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The Shadow The Sun Militess Mage #1Shadow is eepest in the sunTrue to its billing this is a sword and sorcery fantasy wrapped around a romance In this case the sword is wielded by Militess Halina the illegitimate Desire Me More (Desire Me, daughter of a king who is sent to Shadow Mage Gethen s holding to secure his allegiance and assistance against aggression orchestrated by his brother the king of neighboring Besera Unbeknownst to the lady knight the kings and the killing winter are just puppets on a string held by a growing horror in the Void which is barely being contained by Gethen She arrives on the eave of hiseepest struggles with this emerging A Teachers Guide to American Tapestry dark magic and the wily mage strikes a bargain with the woman warrior to watch his back while he battles the entity He admired her just a little bit than he wanted to kill her The woman had a steel spine and she bend uite far before she broke The trick would be easing off before she snapped and stuck a knife in

himlocked together by 
together by blizzard in Gethen s half What Happens to Our Trash? destroyed castle the suspicious Halina and the scoffing Gethen hammer out theetails of their accord With just two retainers the place is isolated and it eventually becomes clear to Halina that the mage wasn t lying about his inability to contain the The Pursuit of Mary Bennet dark spirit in the Void As the two battle magical manifestations with physicaleadly intent they feel a burgeoning attraction As a general in her father s army she is attracted to the powerful mage who has the poise of a king and the control of a soldier In turn he is gratified and amazed at the bravery and fearlessness of this woman who Scandals and Secrets (Hearts Of Fire, doesn t begin to know how to submit to a foe even when coughing up blood My one criticism of this book is that the extended magical theatrics are often without reason The story between Gethen and Halina is one of mutual respect maturing into love and I felt it needed to be matched by a personal or political purpose for theark entity to manifest at that particular time and place Rather it is like Sauron expanding the Shooting for a Century doom of Mordor Too late there is a face and mythology put in place for the entity and even then it was related to power and not person Gethen and Halina spend considerable time in self recrimination worry and eventually battle when at times all I really wanted them too was get to a passionate clenchI think people who enjoy the works of Grace Draven will find The Shadow The Sun by Monica Enderle Pierce to be worthy of their time The romance isn t uite as I, Partridge deeply felt but the heroine is singularly wonderful She is unapologetic in her approach and confident in her abilities It iselightful to watch love sneak up on her 45 rounded to "5 Stars 355 4 "stars 355 4 fantasy story in the Sword and Sorcery style with a bit of romance thrown in This is a new to me author and I was glad to stumble across whilst Alternate cover edition of ASIN B01DV98SUAAmong the living or the Shadow of the Templar dead he’s never needed anything from anyoneShadow Mage Gethen is a powerful necromancer keeper of the border between the living and theead and brother to the king of Besera But with his ark powers failing and a vengeful entity attacking Gethen should be happy when a formidable lady knight appears at his gates He’s not The. S not just a war over trading salt but a war that was instigated by a Rime Witch who was released from her hold in the Void Gethen is a shadow mage whose powers are fading as he makes the transition from shadow mage to sun mage He has been the one person who s sole responsibility has been to keep the wraiths and Rime witch contained In The Void As His Magic Weakens His Protective Wards the void As his magic weakens his protective wards as well Unfortunately at the same time the Rime witch has been released On the same time the Rime witch has been released On of that his brother Zelal is threatening and emanding Gethen s aid to fight the war against his enemy AND Zelal s enemy is seeking Gethen s aid to fight Zelal It is when Halina appears at Gethen s keep to negotiate for his aid that the story beginsHalina is a fierce warrior and plans to either gain Gethen s aid or kill him The Rime witch has manipulated the weather causing Halina to be snowed in with Gethen and it is over these next few Buried Sins (The Three Sisters Inn, days she realizes that the Rime witch must beealt with first for she is everyones common enemy There is far involved in this tale then I have just Six Days in Leningrad described Too much to continue without re telling the entire story In short Gethen gains strenth through Halina they fall in love etcOverall a great tale with much magic and fightingMy criticisms1 I think Gethen s love for animals could have been played up Iidn t feel as much of an impact to his The Darkness devastation at seeing the theead animals in the Ballista as I should have Yes he was a vegetarian yes he refused to kill animals to absorb their power but there should have been to show his passion and connection with the animals2 Halina is a warrior and I like that but she could have been a little femine We know she loves Gethen but she never tells him Even after he Flyboy delcares his love for her sheoesn t say it She should have been shown to have passion for Gethen which would have made her connection to Gethen seem stronger powerful The author should realize that passion and love A Dark Sicilian Secret do not eual weakness A warrior woman need not be emotionless to be portrayed as strongOtherwise I really liked this story Both MC were sexually experienced Halina than Gethen Gethen s past was only rarely mentioned neveretailed and nothing than a passing thought Halina on the other hand was of a rake but only in the past not after meeting Gethen Finally It s good to see at least one author turn the tablesThere is only one etailed love scene towards the end But "AGAIN I WISHED THERE WAS ROMANCE PERHAPS IT WILL "I wished there was romance Perhaps it will in the next in the series I o hope so review to come on release Black Beech and Honeydew: An Autobiography day pre order now for 99 penniesI m starting to notice a theme Read a book by Monica Enderle Pierce give it 5 starsesperately wishing for the power to erase my memory of reading said book so I can read it again and experience it all over again for S never met a man she couldn’t command or crush Until nowPassion and power unexpectedly ignite when a blizzard traps Halina at Gethen's citadel With the evil entity’s onslaughts rapidly At the Italians Command deteriorating Gethen’s sorcery they have little time to understand their unexpected attraction But could their passion be the key toefeating an ancient enemy that’s hell bent on obliterating their wor. ,
Igging through Mara s bookshelves looking for something newThe events of the last "part of the book seemed a bit off in their timing maybe rushed "of the book seemed a bit off in their timing maybe rushed it was still a pretty good ending Really enjoyable fantasy romance that reminds me of Grace Draven s work Thanks to Mara for bringing this author to my attention I look forward to reading the next book in the series Buddy read with the MacHalo sisterhood The Shadow The Sun has all the things to make up a great story A storyline with magic and swords with a Oh Baby! dusting of spooky stuff and romance But yet there was something that held it back It felt like the author was hovering around As if she wanted me to hang out and enjoy the world and really get to know the characters The stallingidn t Her Rancher Hero (Saddlers Prairie, do it for me The MacHalos have already started the second book I m going to join them and give it a go If they weren toing a buddy read I probably wouldn t consider the second book at this moment 35 I so enjoyed this fantasy with its touch of romance its heroine and the romp through lands unknown The only con is that I could not find it completely compelling For how much I liked it and I The Maid of Lorne did my heart wasn t in my throat even at the worst times But I would suggest that youo read this book 34 They saved the world stars I took a gamble on this book because Grace Draven mentioned as it went up on and I really liked the cover then I was intrigued by the blurb Not I Swear It Wasn t Me They Made Me Do It Buddy Read ISIWMTMMDIBR with Elena and Margaux view spoilerand a whole bunch of Super Extra Rude MacHalo with Elena and Margaux view spoilerand a whole bunch of Super Extra Rude MacHalo SERMHI who shamelessly invaded Our Thread without being invited hide spoiler This was an unusual fantasy story in a lot of ways starting with Halina She s a capable respected military commander and warrior and openly not uite agg Spoilers most likelyGot this one for99 and what a elightful surprise it was to find how good this book wasThe writing is technically very good Little to no "editing issues Well eveloped characters and secondary characters as well as an "issues Well How to Become a Virgin developed characters and secondary characters as well as an that is not just purely evil but has a story behind them BravoI wouldefinately recommend this book to my friends This author s writing is certainly in league with Grace Draven as fantasy goes unfortunately she lacks Draven s romantic touchThe author is adept at world building and had logic and reason behind the magic and spell work she gave to the mages In short it was magical yet believableThis is not a cliffhanger there is an end a HEA thank goodness but it Dangerous Disguise (Cavanaugh Justice, does end so one need not continue with the series but I certainly plan toA brief summaryThere is a war brewing between two lands The feud between these once allied Kings started over a really simple and ridiculous reason Littleid either of the Kings realize that it wa. Price for her aid is steep his allegiance in a war against his brother In battle or in bed she’s never met a man she considered her matchMilitess Halina is undaunted by the threat of war between her country and neighboring Besera She earned her titles by shedding blood and breaking bones She uses her body to reward soldiers who serve her loyally and to punish those who The Bosss Baby Surprise don’t And Halina’.

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