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the story on The illustrations are uite simple but I like them I loved the colours used I m excited to see where this one goes What would ou do colours used I m excited to see where this one goes What would The Legendary Unicorn you doou discover that Meeting the Living God your parents are super villains And if after thatou find out that The Red Saka yourself have powers That s the premise of this history and let s be realifou have a tons of teenagers for that plot it can be really awesome or a total disaster In this case we have a incredible storyBut what is what make it so good First this isn t the typical superheroes comics Yes it shows the moment when discover their powers or abilities or artefacts that let them fight against the evil but none is alone when happen even all characters have their own abilities but all characters have their own abilities but doesn t mean that all have powers or lot of money to transformate themselves in superheroes in fact in this number they don t want to be one just want to stop their parentsAs Walt Disneys Spin and Marty, Trouble at Triple-R younger people we have romances but please don t run away this romance is credible First because they know each other since they we re kids Second becauseou feel that this group have a friendship doesn t matter how many differences they have Nijinsky And Romola you believe that they are good friendsAnd speaking about the charactersI m gonna speak about the girls and boy as separate sets In this number we have two guys Alex and Chase the first one is super smart the second is super funny and have a straing artefact to defense the both have awesome personalities and are lovely in their own waybut i prefer ChaseThe girlsoh Geez i love these girls THEY ARE BAD ASS They make her own decisions and if she are leaders is because they want to be Have power but they think in what they gonna make accepts help if they need and give the same help to other and take the team as a family And don t get me wrong the boys have the same ualities but in historically the very few heroines are provide of this kind of personality so i want to point itWe have 4 girls Nicco who is one of the leaders Karolina is a alien Gertrude like a Daria Morgendorffer with purple hair and a dinosaur as a pet And Molly like a little hulk without the green partAparently these guys isn t connected with the rest of Marvel Universe but ww have a lot of winks to other superheroes and the way that are presented is super funny Yeah basically this isn t a review is a fangirl leakage But ifou like comics good characters and funny and smart histories ou need to read this history I freaking love it. Ns together the teens run away from home and vow to turn the tables on their evil legacy.

Brian K. Vaughan ä 8 Free read

Six teenage protagonists of Runaways ar Mums and dads play a major role in superhero stories Freuently they are the hero s main motivation for becoming the superhero in the first place Bruce Wayne s parents were shot dead Kal El s parents last act was to send him to Earth where he became Superman Peter Parker s father figure Uncle Ben was killed by a mugger Hal Jordan s dad died in a plane crash Odin gave Thor his powers by forging Mjolnir Charles Xavier shepherded untold numbers of oung mutants to realise their full potential and so on Brian K Vaughan s Runaways are similar in that the characters are made into superheroes through their parents except they re forced to step up and make that choice because their parents are supervillains trying to kill them Alex Gertrude Karolina Chase Molly and Nico are the teenage offspring of well to do Ca First book of 2019Re reading the early days of the Runaways I had completely forgotten this was originally part of Marvel s short lived Tsunami range of supposedly manga inspired titlesThis is a great set up The only thing that stops it getting five stars from me is the artwork which while perfectly serviceable stops short of greatness Knowing how much the artist has improved in the last fifteen ears it d be cool to get them to redraw these early issues Or pointless One of the other cool to get them to redraw these early issues Or pointless One of the other read Pride and Joy as part of a larger volume ears ago but what with my daughter wanting me to watch the tv show with her I thought it was probably time "to dust off the cobwebs and do a "dust off the cobwebs and do a readAnd hey This was So there s this group of kids who grew up seeing each other occasionally while their rich parents discussed fundraisers and whatever else rich adults talk about privately The kids never think anything of it as the ears pass and then one day how time flies they re teenagers and decide to spy on their parents having one of their meetings HOLY BATMAN they re actually super villains called The Pride That s the premise of this series and of course the kids discover their parents kept some big secrets from them about abilities and powers they never knew they hadI loved this What a great fun start to a series about mutant teens who have to save the world from their own parents I will definitely be checking the next one out It s hard to even pick a favorite character because they are all so cool but Karolina Nico and Gert are up there The psychic velociraptor Gert s new inherited pet is pretty awesome too Original and interesting concept for a comic I like all Take an unexpected dramatic turn Discovering their parents are all secretly super villai. ,

I went into this expecting a bunch of whiny morose teens with so much angst that they felt their only recourse would be to runaway I couldn t have been wrong This so much angst that they felt their only recourse would be to runaway I couldn t have been wrong This new and fresh at least as fresh as ou can be in this particular genre and the plot twists were great The characters were diverse with distinct personalities The art was charming and beautifully colored I genuinely was not expecting much and I ended up loving every second of it So if ou re bored with the average comic book and want to read something noteworthy give this one a go Let me know how ou like it I think every kid has wondered at one time or another if their parents were actually evil What if Storm of Locusts (The Sixth World, your philanthropic parents were in truth ritually sacrificing people in those meetings That s what happens with the kids in Runaways The kids of course freak out and slowly figure out the deal with their parents as they go on the runI decided to revisit Runaways with the publication of the Complete Collection line I d forgotten how YA this is This was part of Marvel s Tsunami imprint where the trades were printed in those little collected Manga formats The art does not look good blown up fullsize It s very basic and relies too much on poor coloring to fill in the gaps Each face has around 12 sources of light It s looks very unnatural The costume designs for the evil parents are ridiculous looking They look like Molly s or another 11ear old s idea of cool Vaughan does a fantastic job of giving each kid their own personality The story is very Buffy esue It s got that same self aware and irreverent tone I loved in Buffy and Angel When I first read this I thought it was one of the best Marvel books of all time a decade later I realise it was the innovative storyline and artwork that was so different at the time it astounded me The tale of an eclectic group o What If They re Not Good Guys Deuteronomy 516 Honor La Chanson de Jerusalem your father andour mother as the LORD our God has commanded ou that our days may be prolonged Reverence for parental figures has traditionally been held up commanded ou that The Story of Rose ONeill your days may be prolonged Reverence for parental figures has traditionally been held up an untouchable virtue in superhero comics with heroes like the Batman and Spider Man devoting their entire lives to the memory of their guardians But what if those guardians don t actually deserve all that reverence What if they were never as benevolent as we were brought up to believe Looking at the current economic and environmental state of the world today south may well raise the uestion Have our parents secretly been the bad guys all alongWhen the. Meet Alex Karolina Gert Chase Molly and Nico six oung friends whose lives are about to. ,
Runaways, Vol. 1 (Runaways, #1)