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High Tide at Midnight eG a woman or two along the way was goodnough for Nick #He was young a little shiftless and living for the moment When a #was young a little shiftless and living for the moment When a and bored housewife offered him sex and companionship he thought he was finally in love or as close to it as he could imagine because Vickie was special a wildcat in bed But the day she told him she was pregnant his imaginary world would begin to crumble and he would be the last to know when #It Crashed Vickie Walked # crashed Vickie walked leaving him with his newborn daughter no money no reliable job and no idea how to raise a childBen Burgess Jr s Daddy s Girl is the difficult journey to real manhood for one man that is filled with multiple failures successes and always the fear that no matter what he would never do right by his daughter To be honest I feared Nick would never become a true father myself as he continued to live his nightlife depending on others to care for his d A Fathers LoveWow Ben you ve done it again I give this book five stars all the way around The story held my attention from the first chapter The characters were realisticand really touched on topics that many try to avoid My favorite character was Reha I was hoping that the #Story Would Bring Her #would bring her happiness If I were to pick an audience for this book it would definitely be for young ladies living with they re father s alone Reading about the Education and Equality experience could bring some insight towards they re situation FOOLS character was real I know a lot of them And Hazel was a darn mess A 200am telephone call is all it takes to fully wake Nick Johnson The mother of his child Vickie De Luca has gone into labor one montharly and threatens to sign the baby over to the state if he is not there to prevent it Panicked and hungover Nick rushes to the hospital as fast as he can and is able to witness the birth of his daughter Lynn after receiving disgusted looks from the nurse at the disheveled Black man standing before her Nick had met Vickie while doing renovations for her mobster husband Frank and after catching Vickie mid I have read a few books by this author and he has never disappointed me This novel touched on many relatable real life issues Race identity illness love lust addiction sexuality abandonment sibling rivalry and parenting This story showed the growth of Nick from a self centered screw up to a responsible Man father and brother What I liked most about this book is that it touched on the subject of what happens when a mother leaves their child Eventhough it happens we rarely read about it in a book I laughed cursed and became Deceptive Beauties emotional at times I felt like I knew the characters The author also brought in some characters from past novels I always like that I m glad that Nick was a better man by thend of the book This book is EYECU Recommende. Sing Lynn force him to mature Can a single father with a challenging past teach his daughter to become a strong successful woman Will a Daddy's Girl raised primary by her father leave Lynn destined to fail from a lack of female guidanc.

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The synopsis definitely piued my attention but I honestly wasn t prepared for what was written This book hit on so many issues and motions This doesn t happen too often but I m at a loss of words and am unable to write this review in a manner that will give this book the justice it deservesDaddy s Girl delves so #much deeper than the daddy daughter relationship The content the pace the character development the flaws the conflict the #deeper than the daddy daughter relationship The content the pace the character development the flaws the conflict the the growth all were perfect This is by far Ben s best work to date An Emotional Rollercoaster That I Enjoyed I njoyed the realness that the author let fall out from his characters thoughts I felt that the main character NickFool s reaction to becoming a father were accurate and honest Parenthood is scary to be put plainly and I found myself identifying very uickly with his fear and feeling for him as he struggled throughout the book to become the father that his daughter Lynn deserved The way his life unraveled was Flavor and Soul entertaining and the books plot was filled with twists and turns that I did not see coming The author has a talent that most do not being able to tell a story that gave you justnough details to let your imagination run wild I njoyed the ups and downs that the author painted for Nick as he matured into a man including the long list of ill chosen women that he included in he and his daughters lives as well as the not so well thought out decisions that he made The female characters that were brought into into the story were Nick Johnson was a man with lots of flaws and it took him a little while to come to grips with all his demons In the story Nick had a baby with a woman who was married to a Mafioso Once Vickie had the baby she wanted to parts of the child Nick was left to care for himself and his baby girl Lynn The story took us through the struggles of a single man caring for a baby and his personal strife and family issues Nick s struggles with being responsible and always having to depend on his brother and sister in law financially and for shelter As Lynn grew and Nick fell further into his problems their relationship began to suffer Nick kept choosing women for comfort and allowing them to have a place ahead of his own child The Issues with his brother and sister in law always seemed to be nabling Nick rather than helping him The story took us from Lynn s birth through adulthood and the Forgery, Replica, Fiction emotional relationship between father and daughter A niceasy read AmazingChildren can change the direction in your life There is not a greater feeling then when you look into the yes of your baby the first time The love is instant and the feeling indescribable and all you want is to give that baby the world and forever protect him or her from all the wrongs in the worldWhen Nick start. ImageNick Johnson has always been an underachieving borderline alcoholic He soon finds himself in over his head when his affair with Vickie an unhappily married homemaker results in an accidental pregnancy Vickie abandons Nick leaving. Ed an affair with Vicky he never thought anything would come of it until she became pregnant A sort of drifter with no ambition for a future the birth of his daughter changes his life Vicky has no desire to be a mother and gladly hands the infant over to NickNow a single father the author takes us through Nicks struggles and also the deep bond that forms between Nick and his daughter This book is very well written and so motionally charged that one moment I was laughing the next I was crying I loved all the characters accept one Vicky As a mother myself I will never understand how a woman could walk away from a child they carried for no reason at all She was a selfish uncaring woman and I absolutely despised her Wow The first part of Daddy s Girl by Ben Burgess Jr is brutal I was really trying to give Nick the benefit of the doubt but for the love of God he couldn t make the right decisions to save his life The only good choice he made was keeping his beautiful baby girl Every woman he hooked up with was horrendous He consistently missed the signs that they didn t want his baby around that they were gold diggers or lazy heifers Will he Fluxus and the Essential Questions of Life ever grow upThis novel is anmotional roller coaster Told from different points of views all the characters Escape extremely complex you can t help but feel frustrated with them cry with them hope for them and sometimes smile with them This authors voice is very well received his writing style uniue There are sexual scenes but I feel that theynhance the storyline instead of straying away from it which is r Daddy s Girl was a great 5 star readNick meets Vicky and during their affair Vicky gets pregnant Not wanting #The Baby Vicky Threatens #baby Vicky threatens sign the baby away if Nick doesn t get to the hospital The way this little girl comes into the world and is shuffled like she s a burden ugh I have no wordsWe read about Nick s struggles as a single father and his still wanting to go out clubbing and being with other women As his daughter gets older we see their relationship develop of course being a natural child she has a ton of uestions Will Nick be able to answer them for herThere is so much to this great read This is my first read from Ben Burgess Jr and I loved it There are so many The Empty Chair emotions you willxperience while reading I had a hard time dealing with how a mother could up and leave her child So heartbreaking And some of the choices Nick made were not always great The secondary characters added a great lement to the story Also be prepared for an ugly cry towards the nd such a great story 1 click and get started today on this great story by Ben Burgess JrARC provided by author in xchange for an honest review Reviewed by MAustin from Alpha Book Club Just getting by drinking with his friends and findin. Him to raise their biracial daughter Lynn alone Overwhelmed by the difficulties of single fatherhood and seeking comfort and help for himself in that stressful journey Nick dates numerous women who will change his life forever Will rai. ,

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