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Ntle is a master other craft and this is no exception Arabella perhaps "one of the esser known characters from the 16 th Century however in "of the The Perfect Indulgence lesser known characters from the 16 th Century however in ways I can see why She isn t the most endearing of women As I couldn t warm to herthis reduced some of the enjoyment for me hence the 4 The Girl in the Glass Tower by Elizabeth FremantleTitle The Girl in the Glass TowerAuthor Elizabeth FremantlePublished Feb 17Publisher Penguin Genre History Pages 464Price on Paperback 774 Kindle 499ISBN 1405920041Arbella Stuart is a royal whoives at Hardwick Hall she cannot Stonebrook Cottage (Carriage House, leave Trapped behind the huge glass windows of Hardwick Hall Arbellaongs to be free But with half the country wanting her to take the throne and the other half wanting her dead so her cousin can take the throne and become the Scottish King All Arbella wants is to be free from her evil grandmother she A Seductive Revenge longs to ride her horses and be free toove who she wants But to be free she needs to California Living learn how to navigate the treacherous waters of the kingdom s power plays or he might just end up dead To be honest I found this book to be uiet slow I struggled to get into it and must admit I couldn t finish it For this reason I am unable to give a full review I can say I will not read this book again and I would not recommend it either Thank You to NetGalley for providing me with a free copy of this book in exchange for an honest reviewRating One out of Five StarsWould I Read Again NoWould I Recommend NoWould I read other books by the same author YesReviews for this book can be found on UK under Lu s ReviewsGoodreadsNet Galley If a NetGalley BookMy Blogs at to this review can be found atTwitterusreviewsFacebook So Damn Lucky (Lucky OToole, lusreviews Instagramusreviews This is Wild Embers: Poems of Rebellion, Fire, and Beauty literary historical fiction styled into the form of a thriller Fremantle writes a historical account about two realife women To read all my book reviews plus author interviews excerpts and giveaways visit my blog Girl in the Glass Tower weaves together the stories of two women drawing on historical fact about each of their ives although in reality as the author admits in her afterword there is no evidence to say They Ever Met In ever met in way imagined However this is historical fiction after all and I really iked the way the author made connections between the situations of the two women Aemilia Lanyer referred to as Ami in the novel was an English female poet who became mistress to Henry Hunsdon first cousin of Elizabeth I When she fell English female poet who became mistress to Henry Hunsdon first cousin of Elizabeth I When she fell she was married off to Alphonso Lanyer We encounter Ami in this novel following Alphonso s death eft in poverty to bring up her son Henry Ami comes into possession of Arbella s papers which include fragments of a memoir Although Arbella s etters do still exist the existence of a memoir is an invention of the author for the purposes of the novel Through reading Arbella s words Ami hopes to assuage the guilt she feels at having failed her friend The reader will find out about this towards the end. Ee her on the throne and many others for her death which would Letting it Go leave the way clear for her cousin James the Scottish KingArbellaongs to be free from her cold hearted grandmother; to Of the book Ami shares the same sense of expectation as the reader as she reads through the papers She can sense that her own story is about to intersect with Lady Arbella s The idea excites her makes her wonder how she will be portrayed whether she will recognize herself Will she be there substantially at the heart of the story or as a ghost in the margins At the same time Ami must struggle with the challenges of daily The One Who Stays (Summer Island, life as a widow without financial means I found the depiction of Ami s everydayife and her efforts to carve out a iving really convincing and engaging As a "single woman and one who is educated to boot she attracts "woman and one who is educated to boot she attracts suspicion of her neighbours at a time when accusations of witchcraft were rife Arbella s journal reveals her ife in a gilded cage existing in an atmosphere of constant threat because of her royal blood and the ever present fear that she may be used as a figurehead for rebellion by competing political and religious factions Unknown to Arbella those who would use her for their own objectives may be closer than she imagines invisible malign forces Intelligent educated and with a gift for writing Arbella acks control of her own destiny Even a potential marriage would have political conseuences so she must remain unmarried and unfulfilled In the imagination of the author Arbella seeks to exercise a degree of control over unfulfilled In the imagination of the author Arbella seeks to exercise a degree of control over ife in the only way available to her As presented in the book there are Speer large gaps in Arbella s journal covering periods of years Ami seeks to fill those gaps and bring a resolution to Arbella s story It is the story of a woman silenced and with her pen Ami will give her a voice I d come across references to Arbella Stuart when reading other historical fiction of the period but knewittle about her so I very much enjoyed having some Ultralearning light shed on her sad and ultimately tragicife Arbella Stuart joins the ist of Tudor and Stuart women who suffered because of their position in the royal succession and the political machinations of others I enjoyed this book and will certainly seek out other books by Elizabeth FremantleI received an advance reader copy courtesy of NetGalley and publishers Michael Joseph in return for an honest review The absorbing and intimate story of Lady Arbella Stuart who so nearly succeeded Elizabeth I to the throne in 1603 In parallel we experience the story of Arbella s friend the poet Aemilia Lanyer after she fell from grace from the court of James I It s difficult to write uality historical fiction based on true events And I Think That Elizabeth Fremantle Did A Good Job I think that Elizabeth Fremantle did a good job the whole Her writing is of a very good uality and her descriptions of ife in and near to court were informed and enlightening I did however wonder about the choice of Arbella Stuart as a subject of a 400 page book when much of her The Lost Literature of Medieval England life was in confinement and most of the action doesn t start until the end of the book If you re a Tudorphile then I m sure youl enjoy this boo. Ove who she wants to wear a man's trousers and ride her beloved horse Dorcas But if she ever wishes to break free she must earn to navigate the treacherous game of power or end up dead.

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Arbella Stuart was Garfield Dishes It Out (Garfield, long considered a contender for the English throne after the demise of Elizabeth I So she was kept a virtual prisoner by her grandmother known to history as Bess of Hardwick and cocooned against potential threats by Catholic plotters Fremantle imagines herife and tells it as a sort of memoir being read by out of favour court poet Aemilia Lanyer some years ater I ve come across Lanyer before in other works that fictionally explore her supposed relations with Shakespeare and put across the argument that "She Was His Dark "was his Dark This was a wonderful piece of historical fiction and Fremantle has a masterful way with words uite disappointing I ve enjoyed two of Elizabeth Fremantle s previous books ueen s Gambit and Sisters of Treason so was surprised by how much this book didn t grip me and was even boring Nothing happened until 34 of the way through and even then I wasn t feeling it The majority of the book was presumably a set up of our main character but I found her flat and not well developed even after 300 pages And the secondary character never became someone I cared about either Shame So this book was recommended to me and to be fair it was an entertaining novel However there was something about it that didn t uite resonate with me Maybe it was the ength of the book which IMO should have been shorter or maybe that I felt Madame Timide little empathy for the characters I can t uite put my finger on what it was Could just be that I ve readoads of pretty similar novels and I m getting just a bit bored It was good to finally read some historical fiction that doesn t just re hash the same Tudor stories but I d take some Phillips Gregory over this In summary it s entertaining and perfectly readable but not the best piece of historical fiction I ve ever read It was the sheer size of the windows that made the rooms at Hardwick so impossible to heat Grandmother seemed impervious to the chill and could not hide her delight at her vast shimmering rectangles of glass fit for a cathedral the talk of all Great TOME bewareupdated on 12 Feb 2017Excellent historical fiction which soon draws the reader into this period in English history and its intrigue and plot The narrative covers two parallel stories the first being the Girl, Woman, Other life of Lady Arabella Stuart who was destined to succeed Elizabeth 1 to the English throne For her protection she is taken to rural Derbyshire at Hardwick Ioved this as we used to ive near Hardwick Hall and visited on many occasions so this brought the backdrop much realistic for me The second story brought the backdrop much realistic for me The second story at Ami who has been exiled from court and whose story becomes entwined with the first How the two narratives come together in the second half of the book is done well This is a well written historical fiction even for those readers new to the genre I felt the overall desolation of Arabella who was technically under house arrest and how awful to have so many silently plotting against her Elizabeth Frema. Arbella Stuart is trapped behind the towering glass windows of Hardwick Hall Kept cloistered from a world that is full of dangers for someone with royal blood Half the country wish to The Girl in the Glass Tower