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A Curse of KingsWell written lost of twists and turns great book Fun a little juvenile I would say it would be great for middle grade When I signed up for NetGalley I made a mistake on my rofile and was listed as a UK reader not a US reader I corrected my mistake but had already reuested and been approved for a few books This was one of themDeepest apologies all In deference to the If Walls Could Talk (Haunted Home Renovation Mystery, publisher s wishes I cannot write a review on this book It is a fastacing story in the beginning and at the end It went slow for 30% of the book in between It is full of twists and turns There "Is Less Of A Story And Of A Premise For " less of a story and of a Arcana Mundi premise for books Introducing too many characters and killing them one by one as the novelrogress and then some of them turning up alive at the end This is the first time I have read a book with characters dying and reviving so uicklyI would have liked it better if there were lesser characters with depth than too many shallow drawn ones It was as if all the characters from second book had been introduced in the first itself to be developed laterAt laces *I believe a little description could have helped the imagination like the drogues Rather than mentioning just their long *believe a little description could have helped the imagination like the drogues Rather than mentioning just their long or sharp spine or hooves it would be better to draw similarity to the animals they were made ofAltogether it is a shallow read in which anything is ossible super Genesis powers sprouting up here and there genetic mutation at the crux of it all I m not sure what made meick up this book from the book store I guess the blurb kinda attracted me A Curse of Kings started with King Micah being betrayed by Villius Ren Years later Oland Born a servant to Villius Ren was introduced It was said that Oland was born on the night that King Micah was overthrown with a note from his mother that said she ll be back for him someday One night Oland found a letter addressed to him from the late King Micah instructed him to runI didn t have much expectation when I start reading this book There weren t a lot of reviews for it when I Mirror Matter purchased the book so I didn t know what to expect The firstart of A Curse of Kings was a bit too long and draggy My sister started the book "And DNF At Page 90 Because Of This But If "DNF at A Kiss of Shadows (Merry Gentry page 90 because of this But if were a bitatience you will find that the second Six Days part was way better I enjoyed the adventure and the friendship between Oland and Delphi There story building was uite good The characters. In the tone of The Hobbit comes the first thrilling story in an epic fantasy adventure from a major new voiceFourteen year old Oland Born lives in dark times in a world ruled by evil tyrant Vilius Ren Vilius and his fearsome bloodthirsty army have wrecked therosperous kingdom of Decresian once ruled by good King Micah Oland himself has been kept as Vilius’. And the supporting characters were great There were a few twists that I did not expect at the ending I kinda like the story and will definitely read the second book if there s any This book started out veeeeeeerrrrrryyyyyy slow I honestly was losing concentration during the beginning It did get fast aced towards the end "but then it just got really confusing and maybe too fast " then it just got really confusing and maybe too fast The book just jumped from one idea to the next and at one Chicken Soup for the Soul at Work point wheneople were reparing for a *battle next thing I know the battle is under way and I *next thing I know the battle is under way and I like Hey when did that start weren t they just talking about lansGood story but The Late Romances poorly written For reviews visit George s Bookz and BitzThe recommendation from Derek Landy on the cover and the apparent according to the gumf on the back resemblance to the Hobbit sold me on this oneThe book starts 14 years ago with King Micah being betrayed by his most trusted and loyal friend well not so loyal after all Villus Ren Villus kills Micah and takes over as ruler of Decresian a land that flourished under the rule of King Micah but that fades away into ruin under Villus s control Villus spends the next 14 years destroying the land and creating the 999 souls that scream all night every night 999eople that were failed experiments and left to rot for eternity Move on to Passion for Christ, Passion for Humanity present day and Orland Born is introduced a boy that was born the night King Micah was over thrown and his mother left leaving only a note saying she d be back for him one day So Orland stays become Review Courtesy Of April HollingworthBrilliant entertaining and exciting if you can t guess I really like this book Oland Born s inner strength and determination is all he has keeping him alive So when he finds a mysterious letter addressed to him from a dead king that died when he was just born Oland goes on the adventure of a life time to find answers and save theeople of the kingdom This is the first book in this exciting new seriesOpening SceneFOURTEEN YEARS AGOWind rushed in from the cold night and uenched all but three of the torches that lit the great hall of Castle DerringtonThe ReviewOland Born is a fourteen year old boy brought up as a slave to the man who murdered King Micah A King who wrote a letter to Oland just before he died when Oland was just a new born baby Fourteen years later Oland finds the letter under mysterious circumstances and then is. S servant in grim Castle Derrington and he knows little about his ast – or why Vilius keeps such a sharp close eye on himOne night Oland finds a letter addressed to him from the long dead king No sooner has he read the message than a mysterious stranger tries to kidnap him Oland runs the dead king’s warning ringing in his earsIf Oland is to live he must .

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Almost kidnapped by a mysterious stranger Escaping into the night Oland *goes on the adventure of a lifetime Unsure Who To Trust As who to trust as and strangeness lies just around the corner But *on the adventure of a lifetime unsure who to trust as danger and strangeness lies just around the corner But is lifetime unsure who to trust as danger and strangeness lies just around the corner But is out and Oland has to solve the uest the dead King sent him on before it s to late Notable SceneCries broke out across the arena and when Oland looked up a boy no older than him was being wrestled from the crowd by a guard He had short choppy black hair and fierce dark eyes that were almost black He fought hard struggling against the guard s bulging arm around his waist Oland wondered what the boy had done He watched as the guard carried him up the last step The boy struggled one last time He raised his arm tensed it tightened his hand into a fist then sent a sharp elbow backward into the stomach of the guard The man s face contorted and he dropped him A smile broke out across the boy s face and it was transformed Oland s eyes shot wide He knew then why the boy was being kicked outFor he was not a boy at all He was a girl A very retty girl in fact And then she was goneA loud bell tolled over the uproar until the still cheering crowd uietened Villius Ren gestured for Oland to approach the royal box Oland didn t move Villius beckoned him again Oland moved slowly towards himPeople of Decresian roared Villius are we witnessing the historical first meeting of slavery and bravery He laughed loudThe crowd was utterly silent as Oland walked up the steps to the royal box and stood beside Villius Oland s heart Attainment (Temptation, pounded He knew that they had been cheering not because he had taken lives but because he had saved one If you want to read this book which I really do recommend then don t read this review as it contains spoliers This book had uite alot twist at the end I never would have guessed the Oland was the Rising Scryer nor that Delphi was the Thousandth Soul I had always thought that Oland would have been King Micah s son After I read the letter I thought he would have been Villius Ren s son Boy was I wrong Great book This book is aimed at a much younger audience then I expected There is very little character development and I felt the characters were just aimlessly going from Hatred in the belly place tolace with very little information being discovered about the Always Be Ready plot That said the storyicks up towards the end and I think I would Encyclopedia of International Development probably read the nextart of this stor. Estore the shattered kingdom This is his uest This is his curse Let the trials of Oland Born beginThe setting is a hugely atmospheric fantasy world of medieval castles Romanesue games arenas supernatural forests and harsh seas Terrifying hybrid creatures and monsters abound – and Oland’s greatest ally is a girl called Delphi who has dark secrets of her own.