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jlo Journal gSpecial Agent Amy Larson has to be strong of stomach when she approaches the crime scene of a ritualistic murder Accompanied by her partner John Schultz both of them agents for the Florida Department of Law Enforcement they can tell right away that this case isoing to be very difficult While at the crime scene Special Agent Hunter Forrest of the FBI joins themAmy is annoyed right from the outset This is a local or state crime so why is a federal agent coming into the picture As things unfold it proves to be the case that Hunter has a special interest and past in a case that proves evidence of a dangerous cult operating in the rural Everglades there in FloridaJohn is beset with heart difficulties leaving Amy and Hunter now as partners in this One Night...Twin consequences (The Monticello Baby Miracles gruesome case While the community is no doubt devastated by this murder the deepe 35 stars actuallyAfter having read and enjoyed two of the author s other books I have to say that this one while enjoyable in many ways doesn t uite measure up The subject matter ritualistic murders and a secretive religious cult always makes fodder for aood story and this is no exception The main characters though just seem a bit too perfect to be totally believable the budding relationship between Florida State Police Special Agent Amy Larson and FBI Special Agent Hunter Forrest was a forgone conclusion from the moment she met and disliked himWhile it in no way factored into my rating I confess to being very bothered by the freuent and laringly incorrect references to the Bible book that s the basis for the cult s beliefs It is Revelation not Revelations plural Although I m reading a pre release alley and a few errors can be expected publishers almost always contend these things will be caught and corrected in the final version but this mistake is so pervasive that someone should have caught it long before this If it hasn t been fixed before you The Routledge Handbook of Spanish in the Global City get a copy well you read it here firstAll that said this is still an engrossing story with twists and turns that held my interest all the way to the end It begins with the exceptionallyruesome murder of a young woman that clearly has religious overtones Amy has been called in and she s surprised when Hunter a Fed shows up unannounced and as far as she s concerned unauthorized Despite her wariness they manage a truce of sorts as the investigation moves along the truce begins to turn to trust And time is of the essence when suspicions turn to what s outlined in that Bible book predictions of four murders one by sword one by starvation one by disease and one by animal attack Given the nature of this murder could it represent the first of four If so can Amy and Hunter and members of their teams find who s behind it before he or she strikes again The chase takes the pair through some of Florida s most remote parts as they meet up with some small town locals who put a very different spin on what faith is all about The search continues right up to an action packed ending that makes the whole thing well worth reading Thanks very much to the publisher via NetGalley for allowing me to read and review a pre release copy This one ets an okay from meWhile I enjoyed the cult aspect of the story and trying to figure out why the murders happened the romance in this romantic suspense was a little ho hum I meanour two leads wereperfectly nice people Yep That s it Perfectly nice people The way everything ended wasfineOkay honestly There was just nothing standout about this one This is an okay read populated by okay characters who solve an okay crime in an okay way and I want to read something else nowokayARC Provided via Net Galley I received this book For Free In Exchange For An Honest Review This Does free in exchange for an honest review This does affect my opinion of the book or the content of my reviewThe beginning of Danger in Numbers hinted at nefarious cult activities in 1993 Fast forward to current year the discovery of a ruesome ritualistic murder has Florida State Police Special Agent Amy Larson and her partner investigating The sudden appearance of FBI agent Hunter Forest and his interest in what she considered her case sets her on edge Forced to work with Hunter when her partner suffered a heart attack did not bode well with her but the murders needed solving The investigation had me on the edge of my seat I wondered how needed solving The investigation had me on the edge of my seat I wondered how events of 1993 tied with the current situation Well as the story developed the connection became clear and what a revelation The mystery surrounding the person involved in the murders proved disappointing because of the ease with which I figured it out The events leading up to the capture of the perpetrators made up for the disappointmentDespite Amy s initial misgivings about Hunter they made a British Jihadism great team I loved how the author slowly brought Hunter s past to light I thought Amy s character could have been better fleshed out The author provided a few details about her background but it was not enough for me to connect with her I found I had a better connection with Hunter as I learnt what inspired him to become an agentThe romance was a slow burning one and developed as the story progressed It did not overshadow the murder investigation which was not an issue for meThe villains of the story were manipulative dangerousreedy and warped in the head The murder scenes were not for the faint of heartIn summary Danger in Numbers proved to be an engaging read Fans of romantic suspense who summary Danger in Numbers proved to be an engaging read Fans of romantic suspense who Virgin Widow graphic scenes should add this to their reading list This review was originally posted on Totally Addicted to Reading Originally published at Reading RealityIot sucked into Danger in Numbers from the first page but there were two things that I admit it took me a while to Wife in Exchange get The first was that the story reminded me of something but I couldn t put my mental finger on exactly what for the longest time Surprisingly On the edge of the Everglades an eerie crime scene sets off an investigation that sends two agents deep into a world of corrupted faithreed and deadly secretsA ritualistic murder on the side of a remote road brings in the Florida state police Special Agent Amy Larson has never seen worse and there Danger in NumbersSetting Maybe it was the uniueness of the crimes that were being committed The extreme detail The The Eternal Ice (Magic: The Gathering: Ice Age Cycle, grit andruesomeness of the crime Whatever it was Graham has stepped it up a few notches with this captivating releaseIn this book she dives into cults and what people will do in terms of mind twisting and the religious fanaticism The setting is creepy and perfect for the plotShe adds in the right amount of pacing and ties in a romantic interest that I felt was well placed but a little downplayed The character development was Night And Day good with plenty of uestionable characters to keep youuessing along the way The suspense level was just right and she captured me completely in this story I could not stop readingLoaded with Tennessee Takedown / Ravens Hollow gripping detail and police procedurals that keeps you on your toes Danger in Numbers balances the crime heightened tension and even ups the anxiety levels as youo through the story for a well developed and twisted read Plus the ending was awesome with a lead in to a future story Hunter was an excellent character and I hope to see him in future reads Well Done copy received for review considerationFull Review RATNG 25 STARS2021 MiraHarleuinI have not read Heather Graham in awhile but I enjoyed her paranormal suspense series set in New Orleans and a standalone novel so I decided to try Danger in Numbers Serial killers cults FBIwhat could wrong The hero and heroine in this novel lack chemistry and were a bit bland on their own The story was okay but wasn t anything exceptional or suspenseful I am trying another book by Graham later this year Witness to Death so will keep you posted I received DANGER IN NUMBERS is the first book I ve ever read by Heather Graham but it certainly won t be the last Once I started reading the twists and turns kept on coming and I could not put it down Heather Graham has a talent for creating The Cowboy Takes a Bride (The Bridal Bid gripping plot lines and books that practically demand to be read in one sitting and DANGER IN NUMBERS is no exception I took my time with this amazing and mind blowing story as I wanted to make it last Heather reels in her readers with uite a hook I am kicking myself for not reading this story the minute I received it She starts by putting the reader on a crazy roller coaster ride of emotionsDANGER IN NUMBERS flows smoothly between present and past I was uickly caught up in the story line and found it difficult to put down This book just flew by DANGER IN NUMBERS was such a thrilling ride for me This story is filled with mystery and many secrets Your heart will be in your throat throughout most of thisripping story and you won t believe how it ends That s all I m saying about that DANGER IN NUMBERS had me yelling at the characters in the book over and over again My emotions were all over the place and just when I thought I had it all figured out Heather Graham showed me just how wrong I was DANGER IN NUMBERS is crazy ood and everyone should read it I am now on a uest to read all of her previous books and can totally understand why so many of my reading friends Love This Author So Much author so much IN NUMBERS is a real page turner couldn t put it down until I knew what had happened Fans of psychological mysteries will enjoy this one DANGER IN NUMBERS is so well written that even though it jumps back and forth between the present and the past it is still easy to follow DANGER IN NUMBERS is a suspenseful tale that will keep you on the edge of your seat until the final pages I highly recommend DANGER IN NUMBERS This book is a well written novel that hooked me from the very first page I do not want to tell too much because I don t want to ive anything away but while reading I felt every possible emotion I could think of and loved every minute of it There is so much Shotgun Wedding (Silhouette Yours Truly, going on in this story but Heather Graham does a wonderful job of weaving all the pieces together I received a complimentary copy of this book from MIRA through Netgalley Opinions expressed in this review are completely my own enjoy Graham s Krewe of Hunters series so I picked up Danger in Numbers a romantic suspense thriller set in Florida Cults ritualistic murders and sizzling chemistry kept me flipping the pagesThis wasood even without the paranormal woo woo I am used to reading with Graham s novels The author pulls you right in with an intense escape from a cult Then we flip to a crime scene near the Everglades in Florida and meet Special Agent Amy Larson of the Florida State PoliceAmy and her partner are at the scene of a murder where a young woman has been staked to a cross As Amy sketches Special FBI Agent Hunter Forrest arrives on the scene He is a specialist in cults and it seems the murder He is a specialist in cults and it seems the murder anotherI loved the meet and Life Changing Smiles greet between Amy Hunter You can tell Amy is a little put out and doesn t want the FBI taking their case but the two uickly join forcesGraham delivered a suspenseful case We veot ritualistic murders with religious elements dealing with the four horsemen and the end of times This provided foreshadowing as the agents pieced together what would happen nextHunter and Amy worked well together and slowly built up trust The romance was a slow burn that uickly ignited I enjoyed etting Amy s perspective on things and liked that Hunter kept her on her toes The author focuses on Hunter s backstory and his chosen career path with a tie in to the murdersI was a little disappointed with the whodunit as I figured it out early on but we had plenty of suspects and secondary characters involved with lots of danger that kept me engaged This review was originally posted at Caffeinated Reviewer For previous crime thrillers I have examined how a book manages to either steer clear or fall into the well worn traps of the over saturated crime enre I will do the same with this cult based crime thriller Danger in Numbers by Heather GrahamMy first criteria Eath in their midst but people know than they are saying As Amy and Hunter join forces every lead takes them further into the twisted beliefs of a dangerous roup that will stop at nothing to see their will doneDoomsday preppers and small town secrets collide in this sultry twisty page turning thrille.

Heather Graham ¼ 0 Read

T s Faithless in Death by JD Robb Humans are still screwed up and still falling for stupid stuff even in the futureThe second was that the title is a play on words That hit me upside the head somewhere in the middle and just didn t let oNeither did the storyAt first I thought this might be my second serial killer story in a row Then I realized it was way Copper Lake Secrets gruesome than that One person or even two people who haveone bloodily off the deep end is horrible enough But the idea of dozens or hundreds being brainwashed into evil by a cult and its charismatic leader and we know that it does happen in the real is on a completely other level of insanityFBI Special Agent Hunter Forrest rushes from Micanopy in north Florida to the edge of the Everglades most of the way down Florida the long way because he s dead certain that the horrifically dead body that the FDLE Florida Department of Law Enforcement has just discovered is related to the murder he s investigating at his end of the stateHe s sure because he s seen it before Not just because he s made a career out of investigating cases like this one but because once upon a time he was inspired to join the FBI because of a case much too much like thisThe land around the Everglades is a patchwork of federal state private and tribal land The towns that are near its edge are too small to have much in the way of police forces of their own and this case is already too big and too sensational for local cops to handle leaving the FDLE in a slightly uneasy partnership with the FBI to locate and catch the killersBecause this isn t the work of an individual or even a Brooklyn's Song gang It takes an entire town or an entire cult to plan and carry out this kind of murder as well as an entire town or cult to provide both the reason for it and the means to pull it off and cover up not the crime because they want that to be found to send a twisted message but to hide or obscure the identities of the perpetratorsFDLE Special Agent Amy Larson isoing to have to work WITH the FBI whether she or Forrest like it or not Her senior FDLE partner is in the hospital the murder site is on disputed land and as Men Are Like Waffles--Women Are Like Spaghetti Devotional Study Guide good as the FDLE is the FBI is betterLarson doesn t like the feds moving in on the FDLE s case Forrest isn t sure that Larson still in her 20s and with only four years at the state bureau is up to the task And neither of them can resist the pull between them no matter how much they tryWhile the cult and the man behind it all is after both of themEscape Rating A I slipped into this book easily because we spend the story following Hunter and especially Amy We don tet into the minds of the cultists nor is the cult either Plain Jane The Hotshot glorified or sensationalized We follow Amy and Hunter and their cause is righteous There s a lot of understanding on both of their parts but particularly Hunter s on how easy it is for people toet sucked in and how practiced the cult leaders are at finding and sucking in the desperate and the easily swayedThere is after all just a hint of truth at the heart of the very big lie that the con artist cultists are peddling just as there is at the heart of all Big Lies It Helps That Lies It helps that and Hunter are both interesting characters who are ood at their jobs and keep their focus on the victims at all times They are in this to help people and it s easy for the reader to be on their side from the beginning even as they wonder whether they can manage to be on the same side without friction of one kind or anotherI liked them both as investigators uite a bit but I have to say that the romance that develops between them just didn t feel necessary I expected it but would have liked the book just as much or maybe a bit without itA part of the story that I personally found fascinating was the location in Micanopy I lived in Alachua County for three years so the area felt familiar The only thing missing from what I remember of the town is that there was still uite a bit of memorabilia around town from the filming of the movie Doc Hollywood in 1991Nevertheless the familiarity made the location easy to visualizeWhile the fact that Hunter and his family had been part of a cult very much like the one they re tracking felt pretty obvious from the flashback start even though the family was not named something that took me completely by surprise was just how well the title s play on words worked in the story Safety in numbers is a catchphrase that comes up all the time and it even does in the story as Hunter and Amy and a catchphrase that comes up all the time and it even does in the story as Hunter and Amy and members of their team try very hard to not work by themselves on this case The times that Amy is in direct danger are the few times that she is aloneBut there is also a danger in numbers In this story it s the danger of numbers of people big enough to become a cult or a mob or the perilous combination of the two that is at the center of the series of ritualistic murders and a whole lot of broken lives and families Alone most of these people would have been harmless or likely whining complainers or even argumentative blowhards Even if they had succumbed to their own personal dark sides their crimes would have been at least in comparison few and most likely much harder to cover upTogether they make a self righteous self feeding murderous mobThere s "another danger in numbers Even though it s clear that the Divine Leader will face justice the last " danger in numbers Even though it s clear that the Divine Leader will face justice the last turns he s left behind entirely too many true believers who will carry out his mission either for the promise of eternal lory or the filthy lucre of leading a Blackmailed Into the Italians Bed gigantic con The cult members were following a plan to either court or appease the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse to bring about the End TimesAs the story ends the cult is one horse down and three too Great story with a Girls Night Out gruesome crimes and fast paced action I m not sure what it was that captured me about this book Maybe it was the. Re indications that this killing could be just the beginning The crime draws the attention of the FBI in the form of Special Agent Hunter Forrest a man with insider knowledge of how violent cults operate and a man who might never be able to escape his own pastThe rural community is devastated by the

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