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And wits You ll travel though magic lands with a cursed princess who s falling for a stable boy her funny and charming betrothed prince who s in love with another girl the stable boy with a gift for magic and forbidden love for with another girl the stable boy with a gift for magic and forbidden love for princess and his sister in law who at the same time is our princ I received a free digital copy from the authorpublisher via Netgalley in exchange for an honest feedbackIn A Stolen Kiss Maria the princess of Opea was cursed as a child by the sorceress Gilda Now Maria with the help of her maid Sarah Sarah s brother and stableboy Derric and her betrothed Humphrey set off on a mission to find Gilda and get the curse reversed This ends up in ad adventure full of secrets to be revealed magical creatures like centaurs and shapeshifters plus one epic showdown with an evil sorcererThis was what it says on the tin a fluffy fun romantic fairytale Most of the story was fairly predictable but it was easy to read and fun while it lasted I enjoyed most of the characters who were all generally honest and good people I liked the bromance between Derric and Humphrey and the fact that Humphrey wasn t a cliche preening poncey Prince though I did vomit every time he said Mumsy but someone with a good heart and a firly good head on his shoulders I would say that the writing was certainly not the best I d ever read and the dialogue did suffer a bit from the too much being said all the time thing which ends up in it sounding very forced and unrealistic in my view Some of the rules about the magic

and the curses 
the curses a bit confusing at times for me as well but I did enjoy the threads of magic Derric found and how he could use them and how they responded But for a debut novel this was a good one and I d recommend it for anyone looking for a princessfairytale read On Hold for now because my kindle is doing something where all my books either are there or disappear I don t like to stop reading for a week Edit 5 26 16 I enjoyed this book and I want to thank NetGalley for graciously sharing this with me for an honest review Thank ouA peasant with brains goes on a uest with a girl in this adventure of a story They work together to help a kingdom and I really enjoyed their characteristicsthe charactersTake the journey and give this a try It s a nice light novel read355 stars Lessened the stress for a big test Thanks to Netgalley and Pikko s House for giving me this book to reviewA Stolen Kiss is a nice light YA fantasy book which has a Fairytale like plot It is fast paced with a magical uest and a sweet romance However it is also predictable and a bit forgettable Apart from Derric the characters were not that interesting and felt flat Maria is a kind character who grows in independence Derric is the most interesting character as he is selfless clever and complex and during the book grows in confidence This is an enjoyable and I am looking forward to reading the next book A Stolen Crown I would recommend A Stolen Kiss to fans of Young Adult fairytales This and my other reviews can be found at Amethyst Bookwyr. Hem Reaching their destination won't be easy but the true danger peril in the truths they've fought for ears to keep hiddenA Stolen Kiss is the first in the Stolen Royals Series an adventure with magical creatures dangerous lies and being true to the power withi. E me I liked the characters I cared about what happened to them I enjoyed the world and seeing the new creatures The epilogue wasn t actually that bad it wrapped things up well and I feel wholly satisfied I m confused at what the seuel is going to be about but I ll be reading it anyway What a fun ride What I thought was going to be a light amusing predictable fairy tale romance turned out to be an exciting complex and fun coming of age story with amusing and entertaining characters packed full of surprises age story with amusing and entertaining characters packed full of surprises 4 main characters are fun interesting diverse all experience personal growth and all main characters are fun interesting diverse all experience personal growth and all integral to the story s charm The supporting characters are also appealing each in hisher own way I liked following Derric s coming of age story watching his rising confidence his acceptance of his power and his recognition of his capabilities But also Maria and Sarah grow braver stronger and become independent Humphrey is for me the most entertaining character He s brave he s understanding he s open minded he s funny and he s loyal All four of the main characters are heroes in my book view spoilerMaria attacks and Humphrey kills the beornach both exhibiting great bravery Maria Humphrey and Sarah all work together to get Derric the cure Sarah stands up to and threatens the centaurs and later returns with Humphrey to help Derric combat his father The Great One does all kinds of great things including taking down the evil wizard hide spoiler Received from Swanifide PublishingReceived Via NetGalleycom THE REVIEWWhy this bookIt seemed like a book for meWhat I thoughtThis book was wonderful This fairytale adventure was filled with likable characters magic magical creatures and little plot twists I liked the character development and the world building was excellent You can tell that many other fairytales inspired this like The Swan Princess etc It was a fun read from the beginning to the end I enjoyed it immensely When I just saw this book on Netgalley I thought that it will be really fun and amazing but unfortunately it wasn t To be honest I didn t love the characters but I didn t hate them I didn t care Then the story was kind of slow and I just wasn t interested and I didn t want to continue on with this book I am really sorry that I haven t finished but I m sure that it will take me forever and I just don t have any interest By what I ve seen how other people have reviewed it I just feel bad for not liking this book Edit I just discovered this thing lost part of the content section frowns at Goodreads so I just added it back on Okay I want to start my review by saying that when I started this story I posted an update saying I thought this might be a retelling of the Swan Princess However now that I have both finished the book and researched Swan PrincessSwan Lake I realizes this is NOT a rete 55 out of 10 This is a Disney like story about mature characters inside a fairytale ish world with fairytale ish stuff which is told from different POVs has a few twists one is predictable one is not and is rich with humor. EWith the help of a lady's maid and a prince Derric and Maria embark on a dangerous adventure to find the sorceress who cast the curse Along the way they battle deadly creatures and make new friends all the while struggling with the undeniable chemistry between

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This was a uick cute innocent read This fairytale story was different from what I expected I enjoy so much seeing characters grow
and this happened 
this happened every one of them Granted we didn t go that deep into their thoughts and who they are but ou learn to care for them as the book goes on The plot was interesting enough All the Devils are Here you can guess the big reveals I mean it s a fairytale Anyways it isn t an iconic book that I ll spend hours obsessing over and I probably won t think much of it in the future but I enjoyed reading it 35 stars Review copy provided by Swanifide Publishing for an honest reviewIfou adored The Potion Diaries then I ve found ou re next love You re welcome No but seriously this book and The Potion Diaries share a similar writing style and both follow friends on a magical uest plotlines The relationships and characterization is also similar and both books deal with royalty The one major difference is that A Stolen Kiss is set in a traditional fantasy world than The Potion Diaries and I think this is where it loss some of its appeal to me The Potion Diaries is set in a modern magical world than A Stolen Kiss so it felt uniue and different to books that I ve read before A Stolen Kiss was can I say traditional again I think I ve said it already but it followed a plotline that didn t feel nearly as uniue I m avoiding the word cliched here because I didn t think it was cliched necessarily just not that different either I think I m rambling now so moving onI loved how fairytale like the story was It had the most whimsical of writing styles and was fun imaginative and easy to breeze through But it was also a little simple Okay that s a bit harsh What I mean is that while the storyline was engaging and even threw me a little at times with all its twists and turns the action was never really that thrilling or gripping The baddies always got away a little too easily The convenience of DerricDaniel s magic was just that convenient The good guys were always going to win There was no urgency to the action or doubt And I think that made the story feel a little half hearted at times I never felt the emotional pull of The Uest That We uest that we truly lose one of the characters or have something awful happen I never felt that panic and I really wanted to The relationships in this book like a lot of middle grade books were also the case of insta bonding Yes that s a word I just made up Bu what it mean is that everyone seemed to become best friends super close friends within days of meeting each other I get stressful situations and near death experiences are great bonding opportunities but Humphrey and DanielDerric s friendship while never feeling fake was too easy Maybe I m just a grumpy old lady at heart but spending time with someone before declaring them our bestie to me is uite important And the romance suffered from this too Maria and DerricDaniel felt inevitable so I could never really get on board there romance There wasn t much chemistry or tension between them With all the being said the story truly did amus. A stolen kiss An unstable curse One big mess in the makingDerric Harver never expected to amount to anything than the palace stableboy but when Princess Maria's curse keeps her from accepting a prince's proposal she turns to him for help and he doesn't dare refus. ,
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