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The Scandalous Secret of Abigail MacGregorMy favourite of all of Paula uinn s books A Royal Summons The MacGregors still roscribed by England receive word from Her Royal Highness Davina MacGregor A Royal Summons The MacGregors still roscribed by England receive word from Her Royal Highness Davina MacGregor to come to St James Palace for a meet greet The General Daniel Marlow ueen Anne s highest ranking officer and closest Pirateship Down (Sentinels of New Orleans person to her heart Known as the Jacobite Killer he was taxed with the job of escorting Abigail MacGregor from the Highlands of Scotland to thealace He didn t really want to go for her until the night before he actually left The Jacobite Lass Second born of the Laird but determined to be The Next Laird Of The next Laird of the MacGregor Abigail is as stubborn as her father if not so When the summons comes the decision is final at least in her mind She is going in her mother s lace Period The ueen Lonely untrusting failing health Anne hashad one friend Charlotte She has one man she trusts Daniel He is like a son to her Her cousin Richard Montagushe has to be able to trust him he s family even though she doesn t like him much The Biterrr the mean one Charlotte Adler once a close friend and confidant to the ueen now Not so much The snake in the grass likes to make it appear as though nothing has changed but really almost anyone could see that she has an allegiance to herself only The Villain Richard Montaguis he really the villain He really isor is he I guess you ll have to read the book to find out A murder a kidnapping and assassination attempt I ll leave that to you to figure out who was murdered kidnapped and assassinatedor attempted The MacGregors They are out in force from Callum on down to Adam I believe nothing else needs to be said on that subject swoon Tristan My Knight In Shining Armor I have missed him so much and he lays such a Aztlan pivotalart I admit I re read his arts robably 3 or 4 times just so I could spend time with him Colin My knees go weak when I even think about this man I know you Paris Encore (Zion Covenant, probably think he is just a character in a bookhe isn t to me He is a man who lived in the 1700 s in Scotlandbut I digress Colinlayed a very important roll too Isn t it amazing that my two very favorite characters would Boyfriends from Hell play such important roles in this book I myself am over the moon Ill fated Romance The Jacobite Killer and the Jacobite Lassoh we know they shouldn t be together they areolar opposites with such undeniable chemistry from the moment their eyes meet When Paula uinn works her literary magic on these two amazing things happen and we as readers reap the benefits She weaves an intricate story adding history with fiction inviting us in and I ll be honest I don t want to leave If ever there was a book to Battered Not Broken purchase this is it The Scandalous Secret of Abigail MacGregor will be one of those books I will read over and over I adore Paula srotective heroes I love her strong and independent heroines and I love it when they clash and love Thank you Paula for sharing your wonderful mind with us Until Next Timexxoo Terree The Scandalous Secret of Abigail MacGregor is the third book in The MacGregors The Highland Heirs series by Paula uinn Although it s What Ive Become (The Humanity Within Book 1) part of a series the book is easily read as a stand alone oneAbigail MacGregor is the daughter to the true heir to the throne of England Her mother Davina is the eldest daughter of the king and therefore she should be on the throne rather than her Anne BUT most of the world doesn t know about Davina which is just how she likes it as she is than happy married to her highlander and living far from thealace and royal life It comes to the attention of Anne that Davina is alive and she writes to her demanding that she attend her at the The Contemporaries palace Not sure if it would be a trap so that Anne could kill her and any threat to her throne the MacGregors as a whole decide that Davina must not travel She has also been terribly unwell and isn t fit for the journey anyway Abigail wanting torevent the ueen s army attacking her clan because of her mother not attending Anne decides to journey in her stead She wants to convince Anne that her mother has no desire to take on the throne and as a Catholic she couldn t even if she did want to The ueen is happy to accept Abigail s offer and sends her best man to escort her to her as uickly as UML Weekend Crash Course [With CDROM] possibleGeneral Daniel Marlow is head of the few men that travel to fetch Abigail He is the ueen s best man and is known for being the Jacobite Slayer Unfortunately Abigail and her family are Jacobites so she despises him on first site as he despises her and her family for what he sees as their betrayal to the ueen He doesn t know that Abigail is the ueen s niece He just knows he has to do his job and make sure she reaches Anne safelyDuring the journey which is filled with all sorts of trials Daniel and Abigail admit if only. A LADY'S MISSION Known for her beauty and boldness Abigail MacGregor mustreserve her clan's dangerous secret that her mother is the true heir to the English Crown If the wrong Steampunk Erotica people find out it will mean war for her beloved Scotland To keepeace she embarks for London unprepared for the. To themselves that they are fascinated with each other and there is some strong sexual attraction there that they both won t give into because of her being a Jacobite and him being the slayer The story that follows is not only one where we learn of the increasing feelings between the couple but there is also treachery afoot lans for Anne s death Daniel s death Indulge (Warm Delicacy, plans for abducting Abigail and all sorts of secrets not least being Daniel s truearentage It really is an exciting story with a lot going on It was an intriguing read never boring and the assionate scenes between our hero and heroine are beautifully written There are twists galore in this book and it really made it a leasure to read Paula galore in this book and it really made it a Kirkland Revels pleasure to read Paula is uickly becoming a favourite author of mine and I fully recommend this bookI was given a complimentary copy of this book in exchange for my honest review5 Stars Lovers of Scottish romances will be captivated OMG What an amazing Scottish historical romance to devour I could notut it down A real To Him Who Sits on the Throne page turner Fastaced with a lot that keeps you wanting to know I love this series The MacGregors Highland The Scandalous Secret of Abigail MacGregorPaula uinnThe MacGregor Highland Heir SeriesHistorical RomanceReview Abigail s family has a secret that could see them all at death s door if anyone found out Her mom is the real heir to the throne but she wants nothing to do with the crown Unfortunately her sister ueen Anne has learned of her and has demanded that she come to England or have an army show up at their door With her mom being too frail to travel Abigail decides to take her lace She is hoping her aunt will be Youth, Beautiful Youth persuaded to leave her family alone to do as theylease so she can come home and someday become chief of her clan Of course that was before she met Captain Daniel Marlow the ueen s right hand man and fell hard Daniel does not want to be escorting a Jacobite Highland lass to the ueen but he always does as he is told Even after learning that Anne has been hiding a huge secret from him all of his life and with a sycho woman doing whatever she can to insure she is the one in his bed he wants nothing to with women but will he be able to refuse Abigail anything I truly enjoyed this story Both Abigail and Daniel were so likeable and they show that the old saying opposites attract is very true These two could not be different but their attraction to each other burns hot retty much from the moment they meet Then as trouble after trouble is thrown at them they just become closer I love how even though they are attracted to each other their romance is real They fight and argue a lot but they cannot stay away from each other even though they lead very different lives I love Abigail She is brave loyal and smart She will do whatever she has to to Fault Lines protect her family even if it meansutting her own life on the line She also knows what she wants and that is to be her clan s chief even after meeting and falling in love with Daniel Plus no matter what danger she finds herself in she doesn t just give up or cower in fear instead she fights Daniel is many girls dream guy All of the women at court fawn all over him but from a distance He is the brooding type and even though he does not want her he has been labeled as belonging to Lady Charlotte Daniel refuses to have any lovers because in the Hunt for 901 past bad things have happened to theoor women who he was with Unfortunately without Chasing After Infinity proof he cannot stop Lady Charlotte This makes loving Abigail a hazard to her and is one reason he tries so hard to deny his feeling I have to say though my favorite character was the ueen At first I felt so bad for her She lost everyone she loved besides Daniel To top it off everyone is out to betray her except for Daniel That would be a hard life to live Even so as the storyrogresses we get to see the ueen liven up and start to enjoy life I feel her character grew as much as Daniel and Abigail did I recommend this story to lovers of historical romances The relationship between Abigail and Daniel will keep you reading to see if they will Morir por un iPhone - Apple, Foxconn y las luchas de los trabajadores en China put aside their differences to be togetherI received a free ecopy of this book from Netgalley for my honest opinion I received a free copy of this book via NetGalley Before I say anything else about this book I just want to state emphatically for the record that I finished reading this a couple of days ago and I M STILL THINKING ABOUT IT This is the first book I have read by uinn but now I am making it aoint to add all of her other titles to my To Be Read TBR ileWhen I first started reading this book I didn t know how I felt about Abigail Perhaps it s my lack of knowledge about the customs and traditions of Jacobite era highlanders but I ha. Treachery that awaits especially from her wickedly handsome escort He is the enemy but his slow sensuous kisses entice her beyond reason A WARRIOR'S TEMPTATION General Daniel Marlow loyal knight and the kingdom's most desirable hero would rather be on the battlefield than transporting a spoi. Dn t thought that a woman could become the clan s "chief That Abby states often that is her lan at first I thought she was being really naive and that she "That Abby states often that is her lan at first I thought she was being really naive and that she be one of those characters who lives in a bubble of her own that is so far removed from reality that you don t know where she actually is Again that could be my own naivety about the era but it just read really young to me In fact I spent the first several chapters wondering how old Abby was Sometimes she sounded like several chapters wondering how old Abby was Sometimes she sounded like 14 year old and other times she was a smart woman in full control of her mind and was a smart woman in full control of her mind and direction her life was taking her When she was that character I was fully enthralledClick here to read the rest of my review at Rebecca Writes She s done it again Paula has given us another book that I got lost in and had a hard time utting down It was another fabulous blend of history family and romance I really loved the chemistry and respect between Abigail and DanielAbigail is another fierce fabulous female character I love that she Originally Reviewed For Bodice Rippers Femme Fatales and FantasyThe turbulent history of Scotland remains one of the few historical sub genres that gets written aside from the English Regency Era it seems that the only other time in history we get to read about is the Scottish Highlands and their forever struggle for freedom Just like I disliked the Cast On, Bets Off plot line repetitive story s dragged instaloveI liked enemies turned lovers concept banters and conversations between Hh Hh made me laughed a lotThat s all I have enjoyed Ms uinn s Highland romances before and this book is another great addition to the MacGregor saga There is enough intrigue secrets and romance to satisfy allAbigail MacGregor is the daughter of the clan chief a strong woman who will be chief herself one day Her father Robert MacGregor is married to Davina a woman who has a secret that many would kill for she is the first born daughter of a King She never wanted to rule so kept hidden away in the Highlands but now her sister ueen Anne has found her and reuests her attendance Davina is recovering from an illness not to mention that Robert is worried about her safety so Abigail insists she goes insteadDaniel Marlow is a captain in the ueen s guard a man with a reputation thatrecedes him as a great warrior He is a favorite of the ueen and when she needs someone she trusts to bring Abigail from her home she asks Daniel to go He is reluctant to Private Elisha Stockwell, Jr., Sees The Civil War protect a Highlander someone he believes he can t trust but goes because the ueen has asked him As Abigail and Daniel travel they encounter several dangerous situations that bring them closer together but they come from different backgrounds and are considered enemies so they know nothing could ever come of their relationshipThis is another delightful historical romance that blend historic fact and fiction into a sweeping saga that takes the reader on a trip to another time andlaceAbigail is very likeable she is a strong independent woman with lans to lead her clan one day Her family means everything to her and she steps in when she feels they are threatened Although she has spent her life in the Highlands she is willing to take her mother s lace to visit the ueen in a Love with Every Beat possible hostile environmentDaniel is eually devoted to the ueen he will do anything torotect her and does her bidding whether it be in war or to bring a young woman to England When he meets Abigail he reminds himself freuently that that she is the enemy yet she captivates him from the beginning However the closer they become the he realizes they could never be together as their worlds are so different When lies and secrets come out and danger threatens not only Abigail but also the ueen Daniel is torn and is angry and hurt by what he finds out and feels betrayed I really felt for him the two women who he feels the closest to each held on to secrets that affected himThe CPA Australia - Advanced Taxation pace of the story is fast it grabs you from the beginning and does not let you go Secondary characters are important to the story I enjoyed how the MacGregor family isrevalent throughout the book Abigail s father helps save the day several times as he If Walls Could Talk (Haunted Home Renovation Mystery, protect his daughter I also like the ueen she is a leader of England yet a lonely woman that truly loves Daniel like a son There were several other clans in theicture and I was a bit confused on whose side everyone s loyalties lied but eventually the truth came out This is the second book in this series but the author keeps the reader informed so it can easily be read as a standalone All in all a wonderful story filled with intrigued spying and danger along with a romance that is very satisfyingReview at Ramblings from a Chaotic MindCopy from Arcana Mundi publisher for an honest review. Led Highland lass But Abby MacGregor is unlike any woman he's ever met in a ballroom or in his bedroom Captivated by her daring spirit and seduced by her lovely innocence Daniel must choose between betraying his ueen or giving up the woman who would steal his country and his traitorous heart.

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