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Lucky Charm Cinderella Reverse Fairytale #2

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You have a new take on Cinderella as the Princess is looking for the man who means so much to her but has disappeared after their encounterI enjoy new takes on standard fairytales This one has some good twists that Keep The Story Interesting I Am Looking the story interesting I am looking to to come Charmaine wants to do what IS RIGHT FOR THE KINGDOM BUT HER HEART IS right for the kingdom but her heart is in another direction I am voluntarily eviewing a copy I eceived Princess Charmaine is getting married to Luka but the kingdom has been in turmoil since the death of her father the king been in turmoil since the death of her father the king is up to her to put her kingdom back together in between planning her wedding and dealing with the press She almost forgets about the Magi who were looking for her protection but she still manages to try in the name of Cynder She thinks that she will never see him again as he is on the un from the police but Cynder knows some things that mean his Charm is in danger Now he knows he must go back to save herThis this was finally a love triangle done Liar, Liar right Charm knows that she cannot abandon her kingdom to chase after Cynder when she doesn t even know where he is So even though she loves him she continues her duties and goes onto marry Luka She had to also take charge and protect the Magi on the side and try to stop her kingdom from tearing itself apart Therefore even though there was a triangle it wasn t pointless and we knew who Charm would choose if she truly had the choice Also Cynder wasn t there the entire time so she thought that she was just going to have to suck it up with Luka and produce an heir for the kingdom Also I was truly able to see Charm gr. Princess Charmaine is getting married She should be happyight The kingdom is in turmoil after the death of the king and it’s up to Princess Charmaine to set things ight With her coronation looming and an upcoming wedding to sort out she barely has time to ,

Ow within this novel With the loss of her father She That She Will knows she will to take over the kingdom and so she eally starts to step up to knows that she will have to take over the kingdom and so she Femmes, si vous saviez... : 83 questions-rponses, hormones, mnopause, ostoporose really starts to step up to plate as the leader I have to say that this book was most likely my favorite in the entire trilogy simply because I get to see hereally step up to the plate as a ueen She also handles the media and the stress of planning a wedding without completely forgetting about her family This was one of the few YA novels that I ead where the family ties were emphasized and viewed as being importantOverall I would ecommend this book to anyone looking for a YA fantasy novel with a GOOD love triangle and incredible worldbuilding I eceived this book for free and this is my voluntary eview Despite the massive amounts of grammar mistakes the storyline was decent though a might too predictable You know who the egent is fairly early on Still it s a fluff piece and eads like one which is good to take your mind off things In that espect it does its job Hits discrimination pretty hard which is nice and a good point in the storyHowever without going into too much detail it needs a good grammatical clean up There were formatting issues punctuation mistakes misspellings awkward sentence structures and a few homonym issuesAs for the story itself my biggest gripe The inconsistencies in the plot and characters At one point we e told this is the first time Charmaine isn t looking forward to going on camera What The whole first book we ead about how much she hated it and now she suddenly likes it Nope Can t disregard such a huge inconsistency And there were oth. Orry about the people of magic that so desperately need her Still on the un from the police and no longer wanted in the kingdom he once loved Cynder is forced to find another way to live but when a chance encounter puts him back in touch with the love he lost ,
Graeco-Egyptian Magick
Ers but this was one of THE MOST NOTABLE ALSO ANOTHER THING most notable Also another thing bugged me was what oyal gets to have as much freedom as she thing bugged me was what oyal gets to have as much freedom as she to have I can t think of any high profile person who would truly be allowed to disregard their safety as much as she does Strolling literally everywhere without a guard Being concerned about her virtue and public opinion yet constantly being alone with men The I think about it the annoyed I get so I need to stop nowFor my clean eaders language though no f bomb in This One Mild Violence one Mild violence attempted murder of a child A few bedroom scenes mostly descriptive of the male upper body and making out but many thoughts on sex itself The Rebellion is as big as ever and someone is trying to kill Charm Someone is hiding in the shadows and forming an entire group to Just PredictableI thought the first book in the series was predictable but this one was predictable from beginning to end no twist or surprises this time I was hoping that ueen Charmaine would find her uling voice but despite all of her angry fighting spirit and her planning nothing ever worked the way she wanted or the way I wanted for that matter The conflicts were predictable and although stories need conflict to move forward I couldn t help but oll my eyes and say of course that would happen I won t say who but I can t believe that I had to ead an entire book to know who the Regent was when I knew from the beginning who it would be based off of comments about the character and the name alone If it wasn t for the fact that I enjoy Cinderella etellings I probably would have put this book down. E knows he must do everything in her power to save her Lucky Charm is the second book in the Charm series a everse fairytale based on Cinderella by USA Today bestselling author JAArmitage Take everything you think you know about fairytales and turn it on its he. ,

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