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Guilty Liberal Victims and Their Assault on AmericaEdly found to be rather tame in its accusations which made Bush out to be less of a monster and of an asily suggestible and somewhat incompetent commander in chief Strangely Montana Dreams enough Coulter doesn t attack McClellan s main arguments which are primarily Bush s misleading if not outright deceptive campaign to start a war in Ira based on false intelligence his incompetence and possible but unprovable involvement in the Plamegate affair and his complete snafu from day one of Hurricane Katrina She doesn t mention these at all She does however mention that McClellan claimed to have overheard Bush telling someone on the phone that maybe he had done cocaine after all Really Is that seriously the only take away message she got from the book Or maybe she was just being sarcastic It s okay to accuse some of these tell all writers of just wanting to jump on the anti Bush bandwagon I agree with her on that point but she could havended her argument there but no she had to go one unnecessary step further and insult McClellan s weight by repeatedly referring to him as a butterball at one point referring to him as a little worm a retarded press secretary and insinuating several times that he is probably gay Huh In later chapters Coulter continues her verbal assault on specific liberals by name and liberals in general by referring to most of them as left wing zealots okay sure some of them are Communists iffy anarchists not really and pacifistic Surely not all but since when was pacifism a bad thing anyway While some of Coulter s main points about liberals often playing the victim card to score points may be on the money it s hard to buy much of what she says because most of it is couched in the very same tactics of insult slinging and unsubstantiated facts and statistics that she accuses liberals of using I haven t given up on Coulter because as I ve mentioned I think she may have some Immerwelt - Der Pakt excellent points to make I just wish she d make them and uit whining already Less a book than a piece of carefully calibrated propaganda for Ms Coulter s tweets GUILTY will findxactly the audience it is intended to and speaks directly to their prejudices and anxieties like all good fascism does So you can xpect middle class values nsrhined as a kind of self congratulatory gospel of intolerance No sense of global politics no sense of history and no real grasp of the imaginary statistics that might back up her unshocking assertions about the Picture Theory evils of social responsibility free thought and political contextIf Coulter s ideas were original or her wit sharper I would admire her I cannotven dislike her as a cardboard pundit because she is a blonde face on a bland machine As it is I think she is a very lucky lady milking her moment for very shekel she can sueeze out of the moron majorityLots of idiots to harvest so her scythe will stay busy Shrill opinionated one sided and poorly argued Personal versus substantive attacks If this book was researched like her other books a lot to the facts about the Liberal Media are based on misleading NexusLexus search results Takes offense at the mainstream and calls it Liberal Bunches together all Sorts Of Groups Into An Amorphous Mass of groups into an amorphous mass undifferentiated LiberalAnd she is wildly inaccurate in a Lot Of Places Take For Instance Her Scoffing At The of places Take for instance her scoffing at the campaign s fears of the Right Wing Attack Machine Yet this machine actually does appear to xist just below the radar Here s an And Bid Him Sing example from W s 2004 bid In the SC Primary ads suddenly appeared hinting that John McCain had a love child w a black woman Asinine Unfounded But the target audience is clearither overtly or covertly racist white people Follow that up with the Swift Boating of Kerry in the general Aristotle Detective (Aristotle election Twice the same thing happened An unfounded hearsay attack running counter tostablished facts appeared at the right time to push W into office Plausible deniability from the campaign Empirically such strongly correlated phenomena point towards one conclusion Something is likely happening I doubt it is a conspiracy But it does smack of a well run marketing campaignSo here s the net result of W s Bones, Clones, and Biomes election and the Right Wing Republican Rove s Attack Machine Two Vietnam vets who served with honor are dragged through the public suare A half informed public running around trying to distinguish the real from the false If they have the time ornergy after school and soccer practice and laundry and dishes and home improvement projects Is that the America we want Is it Bringing the Empire Home ethical for political wonks who know the facts to willfully deceive Is there no decency left in this country Think of that when you listen to claims of Right Wing patriotism The likely reason why the attacks did not take place in 2008 is that A Democratic strategists by mentioning the attacks before they actually happenedffectively inoculated the masses against spurious viral smears and B McCain was at base level a man of xtreme honor Not perfect but a man worthy of respectCoulter s style throughout the book is mean spirited than funny Though I thought that her calling Obama O Bambi was witty But not particularly movingBTW I found her take on the potentially destructive impacts single motherhood has on children and society thought provoking Even through her insensitive shrillness But I uestion whether her data is accurate Is it coming from peer reviewed sources Or from rightist think tanks without the reuisite intellectual rigor that peer review ntails like the Cato Institute Is single motherhood the cause or the symptom of societal ills Ann in her usual pointed way makes a forceful case that those who claim to be victims are often the ones who have Erals have done is create the myth of a compliant right wing media with Republicans badgering baffled reporters into attacking Democrats It’s so mad it’s brilliant • “Brave” liberals In addition to being beautiful compassionate tribunes of the downtrodden liberals are brave I know that because they’re always telling me how brave they are • Obambi’s luck While B Hussein Obama piously condemned attacks on cand. Ann Coulter Pushes GOP To Shut Down Government Over Obamacare headline on 8 August 2013 You need to win Building the Cold War elections and that s how you actually change stuff I was working for the US Senate after the 1994lection Coulter said Things were going gangbusters And yet the government got shut down in the Canadian Art, Volume 1 (A-F) end of 1995 It really really hurt Republicans Ann Coulter on Hannity discussing the same topic on 22 March 2013 When I picked up this book at the library I wouldn t actually spend money on any book she writes I was determined to read it with an objective focus despite the hateful titles which one could judge by the cover I just wanted to see what kind of arguments she presented Yet I knew full well there d be a lot ofye rolling Obviously I skimmed most of it but it didn t take long for me to surmise that very few people would actually take her seriously She s there for shock value and the amusement of Counter-Amores extreme conservatives Oh yeah and she s hot I m sure most of her fan base are men who hear nothing but blah blah blah while waiting for her to bend over so they can get a glimpse of her cleavageSee Her attitude just taunts a person to retaliate in a nasty way I d never normally put someone down like that She likens politics to bullies on the play ground which is actually uite accurate Her use of the name B Hussein Obama is a directxample of how bullies would act make fun of the person make personal attacks It s like calling the kid with glasses four Dancing at Armageddon eyes My favorite description of the President is jugared clodhopper However she seems to use insults as support for her arguments presents opinion as fact such as racism doesn t Double Jeopardy exist and Watergate was a boring story Yes there are facts that she points out about liberals screwing up and how they ve wasted vast amounts of money following their hearts But aside from annoying behavior she fails to prove how liberals and their wolf pack media actually negatively affect America as a whole such as wild swings in the stock marketxtensive nvironmental damage or widespread health complications It s nit picking indulgence of cutting people down She s in the same ball field as the Westboro Baptist Church representing very few opinions Why you may ask Well 1 I have never actually read an Ann Coulter book having only heard her views as one of those conservative talking heads on news shows as well as some of her arly appearances on Bill Maher s Politically Incorrect remember that show and her name seems to come up freuently in some of the books I have read recently so I figured I would make the attempt 2 I consider myself a liberal and I honestly wanted to know why Coulter and fellow conservative Republicans appear to hate me and my fellow liberals so much and 3 I do not want to contribute any to the already polluted national conversation in which both sides bicker Cezanne and Provence endlessly by trying to out insultach other without actually listening to what ither side has to say so I sincerely wanted to read and attempt to understand the other side of the argument I chose Guilty out of her steadily growing body of work for no the other side of the argument I chose Guilty out of her steadily growing body of work for no reason completely arbitrarily Let me start by saying that it is clear that Coulter is an intelligent person who clearly and passionately cares about politics and its place in the world today Let me also start by saying that I actually found myself agreeing with some of what she had to say mostly regarding the media and probably would have appreciated of her arguments if it weren t for the way she formulated her arguments To xplain It s apparent from reading her book that Coulter may not have taken a college course in debate speech or basic rhetoric or if she did may have skipped the day in which it was discussed that one s argument loses credibility when you mock ridicule insult or verbally assault your opponent or the very people whom you are trying to convince It s also not always wise to interject humor Contested Reproduction especially when such humor is inappropriate insensitive or just plain mean spirited Toxemplify In Chapter 2 Victim of a Crime Thank a Single Mother Coulter argues that single mothers women who choose single motherhood that is as opposed to widows and divorcees who are involuntary thrust into single motherhood not only cost taxpayers roughly 112 billion Divided by Color (American Politics and Political Economy Series) every year according to a 2008 study but place anxtra burden on our nation s law Creating Country Music enforcement because of their higher likelihood to neglect or kill their children in order to spend time with their boyfriends This statement by the way is NOT supported by any cited study She goes on to list several well publicized murder cases involving single mothers and their children including Susan Smith and Casey Anthony Now while her argument appeals primarily tomotion rather than logic Coulter s tirade against single mothers is going pretty strong up until this In 1998 twenty five year old single mother Tami Lynn Richards left her two children three and one and a half years old alone in their apartment while she went to a bar to drink and listen to a band One of the boys set a fire when he was playing with matches he found in the apartment Both boys died On the other hand from what I hear the band was pretty awesome There is a proper time and place for humor but I m pretty sure a discussion of two young boys killed in a fire through a mother s neglect neither It in poor taste and callous In another xample neither It s in poor taste and callous In another xample Chapter 4 Witless Witnesses to History Coulter s argument turns to government insiders who write tell all books Specifically she refers to Scott McClellan s book What Happened Inside the Bush White House and Washington s Culture of Deception a book that I read and admitt. Who are the victims hereTo hear liberals tell it you’d think they do nothing but suffer at the hands of ruthless Evolutionary Patterns entities like the “Republican Attack Machine” and Fox NewsReallyIt’s just another instance of the Big Lie of course In Guilty Ann Coulterxplodes this myth to reveal that when it comes to bullying no one outdoes the Left For instance• The myth of the Republican Attack Machine The most amazing thing lib. ,

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Reated havoc on others There is plenty Evolution As Entropy examples of liberal hypocrisy which should make any fair thinking person angry at the unfairness of it all The main stream media is a rich target at which Ann takes deadly aim The only people who read Coulter are Extremists she fuels their political conviction There is nothing moderate about Guilty It doesn t persuade argue or take stance It is a blatant venomous rant against the Left It is too obvious to be humorous too predictable to bexciting Her research department is a handful of college conservatives running Lexis Nexis searches for articles she can assault Her proof of Liberal media bias consists of out of context uotes from obscure politicians and anorexic young starlets I can forgive her rabid shtick she s just making a living working a niche I can t forgive her complete lack of wit and talent Guilty is an unbook It is a collection of uotes and acidic refutations that could be rearranged randomly without anyone noticing Wow After I heard NBC banned Ann Coulter because of this book I just had to read it Liberals are just SO sensitive She has all the names dates and stats Ambrose Bierce said Use Forging Gay Identities emotion when the facts are against you I used to like Ann Coulter s stuffspecially Treason which I think is her best book but this one was just irrational screaming I only made it through about a chapter and promptly returned it to th This would be my favorite of her books because she really slams the double standard and silliness of the liberal position The classless slander and debasement of anything to do with republicans or conservatives She over and over again shows the complete breakdown of the liberal logic which is a brand of insanity rather than any form of logic She clearly Forbidden History explains how liberals find a victim of some supposed atrocity that the right has done and then goes to work toither ruin the supposed perpatrator of injustice or at least make them run and hide because of the shame they bring down on them I nearly needed a barf bag to read this book because of the many well documented cases she writes about with her usual wit and sarcasm that her fans so Fiche Blian ag Fás enjoy Chapter two really opened myyes to the mess created by single mothers I was shocked to see the ramifications of this movement she documents the statistics the cases the liberal bafoons that promote this lifestyle as it tears our country down day by day Its clear that the liberals aren t for america they are for doing whatever keeps them in power Chapter three she points out the silliness of the claim that there is a republican attack machine all the while it s really a Democratic Attack machine and of course backs it up with all the newspaper reports that show the bias on the search ngine nexus again the insanity caused my stomach to burn with disgust Chapter four describes the lefts desire to go to great lengths to show the failings of the Republican party and its members by the kiss and tell books by members of the Rep party who switched sides
write it is 
it is the morons of the republican party that leave to join the party of change she goes over the countless xamples of the Dems inability to reasonably look at History or its own mistakes and judge soundly instead they name call point fingers and throw tantrums whenever their side is held to the same standard as Repubs Too many details to give account but Flights of Fancy, Leaps of Faith eye opening to say the least Chapter five is about sex and scandal the left has innapropriate sex and it s no big deal hetero or homosexual sex the right has innapropriate sex in or out of marriage hetero or homosexual sex and its a scandulous hailstorm of negative press there could be identical instances and the right would be raked over the coals while the left would get a pass again countless sightings by Ann makes you wonder if you are really living in a dream seuence Chapter six was of the same but its what I fear is the chapter that defines our time the lefts need for domination of power humans have a propensity toward that they democrats are the power mad do nothings that are a commercial for this brand of wickedness They held control of congress for near 50 years and I suspect their goal is to try again to gain that power they have destroyed the ability to think critically with theducational system they mploy laws are made to shut people up so they can t dissent they have most of the lawyers the schools the judges the supreme court possibly so the last thing is capitalism which is teetering with countless regulations and will topple if they have their way They received a gift wrapped control of the US by than 50% of Americans in November Scary stuff this chapter so read with a tissue to wipe the tears as you see the best country in the history of this world being swallowed by those who think they can help by doing the very same things they accuse the right of doing fascism dictatorial power jihad against our constitution and a loss of liberty that has never been seen in America nor xpected by the utopian liberals who don t get it Chapter seven was the last and my favorite because it shows the motional makeup of liberals better than anything I ve read They seem to remind me of the last kid picked in kick ball in Grade School And They Are school and they are going to show the world that they can t be kicked around now that they are senators they are important they are sticking up for the little guy they care they will be there for the down trodden of society yet all their programs fail because they instill laziness Ann communicates again and again that if people want to do nothing they should suffer the conseuences not be fed funds from others who are doing Idates’ families his media and campaign surrogates ripped open the court sealed divorce records of his two principal opponents in his Senate race in IllinoisOne recurring truth about liberals says Coulter is that “they viciously attack all while wailing that they are the true victims” With Guilty–a shockingly specific catalog of offenses that liberals would rather we forget–Ann Coulter presents xhibits A through.

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