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Rom Toni Blake I m a big fan of her Destiny series and when she said that this series would have a similar feel I couldn t wait to get started I will say that I definitely got some of the same feels Set in a small town there s a much sweeter and slower pace to these books that I absolutely adore But for me the biggest similarity was the conflict ONE RECKLESS SUMMER had one of the most interesting conflicts I ve ever read and this book has something uite similar to itI will give a warning to readers though The heroine Meg is in a one sided relationship with a local guy named Zach Although they ve had this thing going on between them Zach has never really fully committed to her leaving her wondering if she s even in a proper relationship at allThis is where Seth comes in and he basically sweeps her off her feet Their chemistry is instant and fiery making her relationship with Zach seem like nothing in comparison I know a lot of people will see this as cheating which is why I wanted to give a warning because I know for a lot of people it s a hard limit in the romance books they read I m in the same boat but actually Blake made this conflict work for the book This book is really about choosing our own happiness and following În excavator (Trilogia Nomilor your heart and I think she handles it well But I know that from the blurb it kind of gives off a different vibe In the end I enjoyed it and it s uite obvious who the heroine will end up withI know that I will be looking forward to the other books in the series There really is no one who writes Contemporary Romances like Toni Blake She simply writes some of my favorites 3 stars The blurb is intriguing However I thought this was a romance novel based on the title my fault It is but it dwells on the heroine finding herself through reading her grandmother s journal and the love triangle that follows Unfortunate for me I am not fond of reading about finding one s self I find it boring and while I am looking forward for the love triangle it lacks some kick The story was a bit slow at least for me This book is captivating on its own But like I said it just wasn t for me However ifou enjoy reading woman s fiction An Accidental Woman you should give this book a try ARC provided by Publisher in exchange for an honest review Good book though it read like women s fiction than the romance I thought it was It was enjoyable but I freuently found my attention wandering to scrolling through facebook rather than reading the book The only thing that kept me on task was that I was reading on a transatlantic flight so distractions were limitedMeg is an innkeeper on Summer Island running the inn that she inherited from her grandmother She retreated to the inn severalears earlier recovering from both a serious illness and the desertion of her fianc when he found out about that illness She likes the uieter lifestyle and the closeness of the resident community but also enjoys the bustle of the summer tourist season For the past five ears she has been in a relationship of sorts with Zack but she finds herself wanting than he is willing to giveZack is a fisherman who spends long periods on his boat He is content to leave spends long periods on his boat He is content to leave relationship with Meg as it is He likes that she is there for him when he returns to port on Summer Island and doesn t complain when he leaves againSeth came to the island in search of work but also looking for something from his past He visited once as a child along with his grandparents and a memory from that time has brought him back Seth s past haunts him and he is looking to make some significant changesThe book opens as Zack leaves Meg once again It is their fifth anniversary and Meg had made plans but Zack behaves as if it is just another day Meg finally faces the fact that Zack is unlikely ever to give her the commitment that she needs With the idea that Zack may no longer be in her life Meg contemplates the idea of selling the inn and moving away starting a new life somewhere that she can find what she needs Fate intervenes with the arrival of Seth a handsome ounger man who is looking for work as a handyman He is light hearted and charming and Meg hires him to do some needed repairs on the inn She doesn t expect the attraction that flares between needed repairs on the inn She doesn t expect the attraction that flares between had fun watching the friendship that developed between Seth and Meg He is an outrageous flirt and makes no secret of his attraction to Meg but leaves it up to her whether to pursue it In the meantime they work together on projects around the inn and Seth s attention to Meg gives her a taste of what could be I loved all the little things that he did to show her how special she is Meg is torn between her loyalty to Zack and the feelings she develops for Seth Things become complicated when Seth s presence makes Zack realize that he could lose the woman who is such a big part of his life Can he let go of his past enough to give Meg what she needs At the same time Seth gets closer to solving the issue that brought him to Summer Island His feelings Ife But he wasn’t counting on falling for the lovely innkeeper MegWhen Meg meets Seth she can’t ignore the sparks that fly between them even though she feels like her heart has been torn in half But if Zack won’t commit should she take the leap with Seth And can she even have a future with him if he can’t reckon with his past. .

I enjoyed The One Who Stays it provides a good book cation It was a cute and sweet romanceMeg loves Summer Island the memory of her grandmother Summerbrook Inn the inn her grandmother left her and Zack a local fisherman who simply won t commitSeth is a wander searching for his past on Summer Island He meets Meg as a handyman and helps Meg see her dreams again while remodeling Summerbrook Inn What he didn t plan on was falling for MegMeg is conflicted with her attraction to Seth and her feelings for ZackThe story moves between character with multiple points of view I m not a fan of multiple points of view especially with lots of internal dialog In the end I liked it but it kept me from loving itI received this ARC copy of The One Who Stays from HARLEUIN Romance US Canada HN This is my honest and voluntary review The One Who Stays is set for publication July 30 2019My Rating 3 starsWritten by Toni BlakeSeries Summer Island Book 1Mass Market Paperback 448 pagesPublisher HN Original edition Publication Date July 30 2019ISBN 10 1335504982ISBN 13 978 1335504982Genre Woman s Lit Barnes Noble Received copy from third party source for reviewThere s absolutely nothing wrong with this book I didn t like it but that is purely my opinion and doesn t speak to the plot writing pacing etc It just wasn t for me I hate love triangles and this one has a doozy I didn t like the main character Meg who I felt didn t make good decisions or just let decisions be made for her by the men in her life I didn t like either of the main male characters Seth and Zach for a host of reasons I wouldn t have chosen either The secondary characters weren t as developed as I needed them to be to care about them I m sure there are many many readers who will be all about this one Me Not so much In an interesting twist however I ve never read any Toni Blake before and I thought the writing was good enough I would look up some of her backlist with different plots I appreciated the writing despite not liking the book Maybe a different book by Blake will score on both 4 stars ALERT shelving could disclose somewhat spoiler She supposed if The Siege Winter you didn t ask for whatou wanted in this world The Accidental Romance you could only blameourself for not having it Warning Sorry not sorry this review is expletive filled enjoyI m going to start with the headline that this romance book is unlike any other romance book I have ever read And I mean that in reference to books that truly fall in the romance genre not fiction books that heavily feature a romance When compared to every single other trade romance book I have read this was insanity INSANITY PEOPLELet me be clear it wasn t a bad thing I mean Chalk Cheese yes it was a TOTAL mind fuck but asou can see from my 4 star rating I ENDED UP VERY MUCH ENJOYING THIS BOOK AND FOUND up very much enjoying this book and found to be a lovely and emotional read So where does the mind fucking come in ou ask THERE ARE TWO HEROES AND YOU TRULY DON T KNOW WHO THE HEROINE WILL END UP WITH AND IT S ALSO NOT CLEAR WHICH ONE YOU SHOULD BE HOPING SHE ENDS UP WITH Like WHAT THE IT S ALSO NOT CLEAR WHICH ONE YOU SHOULD BE HOPING SHE ENDS UP WITH Like WHAT THE mindblown Yes sometimes romances feature a love triangle setup though it s uite rare to begin with but at least with all the ones I ve read it has always been extremely clear who the hero is and who the heroine should and will end up with whether the other will end up with whether the other is setup as the villain or actually a supremely likable guy who is probably then going to get his own story later on WE HAVE CLARITY PEOPLEI hate love triangles so was nervous about this from the start Because of the book summary I knew that Meg our heroine is in a relationship with Zack but it s one of those it s complicated situations and is very undefined to the point of being non exclusive we learn But whatever Meg has a boyfriend no big deal I m going to expand my horizons and be a big girl I can deal with a love triangle sometimes the author does it well and doesn t make it too angsty not an angst fan Usually the new guy coming in is going to be our hero but from the book summary it actually wasn t clear whether that would be the case note I wrote from the book summary Because of course within the first few pages we re going to know immediately DuhSo I start reading and I notice that I m getting much of the story from Meg s perspective than Seth s He s staying a bit of a mystery to me longer than I would have expected not getting a feel for him et or what he s about but okay maybe that s on purpose sometimes author s don t do an eual balance at the beginningHmm but this is weird I m starting to get third person perspective from Zack and not a paragraph or two I m talking whole sections Umm and he s realizing he actually loves Meg And he doesn t want to lose what they have And he s changing his behavior and wants to express himself to her and make his feelings clearIf that s not confusing enough let me be clear that during all this it s also very clear that she still loves Zack Doctor Who yes it s complicated because she has resentment towards him and is dissatisfi. Loseour heart to Summer Island where summers are easy winters are cozy and friends welcome ou with open armsSummer Island has always been home to Meg Sloan She runs the Summerbrook Inn like her grandmother did and she loves the laid back pace of life and the close knit community the island offers Meg also loves Zack Sheppard a loc. Ed with their relationship but she does truly love him Soooo Zack is the heroBut she and Seth have this explosive chemistry building up to something heroBut she and Seth have this explosive chemistry building up to something Okay answer received es And now they re developing an emotional connection and bond I m also learning about Seth finally and getting bigger sections from his POVBut So What Zack is off sailing and missing her And she misses him But Seth is drawn to her And she s drawn backWHAT THE FUCK IS GOING ON HERE PEOPLE WHO AM I SUPPOSED TO WANT HER TO END UP One of the defining characteristics of a romance book is that ou know the ending it s all about the journey So eah this book was taking me on a journey alright BUT WHAT THE FUCK WAS THE DESTINATIONBecause I want Myself and Other More Important Matters you to be able to experience the same mind fucking that I did I knowou re welcome I m not going to say much Very compelling and well written characters Meg is the main character Zack and Seth are the supporting actors the entire story is character driven and really takes Downhill Slide you on ups and downs clearlyBlake did such a good job of portraying the tension and confusion that each of the characters feel the weight of these momentous decisions they re taking and choices they have to make how their past has shaped them and how they re trying to decide what they want for their futures Is another one of those few romances that brought a tear to my eye very rareWould have really liked an Epilogue wanted a closing frame showing me what Meg and view spoilerno fucking way not ruining it sucker P hide spoiler What a beautiful book this was Filled with love heart break a little intrigue and some amazing women who will makeou proud Meg grew up on Summer Island and wouldn t trade her life for anything She was in love and knew that she was loved back Unfortunately he won t commit to her and she s finding that it s something that she needsEveryone assumes that her and Zack will be together forever but she can t stand him sailing away when the mood strikes Along comes Seth the summer worker who seems to be a little bit than meets the eye Meg can t help but notice how handsome and helpful he is She also can t help the spark that ignites whenever he touches her But her heart belongs to Zack Or does it Yes Seth does have something he is hiding How does he tell her that he s looking for the one thing that would bring her the most joy wit Review will be posted soon The One Who Stays is a heartwarming inspiring story about Meg a cancer survivor and innkeeper who lives ear round on Summer Island Meg moved to Summer Island while recovering from leukemia Her grandmother took care of her then Meg stayed to help her run the Inn she never left Meg is a hardworking woman who is content in her life with Zack a fisherman who spends as much or time at sea than with Meg Recently she is realizing that she wants of a commitment than Zack is willing to give When Seth Darden appears on the island looking for work as a handyman neither of them is prepared for the emotions each stirs in the otherThis was a sweet heartwarming story that will have a happy ending if they can move beyond their secrets and be totally honest with one another They both have issues in their past that they need to deal with before they can move forward to find a happy ending and a place to call home I enjoyed this hopeful romance The women who live on the island and are Meg s friends are supportive welcoming and authentic The story is not only a romance but there is a bit of a mystery as well as some drama It has relationship dynamics emotion family friendship community Life Loss And Love loss and love story was well written with good pacing Overall The One Who Stays is a heartfelt story about accepting the things ou cannot change letting go of the past and the things that make Audrey Hepburn you unhappy taking chances and moving on This story introduces Summer Island and the wonderful people that live there I read the second book in the series before this one so I already know this is a great series and I highly recommend both this book and the series The publisher generously provided me with a copy of this book upon reuest The rating ideas and opinions shared are my own 35 StarsRomantic engaging and sweetThe One Who Stays is a heartwarming inspiring tale featuring the dependable innkeeper and cancer survivor Meg and the charismatic secretive hardworking Seth as they work together to unravel secrets from the past and find a place to truly call homeThe prose is light and hopeful The characters are supportive welcoming and authentic And the plot is a dramatic tale full of relationship dynamics genuine emotion family friendship community life loss love and a touch of romanceOverall The One Who Stays is a heartfelt entertaining tale about accepting the thingsou cannot change letting go of the past rediscovering one s self taking chances and moving onThank Silent Seduction you to Harleuin Books for providing me with a copy in exchange for an honest review I was very excited about this new series Al man she’s been seeing forears What she doesn’t love is Zack’s refusal to commit to her his reluctance to be exclusive with herSeth Darden arrives on Summer Island in search of summer work but also in search of something else his past There are secrets buried at the Summerbrook Inn secrets that forged the path of Seth’s The One Who Stays

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