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And all served to give the story depthI liked the story It really did have the feel of Malazan story even f t did lack the witty dialogue that makes reading Erikson s books so much fun I liked both Kiska and Temper They were complete opposites but both were likeable and easy to root for It was great to get a glimpse of the moment that Surly became Empress Laseen and to see both Dancer and Kellenved spin their own plots and seize another sort of power We got to meet the usual cool assortment of memorable human and non human characters and I m hoping we meet some again This was a good story that fell only slightly short of being as good as Erikson s own contributions to the Malazan world All n all I was happy and All Things Made New impressed by Esselmont s first book and look forward to reading of his books with the knowledge that hes a capable contributor to this great seriesRating 4 starsAudio Note This was narrated by Jonathan Banks He had large boots to fill as I think both Page and Lister were excellent Words Fail Us in narrating Erikson s Malazan Book of the Fallen but I thought he did a decent job with the audio of this one Just like the main series I was determined to finish the Malazan Empire this year but I may have to rethink that decision after my experience of reading this bookNight of Knivess the first book Tomb Raider in the Malazan Empire series a spin off to the main series that s written by the other creator of the Malazan universe Ian Esslemont A lot of people mentioned that Esslemonts not Erikson these four words must ve haunted Esslemont for years by now and usually I ll say that An Honorable Defeat it s really not really fair for everyone to endlessly compare these twot s obvious that every author has a dif Well this seems The Groundnut Cookbook incredibly underrated Night of Knives first volumen the Novels of the Malazan Empire by Ian C Esslemont s not a huge brick of eual parts amazement and confusion like the doorstoppers of his friend Steven Erikson It s a decidedly standard fantasy novel and t doesn t distinguish The Gates of Europe itselfn the way of the Malazan Book of the Fallen That does not mean however that t s any less Claiming the Enemy (Porter Brothers Trilogy, impressiveEsslemont s styles simple both n language and n plot and The Hero Pup in many ways he appears to be less ambitious than his co author But this book gives off the Malazan vibe strongly than anything since Deadhouse Gates and unlike reading an Erikson book you don t have to work fort Some people would probably argue that s a bad thing but I found this book engaging than the main Malazan books despite lacking After the Ice in a few of the ualities which have made the series so outstandingOverall though Esslemont lured me fullynto the Malazan universe once again and I m very excited about continuing this epic Listened to this on AudibleGreat to delve back Super Grandma and Super Grandpa (The Unknown Superheroes into the Malazan world Massive fan of the original series This certainly felt the part and the narration was excellent Action fairly fast paced cinematic brutal and humorous where you would expect for the setting I d givet a 5 but I felt myself drifting off here and there Now that could be me busy and tired of late and I still recommend this There s no need to know the Malazan world before reading this although Murder in Mind it was nice to hear familiar characters The characters I didn t know were cool as were the beasts and setting The books short and set The World in Winter in a single night and that worked for me The ending was satisfying Again I m only a whisker off a 5 and Malazan fan or not you should check this out Everything could changen just one night He stared out The Asylum into the lazy wisps of mist and the strangely dull stars and he remembered that other night The night close to a year ago when he and Dassem died You know you are deepnto the Malazan Book of the Fallen when you buy all the books before reaching the series half point add Forge of Darkness because the new trilogy s sort of a preuel duh and then for good measure you make sure you have Esslemont s books too Because who knows you might run out of Malaz material and of course you have TO READ THEM IN ORDER SO HERE I AM read them n order So here I am Esslemont s Night of Knives as advised by other readers after Erikson s Midnight Tides Does The Road He Travelled it belong here Chronologically no If you want to readt that way you should start with Gardens of the Moon and then after the prologue read this one and than go back and read the rest of Gardens Don t do The Sea Garden it this way though or you ll go mad It smpossible to read at least Erikson s books this way the books overlap chronologically as they often happen on different continents often with a whole new set of characters and the crazy thing Introducing the Ancient Greeks is I don t mind It s messy but I lovet that waySo this The Student Cookbook is by almost everyone s opinion the weakest bookn the combined series Erikson Esslemont I didn t read all the books and I can t judge to that account but Torpedo Run its the weakest one I ve read This The Driver isn t a bad book It hast s great moments a fair number On the other hand had I not read a few of Erikson s books first getting De glazen troon (De glazen troon, into the world history and characters of Malazan this book wouldn t be as half as good for meI know Eriksons Erikson and Esslemont Silent Witnesses is Esslemont and I wentnto The Hawthorn Crown (The Changeling, it with thatn mind but t was a bumpy ride all the same What I liked Kiska nodded glanced to the ceiling It s uiet Tayschrenn s shoulders tightened at that The Malazan way he breathed The murderer s touch A brush of cloth A sip of wine The gleam of a blade as fine as a snake s tooth Your name whispered just as You Fall Into Sleep fall nto sleep shook his head as The Common Years if sad or regretful There was back story of past events and we met some characters we already know Parts featuring Dassem Ultor the return of Kellanved and Dancer No one could match Dancer The man was an artist at murder In fact so subtle was he that many had forgotten that Kellanved had a partner The worst kind of killer the kind no one notices And the slippery bastard was supposed to be dead too Surly and her Claws and Tayschrenn were a treat Who would know Tayschrenn could be annteresting character with a different side to himThe descriptions of Malaz City before during and after the haunting night of the once The Valkyrie Song (Jan Fabel, in a generation event known as shadow Moon Esslemont should try and write horrorI would readt I could almost feel that mist and fog and hear the howling of the houndsGreat descriptions of the Inishowen ice and stormy seas and the dusty desolate Shadow RealmLoved some of the new characters I ve read just five Erikson s books they are new for me like Edgewalker Agayla Obo and Temper I liked The Fisherman s scenes and his wifeLiked the final part of the epil. Long missing Emperor Kellanved to the contendedmperial throne This night will determine the fate of the worl.

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Night of KnivesThis review s dedicated to Ianwho stabbed the world Zombacter in the back His victory will be sealed by his defeat When I was a little girl I wanted to be a ballerina and so I convinced my parents to send me to a professional ballet school I lovedt down to the last drop of sweat and blood ever wore pointe shoes and the last tear La muñeca asesina it cost me But after a couple of years as I started to change from the girlnto an adolescent Risking It All it became apparent that the future woman mes not going to be built of bones sinews and flat plains but s going to have breasts and hips and all sorts of curves I was merely surprised at my body s betrayal but my Russian teacher of classical dance positively grieved not without reason we were laughing behind her back that her perfect pupil would be called Anorexia Sergeyevna Very uickly I understood why In spite of all my hard work the effects were average At best By the end of the school year my tutor and my teacher took me aside and very gently they told me Look you will never be a great dancer you will never do solos on the stage n fact you will be very lucky f you find a spot n a dancing company at all We could keep you here for a couple of years but we are letting you go early so you can find your path Needless to say I thought them both heartless monsters and begged them to let me stay swearing all kinds of oaths that I will mprove Luckily they didn t listen and today I am not crippled by my childhood dream although I still enjoy dancing The moral of this long story s that when The Complete Idiots Guide to Buying Foreclosures it comes to arts sometimest Asian Bites is not that we lack will or courage or determination sometimest Perfect is that we lack something both essential and elusive like a talent or a predisposition that our own physical constraints doom us to mediocrity andt doesn t matter how much we try we will never be an artist we can only hope to be a craftsman And the Night of Knives my friends s not a piece of art t Avengers is a crafted bauble of an average to poor uality Writtenn a way that makes one s spleen hurt which means that the book s only for the fans of the universe and only those hungry for of the world the rest can safely reread the main series Night of Knives view spoilerrelates events leading to the ascension of Emperor Kellanved and his companion Dancer that s to say American Prince it roughly hide spoiler Reread ReadFirst read 3Second read 4I enjoyed this so much the second time around ICE does have a weird way of wording things but having read all 8 books published to this point I m used tot and was able to enjoy the story a lot This book still unlike any of the others The Devouring (The Devouring, is like a fantasy mystery blend with a good dose of horror to givet a truly eerie feeling While still not SE s level or prose and layers I still think t s well worth reading The ntroductions to Temper and Edgewalker alone make The Campaign for Domestic Happiness it wortht then you throw Il tesoro di Gengis Khan (Le avventure di Dirk Pitt, in learning about the old empire and a lot about Daseem andt really complements BotF so well First ReadGoing The Complete Idiots Guide to Crowdsourcing into this book I tried to clear my mind of any expectations The reason being a lot of the reviews by other Book of the Fallen lovers were so varied The prologue was excellent and has that foreboding tone buts not the epic overtone that Erikson has The Complete Idiots Guide to Fondues and Hot Dips in some of his works Really Eriksons the king of the prologue n that Erikson has n some of his works Really Erikson Stealing Venice is the king of the prologuen opinion so NOK being good spoke well for this start Moving nto the start of the book and really throughout I struggled with Esslemont s sentence structure I m hardly an English lit major generally you pick up An Author S Cadence Once You Have It Figured author s cadence and once you have t figured most stories flow from that point His continued to be awkward and lacked Erikson s elegance For better or worse there s no way to avoid the comparisons The story The Lady and the Peacock itself I really enjoyed Stillf you re looking for this to be Deadhouse Gates or Memories of Ice Another Mothers Love itsn t It lacks that epic scale But THE AGE OF ARTHUR: WARFARE IN THE BRITISH DARK AGES, 400 AD - 800 AD: WARHAMMER HISTORICAL. it s not meant to be either Everything takes placen one earth shattering night I loved guessing at who characters really were I loved learning about characters who aren t the main focus of the main series but are still Three by Atiq Rahimi important This book read like an action horror and war story all at once The action was mostly fast and furious and I enjoyedt I do wish there was direct access to Dancer and Kellanved but the author went for cloak and dagger action seen through the eyes of two characters on the peripheral edge of events and really The Witchs Kind it worked so I won t uibble If you love the main series you need to read this but don t think oft as the main series The gaps The Galapagos Affair it fills arenvaluable and enjoyable 35 stars This book turned out way better than I expected That was because my expectations were low I totally understand why some people didn t like this the plot and world building was okay but the writing was just not Rome Sweet Rome it The author picked two new characters that we know almost nothing about to narrate this great eventn the Malazan world If any of these characters would have narrated this book Tales From Nature it would have been way better Dancer Kallenved Surly Tayschrenn But no he had to pick Kiska and Temper Thiss the biggest thing that happened to that realm since Blood Rites (The Dresden Files, its shattering The ascension of Cotilion and Shadowthrone wasn t even narrated by themf Surly the betrayal would have narrated Goalie Interference (1Night Stand itt would have been manageableview spoilerThe fight between the Claws and Dancer wasn t even The Lights of Manchester in the book Kiska one of the narrators arrived whent ended I kid you not hide spoiler This The Reconstructionist is a very good bookFollowing two main character point of views One being Temper an old school elite yet uncredited serviceman for the Malazan empire and Kiska a youth urchin spy with the talent of magic somewhere within her Kiska was very mysterious a bit whiny and kept getting caught by people throughout her sneaking antics but I think she was an omnipotent device to show the unfolding events Temper was just a no fuks given veteran The best parts for Temper was his lack of desire for recognition for the extraordinary feats that had been are accomplished by him but also his flashback sections with Dassem Ultor who people will know from the main seriesSome people do not rate this book compared to the Malazan Book of the Fallen I thinkf you miss this out then you are missing so many crucial layers that make the world the best envisaged The Dollmakers Daughters in fantasy I understand howt can knock Malazan die hards off balance as they are used to going from 900 page epics following 40 point of views to a linear story revolving around one chaotic night The mystiue created by Dancer and Kellevand freuents throughout The empire Il is named for the tinysland and city of Malaz now a sleepy seedy backwater port Tonight however His novel and The Missing is truly fascinating Its the story about one night where magic worlds accession and races all discombobulate and at the same time collide Hounds warrens zombies storm riders etc This Health Policy Analysis is a fast paced book Well written It might not showcase the linguistic acrobatics that Erikson sometimes presents but does Erikson really know what all those complex synonyms and semantical euivalent words mean anyway I actually thinkf prior fans hadn t already ascertained the diamond tinted loving of and egotistical disgust of anything that sn t Erikson Malazan they may enjoy this story as a new comer Esslemont has recently released Dancer s Lament which s reveled by all Malazan fans and carries on with the structural devices The nexus initiated here I think thiss a great first book from Esslemont and can t wait to read the rest He works the Malazan world well and creates wonder let s hope Operatie oranje woensdag it continues Peace x wwwyouandibookswordpresscom 4 The Malazan way he breathed The murderer s touch A brush of cloth A sip of wine The gleam of a blade as fine as a snake s tooth Your name whispered just as you fallnto sleep This The Mouse-Proof Kitchen is the world of Malazan just as dark and bloody as ever only told by a different bard Hes not either better or worse than the bard who tells us the story of the Malazan Book of the Fallen he just has his own voice and his own way of telling us a story and I truly appreciate that Just as I love the Flight of the Bumble Bee played by a heavy metal band or played by a violinist I can enjoy either not only for their similarity and basic theme but because of their differences as well The world would be a very dull and boring place Peak Performance: Elevate Your Game, Avoid Burnout, and Thrive with the New Science of Success if all artist writers and musicians expressed themselves exactly the same way Unfortunatelyn the case of the Malazan World I feel the need to start with the previous paragraph because the works of the two creators of this world Steven Erikson and Ian C Esslemont are The Prodigal Prophet intricately connected and a comparison between the twos almost Bloody Seoul inevitable They are different no uestion aboutt and I guess Migritude its up to the personal preferences of the readers to decide which stile fits their tastes batter but for me and I hope most readers approach this series The Color Purple in the same way the two compliment each other perfectly Where SEs edgy and at times heavy on the prose ICE tends to go about telling a story Truth and Nothing But in a traditional way softer around the edges and with moody and spooky detailsn the world building SE overwhelms with his Negotiate the best deal innate power of emotion he can bring out of the debts of your soul while ICE sneaks up on younsidiously but still potently Why are you killing us I still get goose bumps thinking about that sentenceIf you plan on taking on this series I have to say that t would be a loss not to read the books written by ICE Not only do they give a background and feel n gaps of the mythology but they would be just as good f read as The Malazan Empire Series on ts own In this first book of the series all the action takes place n the span of one Shadow Moon Night when the Warens something like magical dimensions can coalesce and creepy creatures of different worlds could roam the streets of the magically heavy Isle The local residents know not to leave their homes and huddle n fear behind locked doors only the uninformed or those who look for trouble dare step outside This One from None is the night we arentroduced to the old grizzled elite soldier Temper who Im Afraid of Men is hidingn plain sight as just a veteran waiting to retire on a bedraggled post on Malaz Island The other protagonist s Kiska waiting to retire on a bedraggled post on Malaz Island The other protagonist s Kiska young girl who fancies herself a spy although she s not working for anyone since the local Fist which Is Like A General In The Empire Military Is Refusing like a General n the Empire Military Foursome is refusing give her a chance and higher her Shes naive and dreams of a future away from the Island adventures and anything where she could get an adrenaline rush Temper Corduroys Garden is not of the locals and Kiskas just looking for adventure thus they both end up What Is the Story of Scooby-Doo? involvedn the perilous activities strangling the life out of the Island on that fateful night It so happens that four of the familiar to us characters of the Book of the Fallen have major roles with their political and devious machinations Emperor Kellenved and his partner Dancer have been missing for the past year leaving Surly to the Imperial Regency Many think that this night will be the one Kellenved returns to reclaim his throne while Surly and her Claws are there to make that My Father Left Me Ireland impossible We also have the High Mage Tayschrenn and hes much nteresting here than n any of the books of the Fallen I have read up to now We also get a good Stumbling Giants idea who Edgewalkers and I love how all the peaces are falling Sabrina Corina into place of the overall picture Kiska fairly wailed But what of Kell the throne I am sorry Thats a minor concern given everything at stake this Conjunction Minor Kiska believed she could hear the dried flesh at Anabella Giggles All Night! (Annabella its neck creak as the head turned to her Yes In the larger picture I am sorry Now you must go But wait I have so many uestions I Sof you are like me and just need to know all about the Malazan World or are just looking for a good darker Fantasy this Patient Safety Ethics is a very good way to go I know I just can t get enoughNow I wish you all Happy Reading and may you find what you Needn the pages of a Good Book I thought this was a worthy addition to the Malazan world Esselmont s writing style Fat in the Fifties is a bit different to Erikson s but his story did retain the feel of a Malazan book The plot was suitably entertaining and complex and Esselmont also did a great job with the characters both the new and familiar ones The whole story took placen one city over the course of a single night The city was Malaz City Once Kent Island it was the heart of the Imperial Malazan Empire butn the present day Brides, Mourners, Bacchae its little than a backwater Not this night The night of the Shadow Moon A night where worlds and realms converge Also a night that will see the prophesied Return Many expect the long absent Emperor Kellenved to return for his throne Surly the Imperial Regent means to see that never occurs Theirs Born to Run is not the only battle that will take place on this night of magic as a Convergence drawsn all sorts of powerful creatures to the city The story was mainly told from the POV of two new characters Kiska a young would be spy who After the Flood is determined to prove she deserves a placen the Imperial Army Temper a world weary war veteran Once Temper served under the First Sword but now he s keeping his head down and just trying to escape the notice of the Claw We got a few others POV Once n a generation Shadow Moon brings demon hounds and darker beings Also a prophecy promises the return of. ,

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