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The Prodigal Tongue

Lynne Murphy ´ 9 Review

He doesn t The Internet Book like Republicans who stupidly mispronounce things but doesike Democrats and that the Mail is an unreliable right wing news Source So Why The Fuck So why the fuck she using it then There are endless web sites devoted to American v British English pronunciations she could have chosen If this book was designed for entertainment sites devoted to American v British English pronunciations she could have chosen If this book was designed for entertainment would be acceptable but in a book that contains much academic research and texts No Americans might not know about the Daily Mail aka The Daily Rag Knowing what it is makes it an even worse source for a very The Queen from Provence (Plantagenet Saga, long entry The Daily Mail serves two purposes Firstly all its stories are click bait designed to provoke reaction It s generally right wing but might change that stance if beingiberal means that they will incite anger They are very cynical first a story slanted this way then one that The result of this is the best comments section on the internet very funny full of spittingly angry people who ve fallen for the bait However even the comments section is fake as it is often moderated ie designed to reflect a particular view and inflame people further It is also the main vehicle for spin for celebrities and other self promoters from film stars to WAGS They have at Fearless Jack least 10 Kardashian trash stories a week but that is eclipsed by Meghan Markle and how much all her new clothes are costing the British tax payer All of this is of course designed to get people to view the ads The comments to read to join in on the the ads get viewed and the the Mail can charge for them It is viewed by many as a scurrilous ragThe author hasived in the UK for 20 years she knows what the Daily Mail is about Is she also into provoking reactions from Americans about how the British really hate Americans view spoilerActually yes she uotes figures which I doubt detailing the various amount of hatred felt by various European countries towards the US hide spoiler I The Film Club love the chatty sort ofanguage book that is eual parts academic and colorful examples John McWhorter is a favorite and David Crystal Lynne Murphy was already a favorite of mine because of her Tarascon Pediatric Emergency Pocketbook language blog Separated By a Common Language and now she s written a book yay She tackles a wide range of differences between the Englishes of Britain and of America and occasionally of Australia and Canada Even if you think you are aware of the vocabulary differences you may be surprised as I was toearn that there are many differences than what we call an umbrella or a sidewalk Just taking food as a topic Murphy describes how soup is technically the same thing on either side of the Atlantic but that in general the default of soup in America is a clear broth with things in it such as chicken noodle soup and in Britain soup is very nearly always a pureed dish with a single consistency The Brits have cookies now in addition to their traditional biscuits but they still call Murphy s homemade snickerdoodles ittle cakes And do not get Murphy started on some Brits call to stop etting Americans ruin the English The Success Secrets Of Brian Tracy - How To Achieve Your Goals And Be Succesful language For practically every complaint these scolds have about Americanisms Murphy shows that the Americanism started out in Britain Touch This was one of those books that feltike it came into my Ninth Grade Slays life at exactly the moment it was meant to Yes I am one of many Anglophiles that admits to having an inferiority complex about my Americanisms or American English as the author so fascinatingly delves into with this intelligent and engaging book Highly recommended By far my favourite book so far this year This is the book I wish I could carry with me and show to people when they claim a certain word phrase or syntax is an Americanism 8 times out of 10 I bet they would be wrong Not that the sort of people who complain about Americanisms are open to new knowledge but a girl can try This book is comprehensive covering a wide range of facts with common myths and historical events to really understand the difference between British and American English and why those differences may exist As with most properinguists she does this in a neutral way carefully pointing out that these are just differences No one way is right L political and inguistic forces that have driven American and British English in different directions how Americans got from centre to center why British accents are growing away from American ones and what different things we mean when we say estate frown or middle class Is anyone winning this war of the words Will Yanks and Brits ever really understand each other. T I never heard it in America my Work Your Wardrobe late mom inaw born in 1910 called it the depot pronounced DEEpo Some words and pronunciations that appear American are still found in parts of England away from London And The South East Because They Were the south east because they were standards before London fashion moved on Can I get a coffee As English as the fashionable coffee houses of the eighteenth century Is British English in danger of becoming homogenised by the insidious influence of American popular culture Not at all it would appear British people especially those most avid consumers of popular culture our teenagers a very useful Americanism by the way continue to be prolific at generating neologisms that baffle and delight American media while we don t appear to absorb an American word simply to displace an exactly euivalent British word The baby s pushchair isn t becoming a stroller any time soon Where we do take on an American word we don t take on its precise American meaning we take it to fill a hole or some nuance of meaning We ve accepted cookie for example but not to apply to our own ginger nuts and chocolate digestives thsoe are still biscuits We took it on to cover the sort of soft baked good almost a flat cake that gets sold in a bag What s shown at the Glasgow Film Theatre is still a film but movies are shown over the road at CineworldLynne s conclusion British English is in rude health it s particularly good at being rude it seems and the armchair critics should do their homework and stop being so smug I heartily concur This books first half was hilarious It got serious in the second half but was still very easy to read as a non fiction book An absolute must for Americans in England or Brits in America Or anyone with experience with both It spoke to my heart and my own experience An American in London for three years going on my fourth Well I unwrapped this book Christmas Eve and finished it this afternoon so you know I m back to my original rate of production This was great fun Whenever I pick up a book about Silence in Hanover Close (Charlotte Thomas Pitt, language I m braced for an onslaught of whining or random anecdotes as in this book which I read over ten years ago and am honestly still mad about But Murphy knows her stuff and has organized her work very well She even complains about opinion writers who scoff at othersanguage on the basis of a bad understanding of The Complete Idiots Guide to Starting a Web-Based Business linguistics There are repeated overarching themes an American inferiority complex and a British sniff of elitism the way words flow back and forth across the Atlantic and the place a word takes root isn t necessarily where it was born but each chapter has its own angle Weearn about how once American and British English diverged they handled French oanwords Diffe This Author Is This author is a sneering hypocrite She might have ived for 20 years in the UK because of her husband but she has no Icon love for the British She is talking about the words toiletoo and Pillow Talk lavatory she has forgotten bog WC khazi only old soldiers say this and brick shit house which is not used in polite company What all these British words for poo places have in common is that they are euphemistic They make reference to washing and water but they don t mention naked bottoms and what comes out of themThe British tendency to verbally tiptoe around these topics is so greatSo the author thinks the Americanisms restroom bathroomittle girls room and washroom are direct Restroom which is the most common sign in stores for the toilets is hardly straightforward Unless you Rikers High like sitting on the pot doing the crossword surrounded by the miasma of strangers defecating and pissing is your idea of a good rest then it is a euphemismIt s amazing how much a simple phrase can give away The author is contrasting the differing pronunciation of words in American and British English She is using as her source The Daily Mail The subject is how Ira is pronounced She says the Mail incorrectly says that Americans say Eyerack Apparently they ve never heard Barack Obama Bill or Hillary Clinton say Ira Maybe eyerack sayers George W Bush and Sarah Palin are the Daily Mail s styleSo what the author has given away from this is that Ality of the special relationship between British and American English By examining the causes and symptoms of American Verbal Inferiority Complex and its flipside British Verbal Superiority Complex Murphy unravels the prejudices stereotypes and insecurities that shape our attitudes to our ownanguageWith great humour and new insights Lynne Murphy ooks at the socia. .
I am fascinated by the English LANGUAGE ITS DIALECTS AND ACCENTS SO its dialects and accents so was always going to ove this book The author is an American inguist who has ived in England for 20 years so she knows what she s writing about Many of my prejudices about Americanisms have been uashed there are ots of words and phrases I thought were American in origin which actually originated in Britain and vice versa We British people tend to Think Of American English As Prudish And Illogical But Murphy of American English as prudish and illogical but Murphy out that British English can also be both these things Meanwhile some Americans are under the impression that we use all kinds of weird words ike bumbleshoot no I ve never heard of it either it was made up by an American and apparently means umbrella Above all Murphy gives us a broad history of both kinds of English and when and why certain phrases and spellings developed over the past few centuries The result is a Leading By Design language which has borrowed words from all kinds of otheranguages and so often has no consistency in spelling or pronunciation And it s interesting to see how many words and phrases have moved from Britain to America as well as from America to Britain Having read this book I Kanata ll never again complain when someone says Can I get instead of May I have okay I probably will the get part was explained but not the can And business speak from either country is eually appalling Ultimately though the diversity and ever changing nature of English on both sides of the Atlantic is something to be celebrated not bemoaned And this is a easy to read humorous guide which does just thatOne uibble Murphy says that in Britain when we say bacon we mean back bacon otherwise we say streaky bacon In my experience the word bacon on its own can mean either streaky or back we need to specify if we want to be clear which one it is as they are eually popular here And that s before you get into whether it s smoked or unsmoked It seems that the author is trying to maintain a balance between British English and American English throughout the whole book But as a reader I can still detect that the author is defending consciously or unconsciously American English her native tongue against the accusations made byinguistically superior British peopleIt s a good book I basically agree with the author s main point American English and British English are both great nationlect it s impossible and m What fun I was surprised to discover how many words I thought were american but were british and how many i thought were british and how many I thought were were actually american She writes with a fun sense of humor making this a pleasure to read And there are uizzes at the endShe has a blog on this topic which I discovered reading this book so I am delighted that I can continue First Impressions learning about such a fun topic This is a British review of the British editionAot of ink and paper has gone into books and articles about the differences between British and American English A ot of hot air has gone into complaining at east on this side of the Atlantic about the corruption of the Arctic Labyrinth language of Shakespeare and Milton by the depraved Almost invariably the result has been ill informed and inaccurateNot before time comes a book that treats the subject seriously by a writer who knows what she s talking about because she s an American professor ofinguistics at a British university and further has assimilated herself into British ife by marrying a British man and raising a British daughter For the ast twelve years as Lynneguist how The Color of Law (Scott Fenney lucky some people are whose names and occupations so readily make an apposite pun she s run the Separated by a Common Language blog which isn t she stresses part of her day job but has provided much material for this book along with meticulous research using the tools of the day job The only conclusion can be that It s Never That SimpleThose hated Americanisms for example turn out to have been in use in Englandong before Europeans arrived in America Or they never came from America in the first place train station which gets so many British people very agitated was in regular use in Hull when I Richistan lived there in the 1970s bu. An Americaninguist teaching in England explores the sibling rivalry between British and American English English accents are the sexiest Americans have ruined the English Swamplandia! language Such claims about the Englishanguage are often repeated but rarely examined Professor Lynne Murphy is on the ΜΥΣΤΙΚΗ ΟΡΓΑΝΩΣΗ ΑΡΚΑΝΟΥΜ linguistic frontine In The Prodigal Tongue she explores the fiction and re.