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Have You Eaten Grandma?Exceptionally fun and interesting especially for those who love the English language The #Book Teaches You What #teaches you what English is unctuation and vocabulary No double language is ever changing but it s also important that we cling to what is the most accurate when it comes to expressing ourselves Research has shown that those who speak good English have an advantage over those who don t in many aspects of lifeA lot of Good Stuff For Me To stuff for me to with my ESL students Gyles Brandreth explores the idiocies idiosyncrasies and infinite variety of the English language His love for words shines through and encourages the reader to think about how why we use language This is never dull or edantic His examples keep you chuckling and often make you stop short realise that you d never thought about that wordphrase in that way beforeParts of this could act as a good teaching aid could act as a good teaching aid schools injecting life into what might be a dull subject I enjoyed reading it can now tell you the longest word in the dictionary neumonoultramicroscopicsilicovolcanoconiosis what else could you wantThanks to Netgalley the Organizational Behavior and Virtual Work publisher fr letting me read review this book What a fabulous book Gyles Brandreth combines his love of the English language with his inimitable humour making an often dry boring topic interesting Not only is it clear informative and accessible but it had me laughing out loud multiple times It breaks often complex rules down into manageable chunks and discusses grammar spelling andunctuation It also gives examples of each rule in action making everything very understandable I learned a lot and the most fascinating exploration for me was the Conflict and Reconciliation part that looks at recent language trendsAnyone interested in etymology would really enjoy this book it would make a greatresent for the language lover in your life Highly recommendedMany thanks to Michael Joseph for an ARC In the same vein as Eats Shoots and Leaves Have You Eaten Grandma Light As A Feather, Cold As A Marble (Weeping Willow plays on the importance of grammar andunctuation even in today s social media and technology driven world with a comprehensive and humorous layout of all the rules memory devices and tips and tricks you ll need to master the The Life And Times Of Rosie The Riveter power of the English languageChapter one Basic Punctuation or Have You Eaten Grandma begins the foray intounctuation followed by Dashes Hyphens Slashes and and Apostrophes Possession and Omission Brandreth also covers spelling in this book with common and sometimes less than helpful rules guides to Sex Powers University 2 prefixes and silent letters There are also chapters on British English versus American English abbreviations with a fresh inclusion of many that are commonly used today and on social media some with a very humorous twist slang and rules for good communication There are also fun sections that keen wordsmiths will enjoy such as the A to Z of useful Scrabble words and new words This book is for adult readers There is a great depth of content which will appeal I think to readers who are already interested in language conventions The book is also wordy not unexpected and some of the jokes and language is suited to a mature audience That said it is an easy book to readick up a few tips and enjoy While I read Have You Eaten Grandma from cover to cover it will be most useful to me as a handy reference guide There is so much information and so many tips jam Deadly Seduction packed into itsages that I knew there was no way I would remember all the rules or tips Having it to hand though will be helpful when I can t uite remember whether I should be using effect or affect or am about to commence a Scrabble tournament There are also lists to make you blush euphemisms for sex cringe toilet talk and laugh Randy Comfort Rise Again public signs that could have used someunctuation I love that this book is written for current society and. It can be much harder than it seems; commas colons semi colons and even apostrophes can drive us all mad at times but it riles no one than the longest serving resident of Countdown's Dictionary Corner grammar guru Gyles BrandrethIn this brilliantly. That the author holds to conventional rules and still embraces modern language From text speech and new abbreviations and initialisations to the mistakes make in Tweets or statements by ast or current Iktomi and the Berries politic leaders as well as the embracing of gender neutral language Myarticular favourite is the new ROFL rolling on floor laughing for older generations ROFLACGU rolling on floor laughing and can t get up Have You Eaten Grandma is a fun and handy book about the complexities of the English language and the Better Policing with Microsoft Office 2007 power it holds it just might save your grandma s lifeTheublishers Escaflowne (Escaflowne Newtype 100% Collection, 40) provided an advanced readers copy of this book for reviewingurposes All opinions are my ownFind reviews reading age guides content advisory and recommendations on my blog Madison s Library This is an amazing reference book for Wild Pork and Watercress people who care about correct language usage and auto correcteople when they write something wrong grammarspellingpunctuation olice such as myself It can be irritating for some but language is one of the most valuable assets of humankind and I do not think that we should take it for granted We re losing important cultural values due to misuse of the language and technology is usually the one to Blame For This Gyles Brandreth for this Gyles Brandreth highlights the most common mistakes that we make when we speak Englishwrite in English Thus it s not a book to read and leave it to collect dust on the shelf but it should be treated as a timeless reference guideThe mistake I made when I read this book was that I chose the wrong format the audiobook I highly recommend the aperback version as it gets uite irritating when the author starts spelling correctwrong versions of the words This is a book to be read and absorbed at a reasonable Articles on Works by C. S. Lewis, Including pace also highlighted when necessary Overall A great guide for language enthusiasts and natives who wish to improve their atrophied language skills Gyles Brandreth writes an entertaining and informative book about grammar andunctuation I am a lover of words and truly appreciate the book He writes in his self deprecating manner which hyphen may or may not be needed which is appropriate here as it refers to manner and it is a thing not a Interracial Romance BWWM person He ends the book with a short chapter on the language of grammar This is where he defines nouns verbsarticiples and those other constructs of sentences that may have Contributed To The Reason Many People Resist to the reason many Gaddafis Harem people resist to do with grammarI read the book in itsresented order although that is not necessary The book could be used as a reference for special topics without needing to read the whole thingIf you re only going to have one book about grammar I recommend that this be the book IMHO this book is much better than Eats Shoots Leaves by Lynne Truss I m no Grammar Nazi I can t claim to have full command of the English language myself I nearly always need to Google who or whom and lie or lay But some grammatical errors do drive me nuts unnecessary apostrophes and the use of the word Puff pacific instead of specific to name a couple Gyles Brandreth however is sensitive to wordy fauxas and is smart enough to write em all down and Laid to Ruin (Lancelots Fall, publish them Hence we have this fun book that has nothing to do with cannibalism and everything to do with the importance of usingroper English Brandreth covers Leyendas Negras punctuation spellingluralization and some of the differences between the English language and Americanese His is the first attempt I ve read to demystify Cockney rhyming slang I still don t get it but it was an interesting examination Though this is not a book you sit down with and read straight through it s massively fun to ick up from time to time and enjoy Highly recommended for linguists teachers and trivia buffs Loose Parts by Dave Blazek Thanks to Atria Books for Funny tirade on grammar Brandreth anatomizes the linguistic horrors of our times tells us where we've been going wrong and why and shows us how in the future we can get it right every time Is 'alright' all right You'll find out right here From dangl. ,
Review copy A very funny book on the intricacies and developments of the English language I articularly enjoyed the Texting Guide for Seniors including such examples as IMHO Is My Hearing aid On and ROFLACGU Rolling on Floor Laughing And Can T Get Up Genuinely and Can t Get Up Genuinely and educational while consistently amusing just corrected Myself From Writing Whilst As from writing whilst as result of one of the tips although I have to say some of the lists went on too long for my liking and I got went on too long for my liking and I got bored I would highly recommend Mark Forsyth s The Etymologicon and The Elements of Elouence if you enjoyed this book or are simply interested in the topic This is a great little book Bad, Bad Bluebloods (Rich Boys of Burberry Prep particularly if like me you ve ever struggled with grammar orunctuation Reading this book is In the Cavern of the Night probably not going to miraculouslyerfect your writing or speech but there are lots of useful tips tricks and facts all told in a funny and easily devoured format Personally I ve always struggled with where to the bad boys of butte put apostrophes and commas and have never understood what the heck that oxford comma thing is Now I do well or lessI ve always been wary of reading books on grammar and language they tend to be incredibly complicated for me at any rate full of rules I ll never remember and not the most exciting of reads Have You Eaten Grandma as you can no doubt tell from the title isacked full of humour some adult and little anecdotes that make it very easy to dip in and out of There are rules but Brandreth Romancing the Customer puts his own spin of them giving youractical ways of remembering them There are sections on grammar spelling unctuation bad language and even the evolution of language It is steered mostly towards UK English so while the author does cover American English and the differences between the two I m not sure how well it would go over with a non British reader I also felt some sections were a little too long although this isn t really an issue if you re dipping in and out or skimming through to the arts you re most interested in or have the most The Sleepwalkers problems withOverall a fun and informative read that s already come in useful at work it settled a discussion on thelural of clerk of worksThanks to NetGalley and the Idle Ideas in 1905 publisher forroviding me with a copy of this This has not influenced my review and any and all grammatical errors are my own A book on Haunted Marion, Ohio pronunciation grammar amd spelling may sound very dry and boring but Have You Eaten Garndma is anything butI ll admit that I love languages and therefore find the subject interesting Still I wasn t expecting the humour and there islenty Gyles Brandreth not only Thief of Lies (Library Jumpers, provides a lot of information on the English language he does so in a very accessible manner enticing the reader with his funny and often cheeky voice As he states the way we express ourselves is a kind ofower Acuiring it doesn t have to be a hardship On the contrary it can be entertaining as seen in the following Oracle APEX 18.1 For Beginners: A platform to rapidly develop data-centric web applications accessible from a multitude of devices poem Try reading it out loud 0 I take it you already knowOf tough and bough and cough and doughOthers may stumble but not youOn hiccough thorough laugh and throughWell done And now you wisherhapsTo learn of less familiar trapsBeware of heard a dreadful wordThat looks like beard and sounds like birdAnd dead it s said like bed not bead For goodness sake don t call it deed Watch out for meat and great and threatThey rhyme with suite and straight and debtA moth is not a moth in motherNor both in bother broth in brotherAnd here is not a match for thereNor dear and fear for bear and earAnd then there s dose and rose and lose Just look them up and goose and chooseAnd cork and work and card and wardAnd font and front and word and swordAnd do and go and thwart and cart Come come I ve hardly made a startA dreadful language Why man aliveI d mastered it when I was five. Ing clauses to gerunds you'll also discover why Santa's helpers are subordinate clausesIn Have You Eaten Grandma he waxes lyrical about the importance of language as after all it is what we use to define ourselves and is ultimately what makes us hum. .

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