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Rfans is that this was a topic I didn t even realize I was interested in prior to readingDohrmann relies pretty heavily on Psychology professor Dan Wann whose research focuses on team identification Wann is oted describing how a few weeks into one of his college courses the class suddenly shifts from a gym class to a science class Each chapter of Superfans attempts to do just this detail an intriguing story of sports fandom and provide a scientific explanation for it no matter how ridiculous this detail an intriguing story of sports fandom and provide a scientific explanation for it no matter how ridiculous may seem on the surface Picturing a man donned in a banana costume going through a whirlwind of emotions as he discovers that another fan has stolen his idea is hilarious on its own but when Dohrmann ses The Anecdote As A Way To Examine Optimal Distinctiveness Vs anecdote as a way to examine optimal distinctiveness vs he provides a platform for nderstanding what oftentimes seems like nexplainable fan behavior There were chapters where the science seemed less than fully explored or relatively obvious but the stories themselves were amusing and enjoyable nevertheless Superfans is a great read for any diehard fan or someone who has always wondered why that group of guys thought it was a good idea to spell their team s name across their bare chests in below freezing temperature. At their television during the NBA Finals Superfans offers an entertaining across their bare chests in below freezing temperature. At their television during the NBA Finals Superfans offers an entertaining insightful exploration of the many ways human beings find meaning in something bigger than themselvesFeaturing photos of the Rally Banana Timber Jim the officers of the Viking World Order a pair of Kentucky Wildcats tattoos a Kevin Durant jersey torched by a jilted fan and Plus analysis of the Arizona State Sun Devils Chicago Bears Dallas Cowboys Green Bay Packers Indianapolis Colts Milwaukee Brewers Nebraska Cornhuskers New England Patriots Oklahoma City Thunder Philadelphia Eagles San Diego State Aztecs Seattle SeahawksWell reported and meticulously researched Dohrmann is a respected diligent sportswriter and has been so for years you don't get Pulitzers for message board posts The Wall Street Journal. Book ended with stories about Fans Of The MLS Portland of the MLS Portland one sweet and joyful one very very moving this smart breezy book looks at some extreme American sports fans and investigates the roots goals costs and benefits of their obsessive fandom Threaded throughout the book is the research of a jolly group of sports psychologists and sociologists we meet them playing mini golf the night before an academic conference whose scholarship illuminates the people and behavior Dohrmann writes about Dohrmann treats his subjects with honest warmth and compassion where other writers might see them as easy punchlines and he ses a masterful balance of academic research and his easy journalistic ability to show that these face painting costume wearing remote throwing obsessives painting costume wearing remote throwing obsessives by and large happier than non fans Enjoyable illuminating and a very snappy read with moments of both genuine hilarity and great moving emotion this was a much better book than I expected from its horrible horrible cover I was lucky enough to win an ARC through a Goodreads giveaway George Dohrmann s Superfans is a study of how meaningful sports and favorite sports teams can become in the lives of their fans Some people identify so closely with their. A Pulitzer Prize winning journalist pulls back the curtain on the extraordinary inner lives of America's most obsessive sports fansThere are fans and then there are fanatics In this wondrously immersive look at American sports fandom George Dohrmann travels the country to find out what distinguishes an ordinary everyday enthusiast from that special breed of supporter known as the superfan In Minnesota Dohrmann meets newly minted generals of the Viking World Order a Minnesota Vikings affinity group organized along military lines In Oregon he shares a few beers with a determined soccer fan who amassed almost singlehandedly a four thousand strong cheering section for the fledgling Portland Timbers In Illinois he talks with the parents of a five year old boy whose intense hatred of Tom.

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SuperfansFavorite team that their whole lives seem to r 60% of Americans identify as sports fans and if you re reading this review you probably count yourself among the ranks of athletic partisans Originally inspire This was another book that was a bit of a letdown Although I don t watch much in the way of sports myself popular psychology is a particular interest of mine and learning about why some other people are so into sports appealed to me Unfortunately the psychology in this one was extremely light To some extent this seems to be due to the limited amount of research that s been done The conclusions were all pretty basic things like people are invested in sports because who they root for becomes part of are invested in sports because who they root for becomes part of identity Even for the research the author described though we mostly got a punch line and little to no details of how the research study was set Lasers up There was one section on male vs fem We ve all probably witnessed fan behavior at some point that leavess shaking our heads In Superfans Dohrmann examines the psychology behind behavior that to the casual observer is at best Tethered to the World (A Phantom Touched uestionable He showss both the beauty and darkness that can result from what may seem to some as an obsession For me part of the fun of reading Supe. Brady went viral on YouTube Through these and other intimate profiles Dohrmann shows Bad Luck, Trouble, Death, and Vampire Sex us the human faces behind the colored face paint the real people inside the elaborate costumes who prowl the stands and parking lots at stadiums from coast to coastIn addition to the fans themselves Dohrmann also talks with the experts who study them Heses the latest thinking in sports psychology some of it learned during a spirited round of miniature golf with a group of professors at the annual Sports Psychology Forum to The Forked Tongue Revisited unravel the answers to such burningestions as How does fandom begin What are its effects on everyday life When does it go too farFor everyone who's ever body painted their torso with the team colors of their alma mater before heading off to a sports bar or even just screamed.