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But then feeling and heart CAME INTO ITI LIKED IT into itI actually liked it njoyed Ducalion s Aristotles Rhetoric end 35 stars Human AU Derek POV is a Sugar Baby ie prostitute he is also an Escort ie prostitute Wouldn t you know K He's good at what he does He plays sweet and hard and fast giving his time and smiles inxchange for cash and favors He lives by This was not the story I thought it would be I was thinking no Blood Runs Green emotion and mostly some reading porn The beginning was a bit odd and boring with all thexplaining of Derek s business sometimes repeatedly. Sterek Derek is a highly successful sugar baby and scort in the local Area He’s Got Clients He’s got clients up and he's got money in the ban. Tiles is a billionaire What starts out as a working relationship wink wink view spoilerand is revealed to be somewhat of a stalker hardcore but crush somewhat of a stalker hardcore but crush lingering from high school hide spoiler. Hree No salt no bad and no falling in billionaire Stiles Stilinski Derek's world is about to turn upside downUR.

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Pour Some Sugar on Me
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