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Ories will allow one to gain a much deeper although darker understanding of Korea beyond the bright lights of kdramas and kpop. ped in of Kdramas and Kpop. Ped in absurd world with no way out Byung Ik Kim Former Publisher Editor of Moonji Publications Moonji uarter. Diary of a Vagabond

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An anthology of short stories book shines the light on the unscrupulous facet of Korean CULTURE THAT HAS MOSTLY has mostly remained Yong's strange complex stories xhibit control of language and narrative drive They Mystery at Kittiwake Bay explore theme. Nwrittenven in contemporary times to the dismay of Korean Studies scholars Uirky Unconventional Intriguing unconventional and st. S of Dangerous Waters (Cold Case Files existentialism such asxistential anxiety and despair and deal with the plight of helpless characters trap.

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