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Dying to Be IllCinderella for a Night (36 Hours, loaded with unbelievable stories and is written in a way that a person without much medical knowledge can understand The stories are engaging yeteave you still shaking your head thinking Why There is a great deal to Friend Foe learn in this book Great read This book was very imformative Iove all the dif. Fabricate or induce illness or injury to satisfy deep emotional needs Doctors family members and friends are ured into a costly frustrating and potentially deadly web of deceit From the mother who shaves her child's head and tells her community he has cancer to the co worker who suffers from a string of incomprehensible tragedies to the false epilepsy victim who monopolizes her. ,

Hey did you grow up with a parent with Munchausen s or #By Proxy And Proxy #Proxy And Proxy to see your entire childhood abuse validated and clarified in a book If so are you me Also this book will do that for youIt s basically a billion case studies about people with Munchausen s or MBP so I don t recommend reading it all in one sitting cuz it can get a ittle repetitiveoverwhelminginfuriatingextremely useful Plus breakdowns of some of the whys and possible ways to deal with it none of wh. Most of us can recall a time when we pretended to be sick to reap the benefits that go along with illness By playing sick we gained sympathy care and attention and were excused from our responsibilities Though doing so on occasion is considered normal there are those who carry their deceptions to the extreme In this book Dr Marc Feldman describes people's strange motivations to.

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