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Mind Wide Open fThought that the HH should be arrestedor sheer dullness I luv plain Jane books but this 1 was OTT the Dominant FUTA Collection fact that she s plain was bludgeoned to death Gimme a break I can appreciate her plainness wout it being shoved up my nostrils over over again Thank gawd it s a library copy How bout injecting depth romance into the characters luv story instead of emphasizing on repetitive description of heroine s lack of appeal I don t think I ll pick up the rest of the series she s written better books than this tepid effort Theormer spy who shags her woulda been a apt title There were good moments in #this story but I ound myself skimming the pages in between those moments #story but I ound myself skimming the pages in between those moments was potential in this tale of a nobleman s rather hasty marriage of convenience to a plain spinster because of his need A New Society for a brood mare wife to appease his crochety grandmother who seemingly holds the purse strings In this case the hero admiringly goes against type and does not choose the reigning beauty but someone who attracts himor other reasons However he later orgets all of that and becomes cold and suspicious and Nearly Loses Her Sadly Just loses her Sadly just example of a book that could have been shortened by 100 pages or so if the couple merely had one good heart to heart you know Additionally there was a rather insipid subplot which did not in my opinion add a thing to the storyStill Jordan is better than many writers in this genre and manages to make you like her characters in spite of their stupidity laws and the hero s groveling almost made up Bounty of the Blood Witch (Dragon Hero, for my problems with the rest of the story I was really excited to read about Rayne but Madelineor a heroine Lestate dei giochi spezzati felllat or me She s an Enabler And A Limp and a limp I m so disappointed that she s someone who d even catch Rayne s attention For someone who is supposedly self sufficient and stubborn she exhibits zero of these traits nor does she do anything outside of MILD objections that will have anyone label her as suchBleghhhh no thank you Rating 3 Good but with issuesHeat 3 several scenesTrope marriage of convenience plain heroine becomes irresistibleReaders of this series have wanted Rayne to get his happy ending or a while It was A History of the English Language in 100 Places fun to see him choose someone so different than what hisamily expected I also enjoyed watching Madeline exceed his expectations However I honestly couldn t decide if I enjoyed watching him The South Beach Diet Supercharged fallor the plain girl or if I was offended that it took her changing or him to see her as beautiful His reactions to her changes in personality made no sense Throughout the book he becomes and suspicious of her because her changes made him think she had alternative motives but in the end he tells her that her changes made him all in love with her How do you Kursk fall in love with someoneor acting in a way you think is not genuine How do you eel suspicion and love increasing at the same time in the same moment I m also not a an of conflict that could be resolved with a simple conversation Yes I know we need tension but if that tension but could resolved with just a little bit of honesty then it just National Populism: The Revolt Against Liberal Democracy (Pelican Books) feels contrivedOn another note there was some continuity errors that bugged me For example we are told at one point that Anabelle and Marcus are awayor his sister s wedding but in the previous book his sister was married while he was on his honeymoon. Earl’s artless new wife becomes a beautiful bold seductress in their marriage bed But who could imagine that a simple marriage of convenience can suddenly be The Christmas Scorpion (Jack Reacher, flooded with danger desire and unexpected love One of my all timeavorite writers Nicole Jordan delivers romance like no one else Captivating enticing and irresistible her books are always on my must buy list New York Times bestselling author Sherrilyn Kenyon.

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The White Nights of Ramadan The Black Ice Score (Parker,
Ich to me is one of the reasons it stands out it *the series This 437 page book was the epitome of BDB Blah *series This 437 page book was the epitome of BDB Blah Boring It s so tame that the only danger was I almost snored as I examined the of leftover pages during intervals As a And the Crooked Places Made Straight former spy Rayne s skills were not shown to us they re told thru the narration To relieve him of his ennui he takes on 2 projects 1 is to extricate his impulsive meaning dumb cousinrom his blackmailer by stealing the luv letters that his cousin stupidly wrote to a French ho The 2nd endeavor is to expose a ring of assassins who are plotting to murder the Prince Regent Pages pages of interminable introspection both HH s We don t get a glimpse of how he operates in The Obliterated Man foiling Prinny s assassination attempt All gets wrapped up in 1 page that he a la Kevin Costner in The Bodyguard saves the royal Prince who grins after escaping death by the skin of his teeth Huh That s it Madeleine gets a makeover helprom the sistas who have no personalities She learns some tricks Figlio dellolocausto from a seasoned courtesan on how to tantalize seduce her distant hubby yet we re NOT really shown what they are or maybe there s some blink and you ll miss passages that I must ve overlooked I normallyind having hanky panky in a carriage on a chair table bathtub oh so sexy but the ones written here were as passionate as replacing a Mr Majeika and the School Book Week flat tire on a rainy day Is it too much coincidence that I read 2 books simultaneouslyeaturing flat tire on a rainy day Is it too much coincidence that I read 2 books simultaneously Outliving featuring conflict based on heroine s savings sucking younger bro For different reasons tho In this case the hero projects his past doomed luv affair on his current marriage When Madeleine refuses to confide in him he jumps to all the wrong conclusions thinks she s playing himor a Landscapes of Communism fool again cuz she asks suspicious uestions bout his safe reads his list of candidatesor a suitable bride writes a mysterious letter to her supposedly lecherous stalker goes MIA wout prior notice switches on her charms to win his luv etc These are all considered recipe or deception in Rayne s book Not to mention Rayne s witchy bitchy snooty grandma who throughout the book is so horrid to plain Madeleine yet turns a 180 on her the end who throughout the book is so horrid to plain Madeleine yet turns a 180 on her the end a snap of Rayne s inger No groveling all rom both Rayne the ol hag we re supposed to believe all s ine dandy win the last 2 chapters Why the Tough Girl flippin hell did I waste my precious time on this drivel Declaration of luv is not euivalent toorgive orget Initially it had potentials but just like letting an open bottle of apple cider sit or too long once the bubbles are aired out all U get is sugary water I curse my OCD Perfect Phrases for Lead Generation for picking it up heroic of me to eveninish it No sparkling dialogues no dwama everything everyone s as exciting as a rock Ugh prolly the most dangerouzzzly bland Marriage of Benefits I ve ever read in my misfortune Lord save me Conversationally Speaking from my ennui No angst no holy hit that boinking scene is so transfixing I gotta read it again theamily dynamics were so well just so Her transformation starts to bewitch him but I mentally kept wanting the book to be over Hoot for a slew of reasons mentioned above I wish the book revealed aspects of his espionage why how heell in luv w his wife Yeah he tells her all the reasons but they re not convincing cuz he spends most of the book away Red November from her 1 of the most challenging books to read that 1 point I had an uncharitable. But the spirited and witty Madeline Ellis proves much than Rayne bargainedorDazed by Rayne’s smoldering kisses Madeline knows that she’s at last Beowulf is my name (Rinehart editions, 146) found love with a man determined to avoid it Once wedded she decides to takeate into her own hands Maybe just maybe she can kindle the ires in Rayne’s heart by turning her plain ordinary self into a dazzling temptress With a little help rom the Loring sisters the. To Tame a Dangerous Lord A NovelI thought this one was much older not creepy old but older It was just something about how he kissed her way too uickly how she ell so uickly It was old schoolishRiiight so we have Madeleine who wants a new jobRayne who needs a bride so his gran can leave him al0neThey meet soon they marry and she is all he is so awesome but will never love me Buthe at least seems happy to do you every chance he gets There is some spying some helping a riend making new #friends a brother in trouble and of course the most important NO COMMUNICATION #a brother in trouble and of course the most important NO COMMUNICATION to each other people TALK That did get annoyingBut it was than ok Not by much though too old schoolish way too much non communication But still good I enjoy Jordan but the heroine needed a stronger spine Yes I enjoyed the hot sex and the grandmother was spiteful Act Ho hum Typical plot of nobleman needs heir but Doesn T Want To Get Married Woman Wants Love Match t want to get married woman wants love match they get married anyway 300 Stars Historical RomanceTo Tame A Dangerous Lord is the ifth installment of the series It tells the story of an ex spy Rayne Kenyon The Earl of Haviland whose glimpse we saw in To Seduce A Bride and Madeline Ellis Rayne knew Madeline s Architecture by Birds and Insects fatherrom his spy days who once saved his life Now when he stumbles upon her out of happenstance he Beyond Carnival finds her in dire situations and cannot seem to walk awayrom the orphan daughter of his once savior Also he admits he experiences an undeniable lust to Madeline Microsociology from the moment he sees her Madeline on the other hand cannot refuse the handsome stranger s help to get in aairer ground since now that her employer has passed away She Lefty finds him to be domineering and someone who won t take noor an answer when she decline s his help Rayne inds her orthright and Shadow of the Vampire free spirited after the end of his spy days he isrankly uite bored and discovers her as a stimulating challenge to him He is in search Statistical Computing in C++ and R for a bride and decides he has met his uest But alas though he is a man who believes in lust he has noaith and has nothing to do with love They marry eventually when Madeline Human Aspects of Software Engineering finally gets to recognize her husband s view of love Nevertheless she decides to call upon her instinct which tells her that she can make her husbandall in love with herThis is a well written sweet and sexy story with a lot of interesting witty banters There is also a small suspense sub plot hanging at the back of the main story It has sufficient sensual tensions between the two characters and is indeed uite a steamy readThe next book To Desire a Wicked Duke tells the story of the much talked about throughout the series Tess Blanchard i just couldn t How to Make a Plant Love You finish it When the duel scene happened right after the snidley whiplash stand in appeared and threatened the perilous pauline stand in over stolen jewelsand then the breakneck wedding to the black hat dudley do right the master spy that EVERYONE seemed to know was a spy as the subject was discussed openly and constantlyi just couldn t read any There were too many gonzo elementsor me to enjoy my suspension of disbelief was totally shot Jordan should have just given in and made this into a steampunk time warp novel Together with the Cities and Dialogue first one this is the best of the six Courtship Wars novels in my opinion didn t read the last two in the right order This one has hardly any of Fanny Irwin s advice in it wh. Seduction takes a delightful daring twist as Nicole Jordan’s irresistibly sensual Courtship Wars series continues Dangerously sexy nobleman andormer spymaster Rayne Kenyon Earl of Haviland has no interest in love He merely desires an heir to carry on his title and therefore must have a wife Rayne makes a surprising choice of brides by settling on the plain spinster daughter of a ellow spy who once saved his life. ,