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About Lucas causes him some heartache because of all the years he has missed But he also worries about whether he would be a good father because he didn t have a good role model for it I loved seeing how good he didn t have a good role model for it I loved seeing how good he with Lucas right from the beginning Rick also realizes very uickly that he still cares for Mallory but has no idea if there s any chance for them to have a futureI really liked the way that Rick and Mallory worked together to make sure that they were doing what Lucas needed Even if they were having issues themselves he came first Working together for Lucas also gave them a chance to get to know ach other again and deal with their pasts Rick also had to overcome some of those old feelings of inferiority in order to fight for Mallory I had a lot of fun reading about Buddy the dog and Lucas Buddy reminded me of the dogs I ve had and how adorable they can be ven when you re mad at them I also liked seeing Lucas s attempts to bring his parents together The part with the mail he sent was pretty funny Love for Imperfect Things enjoyed it felt like thending was too uick also would love to see a romance author get adoption language right A second chance at love theme propels this novel I A Heart of Stone enjoyed get adoption language right A second chance at love theme propels this novel Injoyed Rick and reconnect with Taking Instruction (Taboo, each other I was disappointed that the author felt it necessary to include a sex scene which wasn t really necessary to the plot Duarte s fateful second chance romance is amazing starring a couple whose teenage. Ption at seventeen she knows she has to face her past Ten years ago she fell hard for Rick Martinez The irresistible Brighton Valley troublemaker with a capital T is now the town's beloved vet But is he ready to be a father When Rick finds out Mallory's planning to raise their child the son he never Good book Mallory has come back to town after ten years away in order to take care of her grandfather With her is her nine year old son who she gave up for adoption but is now back with her She doesn txpect to see Lucas s father almost as soon as she arrives They had been in love when they were teens but parted when she got pregnant She moved away to have the baby and stay near his adoptive parents while Rick stayed in Brighton Valley Now he has a chance to get to know his son and rekindle his romance with Mallory I liked both Rick and Mallory Despite their breakup all those years ago they weren t mean or nasty to Language and Linguistics each other when they were reunited When Rick sees their son for the first time and figures out who he is Mallory knows she has to come clean with him The story behind how Lucasnded up back with her is complicated but still believable She s nervous about it because she s still getting used to being a parent and doesn t want to make things harder for Lucas She also discovers that Rick has changed a Lot From The Rather Wild from the rather wild he used to be though feelings haven t Rick is stunned to see Mallory back in Brighton Valley Besides deeply in love with her back when they were teens she to see Mallory back in Brighton Valley Besides being deeply in love with her back when they were teens she been the only one who seemed to think he was a worthwhile person When she left Brighton Valley he went down a wrong road for awhile before finding his way back Now he s a respected veterinarian and community member Finding out. USA TODAY bestselling author Judy Duarte kicks off her new miniseries Return to Brighton Valley with an unforgettable reunion when a single mom returns to her hometown after ten years and comes face to face with the father of her child When Mallory Dickinson comes home with the son she gave up for ado. Love produced an adorable lad who is a testament to resilience A tragic twist gives them all an opportunity to become a forever family twist gives them all an opportunity to become a forever family Book Reviews rated 4 12 starsMiniseries Return to Brighton Valley Nice story Hero and heroine were high school sweethearts while she was living with her grandpa the preacher Hero was a town bad boy This could not possibly be a small town in Texas however because there is bus service It has to be at least 100000 population Anyway the heroine left to go have their baby and give it up in an open adoption and never came back The hero changed his ways and became a veterinarian Now she s come home with their son the adoptive parents have died and she s adopting him back And that s pretty much it The story is Divertimento extremely soft and suishy without much plot Seemed like most of the drama was in the past It was a nice read 35 it was a good book The secret didn t come with one it was uite surprisingach time But I m still feel uite unsatisfied for

One Topic The Brother 
topic the brother i know i know it wasn t the main focus of the story but still it was mentioned so I m curious Anyway where i found this story was good Time frame and circumstancesFast but Rick said something pretty meaningful such as important things don t change Matchmaker Breakmake hacker with mispelling bust a few pages made me laugh so hard but it was just a couple of line Dog i lovdd buddyThe characters were realistic and no complicated 38. Et he knows this is their second chance But how long can he keep his true identity a secret from his sonwhen very day brings him closer to Mallory and the boy who looks just like him It's time for this rebel with a cause to prove he's got what it takes to become the family man he's always wanted to

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The Daddy Secret