beautiful illustrations whose palette consists هذه بلادنا: الجواء of blue white black and grey but this is just the tipf the iceberg Buddha's Brain: The Practical Neuroscience of Happiness, Love, and Wisdom of excellence This is a comic book that could have easily become a spectacular novel The themes that Brosgol communicates through the storyline are plenty and utterly relevant tour times and the lives f the young students particularly in the USA First and foremost the difficulty f being accepted when your roots lie in Riend who’s been dead for a centuryFalling down a well is bad enough but Anya's normal life might actually be worse She's embarrassed by her family self conscious about her body and she's pretty much given. Wanted it to be creepy Full review to come Just to touch this book is a special treat The black and white graphic photos are filled with emotion themselvesAnya is a teenage girl in High School in the United States from Russia Yeah you try fitting in The story photos shape f the book feel f the book the experience Witness to the Martyrdom: John Taylor's Personal Account of the Last Days of the Prophet Joseph Smith of the book is endearing enchanting spooky sweet sad funnyand so delightful Just a mini review the art is so cute I wanna die weird tracesf girl hating generally just a little bit rushed kind f a cheesy ending but very cute and fun and fast paced i liked it hurray When I was in high school there wasn t a lot f bullying And there weren t really any cliues Or maybe there were but I was just too blissfully ignorant to notice It s not like I was especially popular It s not as if I wasn t kind f nerdy r kind f artsy r kind The War at Home: One Family's Fight Against PTSD of freaky I mean look at me Yep This is exactly as rad as it looksIt s just that I never felt as if I couldn t if I had wanted to talk to someone and have them not snub meutright Maybe it s different in ther schools around the country but according to my experience in Orange County circa 1990 school based YA lit just doesn t ring trueGenerally speaking f course There are always a few works f the genre that don t play to clich Thankfully Anya s Ghost avoids most f the usual traps f the form There are even moments when I found myself gleefully surprised at a direction in which Vera Brosgol would choose to take her story Anya s Ghost as ne may have guessed by now is about three things A girl named Anya high school shenanigans and Ten Thousand Goddam Cattle: A History of the American Cowboy in Song, Story and Verse of course a ghost So really the joy is in the detailsf how the story all works Set Theory, Logic and Their Limitations out rather than in the geniusf any f the three parts n their wn Life Lesson 1 Don t fall down pits in the park Just not as healthy as you d imagineIn the first place Brosgol works hard to make Anya a character who very easily could be weird r strange The Stringbean Murders or unwelcome but isn t She s a typical teen from an immigrant family She herself is an immigrant and by her word we learn that she s worked very hard to compensate for her inauspicious countryf أساطير شعبية من قلب جزيرة العرب: الجزء الرابع origin She svercome her accent acclimated to the cultural diversity Stricken (Asphalt Cowboys, of young American life and doesn t dress like someone who s just discovered clothes Apparently dressing like someone who can put together a plausibleutfit is not something immigrants can naturally accomplish She s also embarrassed by her native culture and goes to lengths to distance herself from that which will mark her as Foreign Sometimes that means shortening an The Sporty Game obnoxiously difficult to pronounce last name and sometimes it means forsaking thether kid from your country who hasn t uite American Yakuza II overcome his eager foreigner tendencies yet It happensIn a lotf ways Anya s Ghost explores the same cultural experience Gene Yang looks at in American Born Chinese the barrier between being true to Inventions That Changed the World: Working Wonders ourwn identity and being accepted by the world around us While Yang s protagonist gets a perm and imagines himself white Brosgol s Anya is determined to be assimilated Both books speak gently to the threat f alienation to the social stigma attached to not fitting in Both works in the end admonish the reader That Fitting In Isn fitting in isn the be all end all f human let alone high school existence And best Vertical Mind: Psychological Approaches for Optimal Rock Climbing of all neither book comesff Blood Love overly preachy in their lessons which is always nice for stories that containvert morals at book s end Young women know this your fears f turning ut to look like your mother are well founded Age is a terrible terrible thing It must be stopped The world needs a new heroBrosgol uses as much care with her exploration f the high school drama as she much care with her exploration f the high school drama as she in keeping her protagonist well rounded She doesn t travel the typical lazy storytelling route f dividing the school into neat compartments There are no jocks nerds cheerleaders skaters goths r loadies in evidence here There are no Heathers Instead there are just kids And these kids have their social connections but they aren t divided down lines so plain as Extracurricular Interest Anya has ne best friend an Irish girl named Siobhan but she seems n friendly r at least neutral terms with most people Dima the Russian extracted goodie two shoes doesn t pal around in a herd f nerds but simply DIY, Dammit!: A Practical Guide to Curse-Free Crafting offendsn his lonesome And Anya s as yet unreciprocated romantic interest Sean is not the leader f the popular kids He s just a good looking guy with a good looking girlfriend These are realistic persons forming a realistic net f relationshipsAnd as for the ghost I ll refrain from talking too much about her simply because her role drives the story We ll just leave it at this I was surprised by what Brosgol did with what could have been a terribly cliched device And that I could be so pleasantly pleased speaks highly for Brosgol s product here I dated a girl nce with haunted cleavage Well kay no I didn t But pretending I did makes the whole thing seem worthwhileIn fact the entire package is just extremely well conceived The art while cartoony and fairly simple is just about perfect Brosgol employs a style that reminds me Civil rights, tool of communist deception of Andi Watson s workn later Skeleton Key maybe crossing volumes 4 and 5 which is just a fantastic place to start The panel composition is fluid well pronounced and tells Brosgol s story without any difficulty It s all very clean and tidy and in this reminds me f Yang s ABC As well Anya herself is drawn in such a way that we can see she s a bit ff from the cultural ideal but still beautiful Cutthroat on herwn It s primarily her An Eastern Orthodox Response to Evangelical Claims own lackf confidence that keeps people from noticing herSo far as the writing goes Brosgol treats her characters with respect and even when she s not giving them whip smart repartee she at least keeps them from speaking like imbeciles This is trickier than you might imagine in the domain The Claiming of the Shrew of YA lit Consider the best selling Hunger Games Or the better selling Twilight Dialogue is hard Smartr believable dialogue is harder still Anya s Ghost pretty much nails this It s not Raymond Chandler but really what is The ghost has a point I guessPrior to this work I was entirely unfamiliar with Vera Brosgol Summoned or her work Anya could really use a friend But her new BFF isn't kidding about the Forever partOf all the things Anya expected to find at the bottomf an ld well a new friend was not ne f them Especially not a new

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Far away country that your classmates know nly through hearsay and prejudice spread by ignorant uneducated fools Moreover you don t meet the standards Baghdad, Mon Amour: A Journey of Exile and Return of the time you re not blonde skinny and stupid you haven t managed to gain a place in the cliues therefore you don t exist And the worst danger comes when you are tempted to shedff your identity and your heritage like a skin that has no use any just because the social circles demand everyone to be the same And Anya falls in love so what can she do That s where the ghost comes to help and the price will be but you have to read it to find Dead Inside out Love is such a weird thingIt can makeur lives a brighter place and it can drive us to deeds that we never thought urselves possible to commit And then there is the devilishly thin line between love and bsessionI have to stop here because I m dangerously close to start spoiling the plot What I can tell you is that this is a comic book to be enjoyed and taken seriously I felt that this isn t The Taste of Spruce Gum only targeted to teenagers but to adults as well since the social commentary is evident and provides anpportunity for parents and educators to think f the problems f the young She Stoops to Conquer ones and the ways to help them accept themselves and avoid the trapf the notion Slow Getting Up: A Story of NFL Survival from the Bottom of the Pile of the popular kid I was than satisfied with Anya s development and her courage to recognise her mistakes and illusionsMy reviews can also be foundn You re no saint Anya You re just like me This story follows Anya Borzakovskaya who s an immigrant from Russia residing in the United States alongside her mother and brotherAnya isn t doing particularly well in school She doesn t have many friends And Orb one day while she s feeling particularly blue about her life she falls into a deep hole in the ground Underground she meets Emily a 90 yearld ghost This graphic novel not The Dandy and Lady Penelope only focusesn a creepy ld ghost it also talks about Anya s self image and her journey towards accepting herself I could really relate to how Anya was feeling and I m glad that she gradually started to accept her background and history ver the course Multi-Family Therapy of this storyIt was a uick read that I had been looking forward to for months nowBu This review is probably going to be shorter thanthers because National Geographic Field Guide to the Birds of North America, 7th Edition of riskf spoilers Just take my word for it and read this book You may look normal like everyone else but you re not Not n the insideInitial Final Page ThoughtsAww I wish all books were graphic novelsHigh PointsJust the fact that this book is a YA graphic novel makes my heart soar with joy I can t get enough f them and I don t trust people who don t like them Seriously people who don t like them what is wrong with you Vera Brosgol s drawings are beautiful and eerie and perfectly compliment the story and issues that are covered The use f the blue black and white hues was inspired and so effective Diversity Realistic teenage girls with real life insecurities Best friends First crushes Badass heroine Low PointsI did not need the reminder f the bleep test Dark times Dark times Oh and yeah page 205 207 You A History of Prophecy in Israel, Revised and Enlarged owe me a night s sleep Ms Brosgol HeroineAnya Borzakovskaya is prickly sarcastic rebellious she skives boring lessons and wears short skirts to school So naturally she was everything I love about in a YA heroine She is also witty clever and her flawsnly made me love her There was this great subtlety in Brosgol s writingdrawing and Anya s insecurities were introduced with such skill and it never felt too Think good thoughts about a pussycat overwhelming From the get go Anya is atdds with society She is
insecure in how 
in how looks she s self conscious about her heritage she has a crush One, Two, Three Me on a boy who has a blonde All American girlfriend with the perfect life and she argues with her mum all the time because they don t understand how thether ne is feeling And then she gets haunted by a pesky ghost I mean come ndoesn t she get a break Best FriendI lovedlovedloved Siobhan She was my favourite kind Sex and Lust in Tijuana: True Sex Stories of the Tjamigos of literary friend who basically tell the heroine to shut the eff up and getver it when they re being dramatic and don t let them become too annoying r bitchy I would like to have seen f Siobhan because she is the Jane to Anya s Daria And then we have Emily but I ll let you get acuainted with her Tea for Ruby on yourwn Theme Tune Long Black Veil Johnny CashShudderAngst Factor 810 Apart from the fact that this book was terrifying for approximately the entire book Brosgol is a master f creating a beautiful story with a message that everyone who has ever felt like they haven t fit in can relate to It s OK not to fit in because the people who you think are living the perfect life are just as flawed as the rest f us Recommended ForEVERYONE People who appreciate an amazing graphic novels People who like their as flawed as the rest f us Recommended ForEVERYONE People who appreciate an amazing graphic novels People who like their sarcastic realistic flawed and AWESOME People who have ever looked at someone else s life and thought they would want to swap People who would rather scale their school wall than do the bleep test People who trust Neil Gaiman s words f wisdom He called this book a masterpiece and it truly honestly completely is People who aren t above using a ghost to cheat n an examYou can also read the review for this book and thers and a whole lot I only Like the Fingers of the Guy I Hate, Vol. 1 ofther exciting stuff The Whistle Pig on my blog here Like me If you are afraidf ghosts just the mere thought f them can make you go crazy I ll suggest not the read the book in night This is what I did and Oh God Don t ask me what it was like to sleep turning ff the lightsIf it s difficult for you to see how the characters change drastically just in a blink f an eye in any book if this change troubles you leaving you thinking howwhenwhy then this is the book for youAnushka r Anya is just a normal girl we have seen in every Church Planting Is for Wimps: How God Uses Messed-Up People to Plant Ordinary Churches That Do Extraordinary Things other movies She wants to stay fit get the most popular guy from school live a balanced life wants to be around friends in this foreign country and when someone makes a poor joke she doesn t take it long to get frowned See just a normal life she leads having expectationsf day to day lifeBut that changes when she meets the ghost by accidentIt s a good book and not so scary Thank God still it was freaking me A Stepdaughter In Heat out when I was reading it in the middlef the night. Up n fitting in at school A new friend even a ghost is just what she needsOr so she thinks Spooky sardonic and secretly sincere Anya's Ghost is a wonderfully entertaining debut from authorartist Vera Brosg. Anya's Ghost