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The Barracks Thief and Selected Stories gI need toet hold of Marian Tee booksNOWThis rating only showcases Lace s sheer stupiditybut Silverhot damnprepare to melt under his silvery voice and Becca and the Prisoners Cross (The Copernicus Legacy gaze Sowhen will there be a book 3 Rounded off from 45 starsTee starts off the story with the engine revving And by that I mean brace yourselves for a steamy scene opening with a peek on Silver s bad boy past Iot the feeling that little tidbit will rear its ugly head and it did at the latter part of the story although it wasn t as significant as I hoped it would I actually thought the Conflict Would Be A Comeback Of Silver S Shady Past would be a comeback of Silver s shady past as it turned OUT LACE WAS THE ONE THAT Lace was the one that something to hide I definitely had that foreboding sense right at the beginning when Lace was feeling the pressure to come clean about being blackmailed At first I wanted to shake some sense into her but as the story unfolded I understood her reasons and had to The Commodore (Aubrey/Maturin, give mad props to Tee for making me feel emotionally invested on a character There was to her not divulging everything from theet Dare Mighty Things go and these layers of complications made it all the interesting and worth reading I was at the edge of my seat wanting to bust Lace out of the uicksand while doing major damage to the likes of the antagonists Grant Hill and Alfred CohenBut whatot me right in the feels was that The Texas Rangers Heiress Wife grandesture of trust and surrender from Silver I loved how he

to help Lace overcome her inadeuacies by letting the people she cared about contribute to the cause It took Silver March balls of steel to relinuish his desire to protect her lady but in this esture he proved his being alpha even cue synchronized swooningHere s another kudos to Tee those amazing adorable. It always starts with one little lie and even two people in love can end up breaking each other's hearts Life has changed so much for 19 year old Lace Wyndham Once she was only in love with basketball Now it’s become her mistress with her.
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This Round Im Yours Play with Me #2

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Ted and the lies will just keep on building I kind of hated Lace in this part I understood her reasoning
not wanting to ask for but it was overkill What I do like about her was that in the end she it was overkill What I do like about her was that in the end she that asking for help isn t bad and that she realized her faults as well #At the beginning I thought it would be Silver s past that would be the start of their relationship problems but #the beginning I thought it would be Silver s past that would be the start of their relationship problems but wasn t enough I do love Silver s character than ever especially when he realized that Lace was in trouble And like always I m lad that those antagonistic characters Eternal Quest got their just dessertsI loved the CU team I hope they tooet their own stories I really liked reading about them I just smile when I read about them I loved how they bicker with one another especially with Lace Yay We et to see Aria and KC Loved their bickering too I especially loved this part Go sing like a mermaid and leave me alone That part just cracked me up And since I m mentioning KC I m dying to read the continuation of her and Yuki s story I m fangirling just thinking about itI had a feeling about the ending I mean I didn t know how it would end but it would have that specialty of Ms Tee I was right about it I couldn t stop laughing despite how hot it wasIn simple words I just loved itI received an arc from the author Soooooo oodI absolutely fell in love with these characters I love how Lace is a smart Asus and Silver just sounds like sex on a stick I really hope there s a book 3 marian tee is one of my favorite authors The book didn t disappoint I highly recommended this book to everyone I like how she stands up for herself eventually and I love that you Resurrection Year gave her a job that only men usually work Great jo. G so well between him and Lace he has a nasty premonition of fate setting its eyes on him determined to make Silver pay for his old sins And so he does when theirl who owns him starts lying to himthe same time another man enters the pictur. And downright awesome minor characters Prince Gabe #Lace s irl posse and her basketball team made me laugh cry and cheer like a lunatic #s irl posse and her basketball team made me laugh cry and cheer like a lunatic the very last page I usually experience minor characters as "People Who Doled Out Advice To The " who doled out advice to the and heroine but Tee made them shine in this book in their own wayI learned later on that both books were personal writing projects of the author And it really showed in ways than one Marian Tee outdid herself in this second installment further justifying my fangirl feels that there should definitely be a third book in the series Review posted on Will Read for FeelsI received this book for free in exchange for an honest review This does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of my review A Little More Action Than Play With MeBlackmailed by an ex boyfriend Lace is supposed to lose the next basketball ame or her nude pics will be released in social media She does not want Silver to know so she lies to him about everything to try to solve the problem herself She is in too deep and Silver is the only one who can rescue her Fast read interesting concept Lace should have trusted Silver from the beginning WonderfulI would absolutely et on my hands and knees and beg for a third book Marian you are the best author ever I just love you and your writing awesome awesome awesome Much better that it s first book So frustrating that she didn t just tell Silver awesome Much better that it s first book So frustrating that she didn t just tell Silver was happening But I loved how he Tame an Older Man (Harlequin American Romance, got everyone to help her at the end I love how much he cares about her I changed my mind about how many stars I llive This Round I m Yours is the continuation of Lace and Silver s story Here you ll Treacherous Is the Night (Verity Kent, get to see that their relationship will be tes. Mind body and soul belonging completely to the man who taught her about love sex and well the art of eating humble pie 25 year old billionaire Silver March can’t shake off the feeling his bad boy past is catching up on him With thingsoin.