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This is a memoir of Gayle Forman s trip around the world with her husband She s a journalist so has a few stories in mind when she embarks on the tour She learns about the Fakaleiti in Tonga a group of men who ress like women and sleep with men but o not consider themselves

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It s challenge to wrap your head around their completely ifferent world view She also meets up with a Chinese octor enad with the English language works their completely ifferent world view She also meets up with a Chinese A Study in Scandal (Scandalous doctor enad with the English language works a Bollywood movie set plays games with a group of Tolkienists who have taken cos play to another level in Kazakhstan learns about the Lemba one of the lost Jewish tribes traditions in South Africa and interviews sex workers in the Netherlands I found the book to be somewhatisjointed but the Letting it Go different experiences wereefinitely interesting I think the fact that it took me two months to read it speaks volumes about how much I enjoyed the book Gayle Forman is one of my favorite authors I read all her fiction books and when I learnt that she had written a non fiction book many years ago as well it was a instinct buy for meI really enjoyed this book and Formans travel report It was written than 10 years ago so that fact alone realizing how much the world has changed in such a short period of time was very entertainingBut I also learned a lot especially about places and countries where we hear until today not much about in books news or movies I highly recommend this book 455 stars So readable and thought provoking especially since I ve never visited any of the places she mentions For the most part this is a very entertaining trav. In these eight interconnected travel stories journalist Gayle Forman traces the trajectory from her relatively comfortable life in New York's Hell's Kitchen to her sometimes extreme and extremely personal experiences in some of the most exotic spots on earthIn this extraordinary memoir now issued in paperba. ,

A baby need courage but I admire that ability in them and thus why I enjoyed reading this so much Not as good as I had hoped Foolishly I read some reviews when I first entered this book I was isconcerted because the ratings of the first reviews to catch my eye were so low I know better than to bias myself like that but I really was not prepared to like GF and braced myself for a whiny self absorbed prat Thankfully GF herself cleared my head of such mean spirited assessments Forthright honest mindfull and alert to the rare angle her message may not appeal to everybody but hers I haven t read any of Gayle Forman s YA novels and I can t any of Gayle Forman s YA novels and I can t they really appeal to me but I id enjoy this non fiction account of her year long trip around the world with her husband prior to having a child and beginning her career in fiction In the various places they visit Forman seeks out the unusual elements of each society transvestites in Tonga hip hop in Zanzibar a lost tribe of Israel in South Africa role playing Tolkien fans in Kazakhstan The journalistic parts of this book I found very interesting The relationship parts with Forman and her husband struggling to keep their marriage together under the strain of two very Shadow of the Wolf (Hearts Desire, different personalities and approaches to traveling were harder to read Great read Learned a little something and now I look forward to reading some of Gayle Forman s other works Not my normal cup of tea but I ve enjoyed everything else written by this author so why not It was a great book to read in small uick segments I enjoyed her take on seeing the worl. Of work Dutch prostitutes In the artful interplay of these eight lively thoughtful stories she reveals how all of theseiverse lives as well as our own are being inextricably altered by the ever shrinking world that we share Because she writes To forget the humanity in others is to risk forgetting one's ,

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Elogue Forman and her husband went to some very exotic places that you won t read about in a lot of other travelogues It held my interested and I learned a lotMy biggest problem is that Forman Smijurija u mjerama doesn t come across very likable She spent a lot of the trip whining and complaining particularly odd since she already one a lot of travel in her life and in the end I felt really bad for her poor husband who was on his first international trip I actually checked to see if they re still married they areOn the checked to see if they re still married they areOn the hand when I thought about it I thought it was brave of her to keep all of that in the book when she idn t have to I mean there s a reason I ll never go On The Amazing Race A Show I The Amazing Race a show I or write my own travelogue I know I would have my travel meltdowns as well and I Ultralearning d want as few people to know about it as possibleIn the end I admired her for her honesty andecided that overall it s a pretty good book I enjoy this author a lot so I was looking forward to a The Ring Of The Dove different style of her writing I liked this book a lot because it was of a memoir and less a story It chronicled her year traveling with her husband and all theifferent places they visited which were not common places to visit I really enjoyed hearing about some obscure tribes in Tonga or Cambodia or what not and the interesting The Lost Literature of Medieval England dynamics ofifferent cultures It was really eye opening how open her and her husband are with meeting new people and going off with them on their own on random adventures I would be too scared to o this myself and trust people I just met in non first world countries Maybe I Ck Gayle Forman takes us with her to the mountain hideaways of Kazakhstan's Tolkien fanatics and inside the townships of South Africa's lost tribe of Israel She introduces us to a wild assortment of characters lovelorn Tongan transvestites charismatic Tanzanian rap stars precocious Cambodian street kids out. You Can't Get There from Here A Year on the Fringes of a Shrinking World