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Shadow (New Species, eLoved it back then Now Not so sure about the cruelness in finding happiness in hunting gorillas Excellent morally upright thought provoking and amusing read Though betternjoyed after reading The Coral Island The Gorilla Hunters can be read by itself with no trouble The only possible objections to this book is that there is some violence many people get killed It is not graphic however or very disturbing A new favorite book of mine I would give it a 9 out of 10 Coyer Summer BashThis novel is about a group of British men that go. In this xciting seuel to The Coral Island RM Ballantyne continues the story of Ralph Rover Jack "Martin and Peterkin Gay who after their return to England for rest "and Peterkin Gay who after their return to England for rest their "SOUTH SEAS ADVENTURES ARE NOW INTENT ON JOINING "Seas adventures are now intent on the hu. He d write a story "about what teenage boys would really be like if they found themselves stranded on a "what teenage boys would really be like if they found themselves stranded on a islandMy library had trouble getting a copy the first

"one arrived in "
arrived in poor condition that they sent it back and reuested something from another library It took so long I was long past reading both the Ballantyne titles but I felt obligated to skim read it since I had reuested it p Finished That Today 11019 Since The today 11019 since the is due back tomorrow but backing up the date to Dec 31 because this is a 2018 book for me not a 2019. Ralph is “hugged” by a gorilla Upon their return to England a newfound tribal warrior King Jambai sends back their numerous boxes of hunting trophies Find out how their xcursion concludes and if they all survive the African journe. ,

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To Africa to see gorillas Their is an arrogance to all the interactions with the natives An interesting read I read this seuel to The Coral Island on kindle review here having already reuested a physical copy from my library s interlibrary loan program I wanted to read an old dition because I wanted to see what the books may have been like when William Golding author of The Lord of the Flies read them as a boy The Coral Island was one of his favorite books as a kid as a grownup he wrote "LOTF Sort Of In "sort of in to that book he said. Nters in Africa for a journey into the anterior of the Dark ContinentIn the course of their safari adventures they fight with savages hunt lephants and gorillas and visit native tribes Peterkin Gets Thrown By A Wild African Buffalo And. gets thrown by a wild African buffalo and. ,
The Gorilla Hunters

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