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Ased on an actual lore Anne Rice makes me believe it is so The Mayfair family have a lot to deal with but they also discover some truths about their own lineage Michael the tragic hero was a true Irish bleeding heart His convictions and his love for Rowan burns fierce even if he has his weak moment I wanted him to succeed to be reunited again because faults and all he is a man who is the veritable rock in the ocean I thought he could weather it all and through sheer tenacity could achieve his hearts desires All the other characters tribute to Michael and Rowan s journey in one way or another Even when Mona becomes a ey characters in the future storyline even with other Mayfair women paying a steep price it is Michael and Rowan s love for each other that becomes a shining beacon amidst all the hurt darkness and power play Lasher has uite a plan and part of the suspense is will he succeed or not There are three big parties involved namely Lasher himself the Talamsca and the Mayfairs Each has an own agenda and wants to find out certain truths And if they get in the way of one another well violence is also a part of Anne Rice s storytelling Casualties will fall but it only got me emotionally invested and rooting for various characters The Talamasca for all that I new about them there was so much I didn t They definitely triggered my conspiracy button and I never trust them further then I can see them They are just as much an integral part as the Mayfairs and Lasher but only till the end truths were revealed that shed a different light on the Talamasca I may not like it but it gives fuel for thought and probably story 3 Taltos With Lasher Anne Rice gave me an attention grabbing story that takes me even deeper in to the world of the Mayfairs It may not have made me eat sleep and breathe the story like The Witching Hour did but it was a worthy successor The follow up to The Witching Hour 1993 s Lasher continues the masterful world building of that precious volume while fully standing on its own it is a cold horrifying treat filled to the brim with Anne Rice s signature gothic sensual overtones The daemon that is Lasher He who has bestowed wealth and punishment upon the Mayfair clan for centuries wants nothing than to reproduce but it has been a challenge In Rowan the most powerful Mayfair witch yet and current eeper of the ancestry He has found his vessel the would be bearer of his spawn And He will force her to eep trying if attempts prove unsuccessful no matter the cost Though this book did not immediately grab me unlike its predecessor I did soon fall into its groove and could not put it down As is Rice s way I was spellbound by her luscious prose the unfolding understated horrors I was once captured by the Mayfair family history and future This a than worthy follow up to the first novel in the Mayfair Witches trilogy and I will soon read the finale So stunningly bad is the first third of this book that only the lunatic and the true devotee are likely to get beyond it It is actually a riot of Rice s worst sins strained and wooden characterizations the Abandonment Of Plot For The of plot for the of a tangled and murky history and a sort of mutant prose stumbling between a modern person s idea of old fashioned elegance and an old fashioned person s idea of how people actually talk in the 1990s Part of the purpose of this 200 page cancer is to make the transition from the novel s progenitor The Witching Hour 1990 but this could have been accomplished in 10 or 15 pages Well let s say you made it through What you get now is the best of Rice a deliciously perverse image of an infant Lasher who grows to sexual maturity within days of his birth and immediately starts copulating with his mother even while she swoons with the pleasure of his suckling Of course it s always nice to read about sex and Rice s romantic imagination doesn t let her down Lasher is dark handsome sadistic childlike and tender His mother cannot resist him even after she has twice miscarried in the space of three months But Rice cannot uite bring home the promising story of Lasher s desire to repopulate the earth with his own ind and the story limps to an unsatisfying conclusion By the end then we ve had a bit of everything the good the bad and the truly ugly Indeed without her reputation Rice would never have found a publisher for this wretched messRate and the truly ugly Indeed without her reputation Rice would never have found a publisher for this wretched messRate 3 out of 5 by comparing it to The Witching Hour Too much in depth on backgrounds of the characters including Lasher However I will continue to read her books as they are so well written and entertaining Can t rate this one since I m still weirded out I buddy read it with my father ahem Lots of sex in this one On to Taltos ALONE this time Boy was this a letdown after reading The Witching Hour It was really long and drawn out I felt like the entire book was just two very long rehashings of the first story with a couple of D the second wife of Henry VIII and a man from Donnelaith Lasher is believed to be a saint Letting it Go known as Ashlar and is uickly taken away by his father to Donnelaith His father is the son of the Earl of Donnelaith and from there he is sent to Italy to become a priest He returns to Scotland after Elizabeth I takes the throne and isilled there while performing Christmas Mass by followers of the Protestant reformer John Knox He The One Who Stays (Summer Island, knows nothing again until Suzanne calls him back into existenceMichael patiently hears Lasher out and when his story is complete Michael wastes no time inilling him and burying him under the great oak in the yard Soon after he discovers Emaleth in Rowan's room feeding her the highly nutritious milk from her breasts This resuscitates Rowan but upon seeing Emaleth before her she panics and screams at Michael to ill her Michael refuses to so Rowan grabs a gun and shoots her daughter in the head Rowan immediately realizes what she's done and crying for her daughter insists that she be the one to bury her alongside Lasher under the oak tree there. Lasher Author Anne RiceI m a huge fan of Anne Rice and loved The Witching Hour along with many of her other books but for some reason had never gotten around to reading Lashe This is the worst book I have ever read If you are considering reading this book please do not read it I will never ever get those hours of my life back again please do not waste yours I would honestly rather gouge my own eyes out with a rusty fork than read this again My husband read the book before me hated it but mischievously encouraged me to read it even though he new I would hate it as some sort of psychological test of endurance I have never forgiven him for thisIf you think that all sounds rather melodramatic I don t blame you but Lasher really is that bad I have never read an Anne Rice book before and uite honestly if Lasher is typical of her output then I am at a loss to understand how she is so popular I would like to assume that Lasher is atypical thoughThe plot well what plot there is is ludicrous Now obviously Anne Rice specialises in a genre that isn t exactly ground in realism so I was willing to overlook the notion of a family ghost This book Smijurija u mjerama kind of surprised me As I wrote in my review for The Witching Hour I really loved THAT book as a young adult 13 15 I d guess and had for many years after considered it one of my favorite novels ever written However re reading it at age 31 revealed a number of fatal flaws that I could not get over I was not expecting much from Lasher by conseuence as I read it as a young adult too though I do not believe I ever finished it Imagine my surprise when I re read it and found Lasher to be compelling than the first novel in the seriesNow this does not mean the book doesn t have its flaws I find it hilarious the way one of the protagonists Mona Mayfair talks about her computer it s obvious that the author sat down for a five minute conversation in the 90s with someone whonew computers and simply copied his interview words into her book She is painfully inexperienced with computers and it s obvious from the dialogue she creates for her tech savvy savant who says ludicrous things like I m going to boot up my directory and it has max hard drive and max memory Mona presents other problems for me as a protagonist as well She is supposed to be this genius of a thirteen year old but it s obvious that she s being used as a voice through which the author s own idealized personality and opinions are expressed what ends up happening to me anyway is that when Mona a thirteen year old girl starts waxing haughtily about the failure of modern architecture as compared to ancient or about how she hates modern music or modern culture or modern clothing all I can envision is a stunted version of Anne Rice looking tired and old spouting these things herselfThe idealization of author as protagonist Mona is also apparently intended to make it easier for us to condone the rampant paedophilia that goes on throughout this book mostly in relation to Mona for us to condone the rampant paedophilia that goes on throughout this book mostly in relation to Mona A character that was so faultless who was literally too good as the first book repeated numerous times over its hundreds of pages cannot help himself but to fall pages cannot help himself but to fall first into a thirteen year old girl because she Speer kissed him on the lips He expresses some MILD concern that he s just raped a child presumably so that wenow he s still all moral and junk and then he promptly rapes her again and again because clearly thirteen year old vagina is much like heroin in that one taste is all you need to be hooked This character by the way is about 50 years old if I remember right And we re supposed to just wink and say Oh those Mayfairs as he repeatedly rapes his niece in his marriage bed shortly after his own wife has been abducted And then there are other characters that have sexual encounters with Mona including Randall an ancient and elderly old Mayfair whom we are supposed to believe was a poor victim in an act of seduction initiated by this precocious thirteen year old girl Poor Randall didn t stand a chance because this CHILD vixen this inescapable Anne Rice as an early teen Lolita decided she wanted to sleep with an old man and of course men are not able to resist the sexiness of a pre teenThen there s Yuri who is described as in his early twenties perhaps and as soon as he sees Mona he wants to tear off her clothes even though she s a baby the same is true of her cousin Pierce in his twenties as well who cannot bring himself to stop staring at Mona s thirteen year old legs WITHIN HOURS of his own mother s brutal murderIt s a normalization of paedophilia that ind of bothers me it seems that the author believes that all men are secretly attracted to pre pubescent girls and that all pre pubescent girls are just raging sluts and sexualizing them causes no harm at all It makes me shudder whenever it comes up which is disturbingly often Also the end of the book is absolutely absurd Making historical conne. The novel begins shortly after the mysterious disappearance of Dr Rowan Mayfair recently married To Contractor Michael Curry contractor Michael Curry feeling betrayed by Rowan has sunk into a depression helped along by the useless drugs prescribed to him after his close encounter with deathAlong comes the sexually adventurous Mona Mayfair a precocious teenager and powerful witch and Rowan's cousin sharing lines of descent from Julien She seduces Michael causing him to snap out of his stupor and renew his vow to find his wife at all costs He is now convinced that she hasn't gone willinglyAnd though it was she who spirited her mutant child Lasher away from the house she is now a prisoner of the monster she has spawned His first two attempts at impregnating her are failures ending in miscarriage but he is successful the third time around As he accompanies her throughout Europe Rowan manages to send off DNA samples to colleagues in San Francisco They discover that Lasher is a completely different species and that Rowan herself has a genetic abnormality polyploidy or 92 chromosomes. Ctions to incredibly famous ings and ueens Rice jumped the shark with her main character Lasher I don t want to give any spoilers but when it came time that he revealed his origins again in Rice s typical boring thirty pages of expositional monologue style I rolled my eyes so hard that I think I strained them Not very highly recommended really but better than The Witching Hour This is a difficult book to write a review about I ve been an avid fan of Anne Rice s books since I was in junior high since I love her style of writing and of course her gothic themes vampires demons witchesLasher is the second novel of the Lives of the Mayfair Witches trilogy The first is The Witching Hour and the third is Taltos I guess I have to find Taltos asachokengtitiktitikchokeng in order to complete this whole erjourneyLasher is a Taltos which is an almost extinct super human race who lived on a tropical island north of the British Isles but forced to flee to Scotland where they established their own ingdom which was finally overthrown by the Christians Lasher and the Mayfair witches shared a long history full with weird mysterious occurrences including incest and struggle to find their true identity Lasher was summoned by Suzanne Mayfair the first Mayfair witch to help her establish a strong wealthy family That fatal decision made her descendants to carry the family legacycurse of having the obligation to conceive Lasher s children other TaltosIn this novel Rowan Mayfair the 13th designee of the Mayfair clan also the most powerful witch was idnapped by Lasher and her suffering was likebetween heaven and hell The description of her tortures wasso enthralling If you ve read Rice s novels you ll see what I mean hahahaThis book also introduced to the 14th designee Mona Mayfair whom I must say a very ercourageous little girlAnyway what I love about this book is that it provides clearer explanation on the history of the clan itself I was a bit shocked when I read the part about Julien Mayfair s life story He is the only male witch in the family yet very powerful and influential Moreover as always Rice uses historical events real people to decorate her story on how Lasher came into being and the journey of Mayfair witches in dealing with this sensual demonic characterAnd I thank God because Rice did not put her infamous Lestat de Lioncourt in this novel I do not really like when she mixed her vampires with the Mayfair witches It is just too much I guess I won t be reading Blood Canticle then My hatred of this book nows no bounds WARNING This review can contain spoilers if you haven t read The Witching Hour In Lasher Anne Rice immediately picks up where she left me in The Witching Hour The first half of the story there are lots of events rapidly following each other Of course things happen which are dark which stretch the boundaries and speak of untold mysteries Especially the erotic encounter between Michael and teenager Mona may go against the grain for some readers The storytelling holds this fusion of distinctive edgy characters in a strange situation that defies logic which is all happening against the lush setting of New Orleans that ensnares me so The vibe Anne Rice creates is unlike anything I have ever read Michael Rowan Aaron Lasher Mona all come alive via this authors voice I may not always understand their actions I may not always agree with them but the affect me nonetheless As the title of this episode suggest the focus is on Lasher Not only did I get his present but I also got His Past While He past While he have held me between love and hate for his persona in The Witching Hour he has tipped that scale to hate in his own story Even when he relays his own past he fails to redeem himself And believe me Anne Rice gradually laid all of him bare for me Anne Rice gradually laid all of him bare for me take in Weighing his past his present his feeling and his actions But his actions are so self served The contempt Lasher shows for life and for the Mayfairs the very people he claims to love and serve is despicable He uses them as he sees fit and it made him an SOB of the first order I could only take in the strife and anguish he rained down on the Mayfairs in the hope he would get his comeuppance He was truly one of those formidable adversary who makes me cheer for the other side Anne Rice eeps adding or deepening the backstory of the main cameo of characters Especially all powerful Mayfair Julien has an important role to play His life intrigued me so in The Mayfair Hour but it wasn t told in depth until now Satisfying my everlasting curiosity In the second half of the story she peels away layers of mystery and secrets in a languid pace of storytelling It weaves its own A Curse of Kings kind of magic with rich settings various time periods and again the mesmerizing characters The mythology behind this second story in The Mayfair Trilogy speaks to my imagination I love Celtic lore and though I don tnow if it is Which was probably what made Lasher's uasi supernatural birth at all possible in the first placeThe dyad returns to America where Lasher sets out to impregnate other female members of the Mayfair family All attempts are unsuccessful as the women immediately miscarry and hemorrhage to death Rowan manages to escape Lasher and after hitchhiking to Louisiana she collapses in a field and gives birth to Emaleth a female Taltos Rowan's last words to Emaleth are to find Michael which she sets out to do thinking that Rowan has diedRowan is found and is rushed to a nearby hospital where she is diagnosed as being in a state of toxic shock An emergency hysterectomy is performed to save her life eliminating all chances of her ever giving birth again She is taken home to Michael where she remains in a deep comaMuch of the book is set into four sections of Julien's Story which delineates the life of Julien Mayfair and what he has discovered of the entity nown as LasherLasher returns to the house to tell Michael and Aaron his story of his past life Born to ueen Anne of Englan. ,

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