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So Far from the Sea g35 StarsReviewThis was the third and final book in the trilogy so even though I wasn t blown away by the first two I wanted to read this one because I wanted to know how everything would end especially after the way the second book endedIt was interesting seeing the fallout from the things that happened in Book 2 and I thought the plot was once again solid and unpredictable at times albeit pretty slow pacedAs for the characters their voices sounded a little stronger this time so that wasood But maybe because the first person POV didn t work for me and I never The Wolfs Healing Touch (Wolves of Stone Ridge got that invested in them in the earlier books I still didn t feel that much for them I didn t dislike them though they were still characters you could root forI waslad the disability stayed realistic through to the end since i was still concerned the end since I was still concerned might be cured with magic And Edie still had her scarsSo overall not a bad series it had some unpredictability and surprises that I appreciated and the plot was The Draft good but Iuess it wasn t uite for me since I never really felt much depth or emotion from the characters Anyone who likes plot focused books may enjoy it thoughRecommended ForFans of Books 1 and 2 in Erin Hayes s Harker Trilogy Anyone who likes urban fantasy vampires and unpredictable plots Original Review Metaphors and Moonlight sods I can t believe it s over Can we have a spin off series please I m not ready to say Bible Prophecy goodbye to these characters An ending that seriouslyenuinely had you wondering how it would be played out How it would be "Ok Again SLOILER ALERT " again SLOILER ALERT world was frankly a mess A disaster zone and dangerous to just live all thanks to Anthony Yes Edie and co are en route to try to Anthony Yes Edie and co are en route to try stop him but we know it s Yaratma Cesareti going to be hard And with the way the last book was the thoughtsoing thru your head are things like can she actually stop him Who else will be lost and the main thoughts of Amelia And Jude The near ending is almost heart breaking one of those for the The Astral Codex greateroodBUT IT S NOT uite how it ends completelyEdie did not have it easy in this tale She had a lot of weight plonked on her shoulders at a time when she hadn t been prepared as her sister was meant to be The Harker and pass it down to her child etc This starts off the whole jumble of nightmares that makes this trilogy a really Here There Be Witches great read Yes there s a lot of lossbut I don t think that s where the author wants you to lookThe relationship between Edie and Jude is the focal pointEdie is an exceptionally strong character And very much so for a female But she believes she mustn t have friends or anything else or the vamps can use them toet to her This is possibly her one flaw She s very stubborn when she ets a thought in her head It s not really until the last book she begins to understand she can accept help and not look weak her fe. The thrilling conclusion to The Harker TrilogyI'm finally free of my family's curseExcept now the world is ending FMLAnthony the vampire that killed my sister and my brother in law has won I've lost.

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Damned Either Way The Harker Trilogy #3

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Ho is willingly to take on the mantel A reat ending to a wonderful trilogy Ms #Hayes has built a believable cast of characters that the reader comes to care about #has built a believable cast of characters that the reader comes to care about she has wrapped up the story in a manner that leaves the reader satisfied Too many times it seems like an author ets to the end of a series gets to the end of a series then just throws something out there to bring it to an end Not in this caseAnthony has killed the Progenitor and taken his place turning the world into a horrible apocalyptic mess Vampires are running rampant with a fierce and uncontrollable hunger natural disasters are wiping out humankind and nobody seems to be able to stop itEdie is no longer The Harker and her vampire love Jude has left to avoid hurting her Edie s young niece Amelia is missing and probably being held by Anthony Will Edie and her cousin Carl along with another vampire hunter named Lorne be able to save the world and rescue AmeliaThis final book is full of pathos with sacrifices being made for the ood of others battle scenes between Vampires evil and soldiers Desert Rose and Her Highfalutin Hog good and a little romance I loved the way that Ms Hayes managed to wrap up the story in a way that leaves the reader satisfied Of course some of the charactersive the ultimate sacrifice as always happens in a war You will shed a few tears want to slap or kill the author and then cheer with triumph All in all a very enjoyable book and a wonderful trilogy If you love Urban Fantasy kick ass heroines doomed heroes and Vampires rab the first book and start reading You won t be disappointed OK I stumbled upon this series from an author I adore for her ability to do things out of nothing This has been a reat trip even though I was a little worried about how she would bring the Harker back from the destruction of the world Well she does it and we have a decent time making it there While the lost are found and remedies found answers are iven and options are taken with a few drastic measures in between Loads is sacrificed only to be received and things for the Harker are as they have been Yup it s worth the costs because this author is "good and reliable like that and this story is worth a readLove Carl and the " and reliable like that and this story is worth a readLove Carl and the that keep it real Love the build up and hate seeing it end but I love the way it ended Awesome sauce This has been one hell of a ride From a shopping trip with her sister to the Apocalypse I don t want to spoil the ending or ive too much away but all things considered I think this was the perfect ending to the series bon voyage my fictional character friends you Drawing Straws gave me several hours of entertainmentBTW the narrator Kristin James really brought her Aame to this book I thought she sounded reat on the first book the 2nd book I readso I don t know but this final book was just wonderful Kristin James is a narrator to search for. Ut it because I'm no longer the Harker Sure I'm not dying any but I'm barely living at this pointBut there may be one last chance to save us all If only I can find it in me to make one final sacrifi. ArThe characters are written very well They help you RETURN TO THE BOOK AND TO IMMERSE YOURSELF IN to the book and to immerse yourself in is essentially ArmageddonBut as I said I really did enjoy it The vampire Antony who killed my sister and her husband is currently in control of everything and I have nothing in comparison I can t find my niece Amelia Jude has run away to surrender the the hunger that is taking control of all the vampires across the world and I m no longer the Harker so can t fix any of it Can I find the courage to take the one last chance I have left to save us allOh WOW This is the last book in the Harker Trilogy and has everything looking hopeless before building up slowly to pull the threads together into a dramatic finale that then leaves you feeling both relieved and heartbroken Thank oodness for the Epilogue is all I can say about that I loved the story which was well "written and everything was clear and easy to understand I could " and everything was clear and easy to understand I could all the #Emotions Involved And Was #involved and was routing for them to succeed in the story I think the main thing I love about these books is the ties to family A lot of times there s a chosen one and while their friends may help them accomplish their Ethical Responsiveness and the Politics of Difference goals there s no family to do so Not the case here In all three books there was a major emphasis on family and keeping everyone safe sometimes failing and how they impact one another with their decisions The world has fallen into chaos and provided both an apocolypse and a war and Jude is lost in his blood lust but there is hope as the world destroys itself and it all comes back to the entire Harker clan which I loved Oh my God I don t want it to be over I just loved this series The family unit the love they had for each other Just about broke me when I thought Edie and Jude weren toing to have a life together but then they did She had to die but eh a small sacrifice lol Just the best Way to The scarecrow go Erin I couldn t put it down Just devoured it In the devastating finale of Damned if I Don t Anthony murdered The Progenitor and rejected the Void which resulted in chaos and destruction With the evil of the Void let loose vampires who had once lived peacefully with humans have submitted to their feral nature and uncontrollable thirst Jude also falls victim to the effects and is forced too on the run rather than hurt those he loves Despite being cured of the virus that was killing her Edie has lost her powers and is no longer The Harker To top it all Zhi and Maria are dead and to Edie s heartbreak Graeme succumbs to his horrific injuries sustained at the hands of Anthony and dies leaving Amelia to the his mercy With the help of Carl s Elizabeth Cady Stanton growing powers Edie is able to visit Meghan in the Void and discovers that Amelie is alive Meghan tells Edie that their only hope is to find a direct descendant of Anthony s Everything I no longer have my powers I have no idea where Amelia is And the vampire I love has surrendered to the hunger that is throwing the world into chaosThe worst part I can't do anything abo.

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