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Even some love for each other they were both holding back and continue without really talking about the issue And I just felt like if they talked about it all they could find a solution if they love each other so much why couldn t they try and solve this issue In the end I liked how it got resolved and I think they needed time together before they could talk about it but I still wished that the issue came p earlierThe pace of the story was nice but the
End Was Certainly Paced 
was certainly paced than the beginning and things finally got solved and rolling in the end While I nderstand things took time I wish everything got rolling a bit faster Overall it was a fun and enjoyable story it was a bit frustrating at times as I knew the characters wouldn t have a real shot at their happy ending nless they talked about the issue which they were happy to Avoid It Was Nice To See The Characters Change And It was nice to see the characters change and p a bit as the story progressed I saw one twist concerning the dogs coming early but I was still happy with the ending and how they resolved things I am looking forward to the next two books that deal with Stone his cousinsBoth characters had their issues and it was hard to get a grip on their personalities at first but we learn about them as the story progresses I liked Johanna almost immediately with her love for animals I also think she made the right decision to walk away from Stone but on the other hand also though it wasn t the right move as she never moved on and never gave it a place Stone comes across as stone cold at times but you do notice he has a heart as well and cared about Johanna It was harder to like him at first but I liked him as the story progresses and there s a scene towards the end that illustrates the good influence Johanna has had on him Although at first it was hard to see what connection they shared the lust was there alright but I never felt like they really had love In this book they learn so much about each other that it was hard to imagine how their past relationship was and how they lived past each other The ending was really sweet and I was happy with how it wrapped p and even surprised at the decisions Stone made at the end and what that said about what he learned about himselfTo conclude I really enjoyed this book I liked the family dynamics between Stone and his cousins and the plot with their grandmother giving them all a test The addition of the dogs was also fun The romance between the two characters was there although I had some issues with it especially because there was an issue that kept standing between the two of them and everyone knew they had to fix it before they could move on They do change and open p to each other in this book but that made me wonder why they never did so earlier All in all it was an enjoyable book and I am looking forward to the next books in this series I felt like riding a roller coaster Happy to catch a glimpse of Troy from An Inconvenient Affair even for a very short timeI really really couldn t wait to find out what test the other two will get from their grandmother And somehow I really really couldn t wait for Alex storyeARC provided by Harleuin via Net Galley ARC provided by Harleuin via NetGalley in exchange for an honest reviewOne Good Galley ARC provided by Harleuin via NetGalley in exchange for an honest reviewOne Good is a ick and entertaining read The plot is similar to the McGregor series by Nora Roberts Matriarch of the family plays matchmaker by putting her grandchildren through tests along with their potential soul matesI m not ite sure how the story correlates to the title of the book Stone is rich businessman than cowboy so the name of the book seems a bit misleading to me Another issue I have is the pace of the story It starts out at a steady pace but feels rushed at the end Overall One Good Cowboy by. Ndmother's rescue dogs His judge Johanna Fletcher the woman whose heart he broke Sure Johanna can handle a week traveling the country with her ex fiancé to fulfilll his dying grandmother. Rating 35 stars It is all ABOUT SECOND CHANCE IN LOVE TO second chance in love to the wrong to right for Stone and Johanna They were engaged to each other but due to reason which I won t put it here it was broken When his grandmother Mariah who raised him told him that she is dying and she want him to fulfil her wish to find her much loved dogs new homes because she want a home for them he agreed to her reuest even though his grandma assigned his ex fianc e to oversee him on the task It is seems harder for both of them to fulfil the task in hand as they found themselves to be falling back in love with each other Stone have a bad childhood and it affecting his life in a way I like both of them very much and it is interesting to see how they overcome their differences to make their relationship a success a second round Received review copy from NetGalleyOne Good Cowboy begins when Stone finds out some bad news about the only woman who s ever raised him his grandmother So she sets out a test for Stone to complete to see if he will be able to run her company for her The thing is Stone has to go with his ex fiance in order to get all this done And Joanna and him seem to have a whole lot of nsettled business like the chemistry and the fact that they still love each other But there are a whole lot of other problems to get through first And on this journey they start to find out a whole lot about each other than ever beforeThe book was okay over all and I did like it But I just felt like it was a little bit boring at times I wish there had been a little too it as well I liked the main characters and I loved the journey they went on that helped them each sort of find themselves and each other I also loved the Grandmother too But other than that the book didn t do much else for me but pass the time It wasn t something I got lost in but it was still enjoyable Very emotional book It starts out as Stone and his cousins in but it was still enjoyable Very emotional book It starts out as Stone and his cousins out that their grandmother is dying She hasn t made any decisions on who will run the family empire when she s gone and has decided to test them to find out who is the best fit She has assigned Stone to find homes for her four dogs to show that he has a heart beneath his stony exterior The catch He has to take the vet Johanna along to supervise She is also his ex fianc e They also suspect that Gran is attempting some matchmakingThe attraction between Stone I received a copy in exchange for an honest reviewOne Good Cowboy features a family Stone and his two cousins who get to hear the heartbreaking news their grandma is sick and she has tests for them to see who can take over as CEO of their company His test is finding new homes for her dogs and he has to do that with Johanna his ex and the company vet To be honest I expected the focus to be on the dogs and visiting multipel families to find the right fit but the focus is mostly on the romance and their trip to find places for the dogs brings them together again and force them to acknowledge their still alive feelings The dogs certainly play a part as well and it was fun to see them find their new families but it was that his grandma already had potential homes lined p and they had to confirm if those were right for the dogsJohanna wants a family of her own while Stone makes it clear he doesn t want kids that drove a wedge between them and why she left him but now they are forced together and all their feelings come to the surface again You can feel their chemistry and eventually they decide to see where it goes While I liked these two together it felt like the kid issue was keeping them apart and it takes a while before that gets solved I actually thought it took a bit too long at times I just wanted to shake sense in them because while they still felt lust and. From Ex to Eternity To inherit his family's empire Texas cowboy turned CEO Stone McNair must prove he has a heart beneath his ruthlessly suave exterior His trial Finding homes for his gra. ,

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Catherine Mann is an okay Read I Just Wish There I just wish there better timing on how the plot nfolds and a bit build to the story before the two lovers fall into a relationship It lacked chemistry between
The Two Main Characters 
two main characters is not a good thing when reading a romance I did love the Grandmother she reminds me of the McGregor micromanaging her grandchildren the way she does throughout the book I just love the McGregor ARC from NetgalleyI ve read Catherine Mann s books before and I really like the author This was a good book but I had a few issues with the main characters First what made Stone one good cowboy I really didn t see anything about him that made him a good cowboy Yes he had a difficult childhood and was a crack baby I can Ice Wolves (Elementals, understand why he didn t want to have any children But he wasn t nice to Johanna he wanted to have a relationship with her even get married but he did not want children even though he knew she did But he couldn t let her go and find someone else to love and have children with especially with his cousin Onlyntil the end of the book where he does something out of character and nurturing does he somewhat seem like a good cowboy Maybe Johanna sees something in him that we as readers can not Second issue I had was that Johanna stayed with Stone knowing he would not change He finally told her the truth about something she got mad and walked away and he got mad at her for it And then the mixed signals they gave each other They should stay away from each other but they make out they say no they shouldn t be together then they are having sex The emotions from the two were just all over the place I loved how they had to work together to find homes for the dogs That was where they were the best putting his grandmother and her dogs first This was a good Some Like It Hotter uick read from Harleuin Desire Mariah McNair shocks her grandson Stone with the news she has an inoperable brain tumor and tasks him with rehoming her four precious dogs before she passes away Final approval must come from ranch vet Johanna Fletcher who just happens to be Stone s ex fiance It s a test to see if Stone should inherit the family empire but obviously he s going to learn a few truths along the wayGolly this one actually brought a tear to my eye Or maybe that was my conjunctivitis Either way this was an emotional romance with two main characters who were likeable and believable That doesn t often happen in romances strangely enough There s a strong emotional conflict throughout the story and I felt Stone and Johanna approached their relationship with level heads on their shoulders No silly misunderstandings or manufactured drama to keep them apart Just two people who need to face truths about themselves and how they work together as a couple before they can truly be together Another rarity for this genre I was truly taken in by this one Stone McNair s grandmother who raised him is dying from an inoperable brain tumor Since she doesn t have much time left she lets Stone know that she is giving him a test he must complete before she determines what his inheritance will be Stone s test involves the placement of his grandmother s four dogs in good homes but it is stipulated that he must do this with help from Johanna Fletcher the ranch vet tech who also happens to be his ex fianc eWhen I first started this book neither the story nor the characters seemed to be drawing me in so I put the book aside and almost didn t finish it I decided to give the book another try at a later date and I suddenly found myself thoroughly enjoying it I m not sure if it was a mood thing or if the story just got better as it went but it turned out to be a very heartfelt read involving a reunited couple a matchmaking grandmother and some really cute dogs. 's reuest She and Stone want different things plain and simple But there's nothing plain about Stone or simple about the heat that still flares between them One week may not be long enoug.

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