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Originally published in Turkey in 1983 and now translated into English for the first time Silent House Knopf is Orhan Pamuk s second novel Although the Nobel Prize winner makes no direct mention of the historical relevance of the book in the text itself his story takes place roughly one month before the September 12 1980 Turkish coup d tat in which the Chief of the General Staff General Kenan Evren and the Turkish Armed Forces restored order after violence had broken out between right leaning nationalists and communists An Army contolled National Security Council then ruled Turkey until 1983 when democracy was restoredSo why is Silent House relevant to English language readers in 2012 almost thirty years after the book s publication The answer lies in a statement made by one of Pamuk s minor characters a pharmacist named Kemal Bey Politics is verywhere No matter where you go it grabs you by the collarKemal refers to the beating of Nilg n a young woman who Runs Afoul Of Hasan An Extreme And Eually Young Turkish afoul of Hasan an In His Blood extreme andually young Turkish for buying a communist newspaper Very sexually attracted to Nilg n Hasan kicks and punches her for her crime just as much out of a sense of adolescent machismo and tough guy posturing The point is that Hasan is too immature to come to terms with his physical urges and his body becomes the site of a dilemma that for Pamuk in Silent House and in his mature novels characterizes Turkey Should Hasan follow the stereotypical view of Western culture and try to have sex with a woman to whom he s attracted Or should he follow the stereotypical view of Eastern culture and attack a woman with left wing valuesFor Pamuk Turkey and in particular Istanbul is a liminal space where history has Desert Kings (Deathlands, entangled Western and Eastern values to such anxtent that it s the most valuable setting for the novelist to An Officer and a Spy explore some of the key political issues of our time It s a place where political factions live and breathe side by side as they constantly brush up againstach other in public street corners coffeehouses and alleyways but also in the privacy of family homesAnd these family homes are the most dangerous places for Pamuk because they harbor silence and implicit consent to violence They re where violence begins Indeed the silent house of the novel s title truly serves as Pamuk s description and condemnation of the silence that beats at the heart of Turkey The house which is located just outside Istanbul in Cennethisar brings together three generations of Turks when three young people including Nilg n visit Grandmother Fatma and her dwarf son Precep But the generations are sadly cut off from Exposed (Annika Bengtzon, each other They suabble about petty matters They however don t discuss their inner thoughts the political implications of which are obvious Forxample Fatma mostly lingers alone in her bedroom and broods on the Western values of her deceased husband and his unfinished ncyclopedia in which he considers death and Nothingness her grandson Faruk thinks long and deeply about whether history is a story or reality and a second grandson Metin ponders the deeply about whether history is a story or reality and a second grandson Metin ponders the of Western materialism Pamuk s Silent House is really Turkey itselfWhich is a shame because silence can only hold for so long before violence rupts Profoundly anti violence Silent House is Pamuk s Naked early cry for tolerance reason and communication during a time when democracy was on the line and indeed temporarily lost in Turkey It s necessary readingspecially for those of us in the United States who recognize similarly sharp political divisions When I first started reading Orhan Pamuk s books I really struggledand Shadow Scale (Seraphina, ended up abandoning Snow and My Name Is ReadIt just seemed to complex and I couldn t follow at all reallyBut after reading Museum Of Innocence I reallynjoyed this bookand started to feel I was understanding this great writers workNow I have finished Silent Housewhich I really lovedNow I really do want to go back and read his books that i have abandonedSilent House just captivated meThe characters were really interestingand Claim The Crown each chapter was in the voice of a different characterAt thend of I wanted to know Nerds even about Turkey and Istanbuland I think reading Organs books is a great way to do thatI will go back and read Snow and My Name Is Red and his other workswith no fear of abandoning themLolAlso I really need to visit Istanbul soon I spent several weeks reading Orhan Pamuk s Silent House Pamuk s books are dense and difficult but well worth theffort if one measures this by those aha moments occasionally triggered by great literatureSilent House is Pamuk s second novel first published in 1983 On the surface it s the story of a single family In her second floor room in the old house in a seaside village where she has spent her adult life a frail ninety year old widow awaits the annual visit of her three grandchildren overweight alcoholic Faruk a professor obsessed with history his stylish left leaning younger sister Nilg n and materialistic self absorbed college student Metin who is saving his money to go to America and become a captain of industry The dwarf Recep now a faithful servant to the grandmother is in fact her husband s illegitimate son crippled due to her treatment of him as a child Teen aged Hasan is the son of Recep s bastard brother and a member of a thuggish nationalist gang The overall mood is one of dissatisfaction bitterness and decayEach chapter is an intimate in many cases disturbing peek into the mind of. In an old mansion in Cennethisar formerly a fishing village now a posh resort near Istanbul the old widow Fatma awaits the annual summer visit of her grandchildren Faruk a dissipated failed historian; his sensitive leftist sister Nilgun; and the younger grandson Metin a high school student drawn to the fast life of the Chapters Each chapter is narrated from a different narrator S POINT OF VIEW IN THE FIRST PERSON THE point of view in the first person The of the five narrators in the novel in turn are Recep Buyukhanim Hasan Faruk and Metin The narrator of the opening chapter is Recep and the narrator of the closing chapter is Buyukhanim Each of the narrators has a different number of chapters to tell Hasan has In the Shadow of the Crown (Queens of England, eight Buyukhanim seven Recep six Faruk six and Metin has five chapters 2008 1386 467 9789643623999 Turkey s on going modernization realstate boom and politics are the focus of this story set in a small Turkish seaside city we guess around the 1970 s The book was originally published in Turkey in 1983 The plot is that three adult grandchildren make their obligatory annual summer visit to their 90 year old grandmother The grandmother is crotchety and demanding specially to her live in servant whom she alternately calls the dwarf or the bastard the latter because he is a child of her dead husband s mistress Her grandchildren still haven t figured out their grandmother isn t capable of any reaction xcept disgust The Dwarf is the perfect servant catering to the old lady s and On Such a Full Sea everyonelse s Hello, Hippo! Goodbye, Bird! every need and whim despite the disdain and abuse The youngest grandchild is in high school ready to go to college hopefully abroad but he has no money to The book was almost painful to read A clash between the westernized intelligentsia and the nationalist poor accompanied by sexual tensionsnds up in violence and death Everybody wishes well but Cannibal everybody hurtsverybody Mastered (The Enforcers, else And upstairs stays a vicious traditionalist ninety years old grandmother who rejectsverything and Man, Son of Man everybody Silent House is anarly novel by Nobel recipient Orhan Pamuk Compared to his famous work it is straightforward than My Name is Red which harnesses its setting in Alter Ego early Ottoman Istanbul and its self conscious virtuosity to a mystery that rarely seems to be the novelist s focus Silent House shares the historical setting of The Museum of Innocence the politically riven Turkey of theighties Nationalism is on the rise and an Army coup is around the corner But unlike The Museum of Innocence Silent House is not narrated by a single obsessive voice which gives the later novel an often claustrophobic atmosphere It actually does not take place in Istanbul but instead in a small beach community on the Bosphorus to which the patriarch of the family had retreated after political disappointment to write the ncyclopedia that he believes would change Turkey By the time of the novel he is long dead and his writing long destroyed although he is still vivid in the memories of his ninety year old widow The other narrators are his progeny from the widow two grandchildren the failed historian Faruk and the youthful Metin the latter nvious of the wealthier and smoother children of the lite who he tries to match in sophistication with disastrous results Then there are Recep the patriarch s son by his mistress who serves the widow in her decaying house and Hasan a grandson who frustrated and grasping for hope falls in with the nationalists trying and failing to impress them This is broadly speaking a battle between those who favored modernizing Turkey although without Ataturk s skill or vision and those who insist on trying to recreate an imperial and religion centered past But Pamuk does not take sides his at times scornful at times sorrowful criticism is aimed at the delusional patriarch and Meten whose yearning for money and partying is the fruit of a powerful insecurity over status In truth Meten resembles Hasan which does not prevent him from treating his poorer cousin shamefully they are young men adrift in a society that is growing secular and money driven both knowing in their hearts that they will be left behind and both transmuting that anxiety into obsession over an unreachable girl The widow religious than her late husband spends her time talking back to her dead husband as she never could in life obsessing over the sins of her living and dead family members and accusing Recep who has the fewest discernible flaws of any of the narrators of various kinds of betrayal The treatment of Hasan is not unsympathetic with its careful xploration of the frustrations that drive him but in the Unseen City end he destroys what he says he loves and flees without conscience Pamuk s unsparing view of Turkish society of the time finds both nationalism and modernism bankrupt cloaks that allow the narrators to continue their self deceptions Even Recep the only one who can be said to produce his bestfforts fails Silent House also caused me though to think back about one issue that bothered me greatly about The Museum of Innocence the passivity of the female characters In The Museum of Innocence the female characters accepted their fate at least until the conclusion and ven then the woman who is the object of the narrator s destructive obsession acts as though she has no choices In The Silent House two women are assaulted One continues to ride around in a car with her attacker and dismisses the importance of the incident the other refuses to seek medical attention That this minimization of violence In The

Silent House And 
House And Silent House and lack of agency that marks the women in both novels is likely part of Pamuk s critiue of Turkish society But it does not help his case that we spend so much time understanding men who act childishly and in the nd destructively and so little among the injured women. Emories and grievances of those arly years But it is Recep's cousin Hassan a high school dropout and fervent right wing nationalist who will draw the visiting family into the growing political cataclysm in this spell binding novel depicting Turkey's tumultuous century long struggle for modernityTranslated by Robert Finn.

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Sessiz EvOne of the characters grandmother Fatma Faruk Recep Metin and Hasan but not interestingly Nilg n These first person narratives come close to stream of consciousness They portray the bb and flow of The Matriarchs (The Family emotion the irrationality of thought the occasionally overwhelming physical sensation Theffect in Notes for the Everlost each case is one of intense isolation which becomes oppressive as the book proceeds towards its shocking and violent conclusionI particularly appreciated the depiction of Fatma s inner life She is not suffering from dementia but shexperiences the objects in her When I Moan (Vassi and Seri 1: Russian Stepbrother Romance) environment andspecially the passage of time in an almost hallucinatory manner I found her mental wanderings totally convincing It s plausible to me that when one reaches such an advanced age so called reality might begin to waverHowever these distinctive vivid characters are not the author s deepest concern Fundamentally I believe Silent House is a book about perception memory and history The book was published on the No Biggy! eve of a nationalist coup I don t knownough about Turkish history to appreciate the specific references but the messages are universal Pamuk s characters share a loss of connection to the past a distrust of the present and a sense of inferiority that leads them to actions they know are wrong but which they cannot resistI was surprised that this author s Crush It! early work shows none of the typical optimism of youth Silent House turned out to be far darker than Ixpected More than once I considered putting the book down without finishing it I m glad I didn t yield to my discomfort That s part of the point of this novel I liked this almost as much as The Museum of Innocence which is still my favorite Orhan Pamuk novel but it s close it s a smaller book less dense than other Pamuk books I ve read Attracting Birds to Your Backyard each chapter is short Right from the start the dialogue between the cranky old grandmother and Recep her FRICKIN SLAVE HORSE a Saint to boot is a dwarf making the visuals of the dialogue all the hysterically crazy funny shaking your head you ve got to be kidding Recep is a bastard of her deceased husband The grandchildren are coming for a visit whoach have their individual uirks habits and Deep Listening emotional hurts During their visit they begin toxplore their country s history The conflicts we see within the family parallel with the conflicts that we see politically between modern Turkey and their past which was rooted in traditional religious beliefs I was in Turkey in 1973 74Istanbul was a different place than it is today Reading Pamuk always triggers memories and xpands my views at the same time I must be missing something vital in translation in theme Because this was the second book of Orhan Pamuk in as many weeks that I had zero possibly negative appreciation for Granted this is a translation of a very old book and Snow is a fairly recent graduate of the Pamuk alum But many of the themes that bothered me in Snow bothered me here too I ll come to that in Snow bothered me here too I ll come to that a minuteSilent House is a story of a Turkish family headed by an old highly loathsome grandmother Fatma She s ill and is looked after by a dwarf named Recep Her husband was a godless man who spent his life drinking his raki and writing an ncyclopedia and impregnating a housemaid Recep the dwarf is one of his progeny the other is a lottery ticket seller called Ismail who has good for nothing wastrel for a son called Hasan His official son was also a man who drove himself To An Early Grave By Drinking Too Much His Wife an arly grave by drinking too much his wife sickly woman who died before him The plot of this story covers the week when the grandchildren come to the said Silent House for a week long visit Faruk is a sad loser divorcee who is turning into an image of his grandfather Nilgun beautiful is a communist Metin is the practical one he wants to go to America and he wants money All of these above characters have first person perspectives Except Nilgun and Ismail and the dead ones but they appear in other people s perspectives It s highly distracting because there s not much difference in their perspectives Metin and Hasan specially are interchangeable but for their respective loves It s only used as an Unbuttoning the CEO (The Suits Undone expositionary device to relate incidents not thoughts Thoughts when they are presented do not go deeper than I want to go to America and become rich and famousI only think about youI love youGrandmother is what they ll say to me and I ll say I m confused as to the point was thismotional vapidity the point Were we supposed to sympathize with any of these characters Unfortunately I didn t I wanted to wring their collective neck so that the monologue could come to a stop I d spare Nilgun who seemed like a decent character perhaps because she didn t have a perspective but view spoilerPamuk took care of her himself in a totally ridiculous contrived unwanted manipulative seuence hide spoiler I don t know why I waited so long to revisit Orhan Pamuk Both My Name is Red and Snow have stayed with me for many years The conflicts of an My Teacher Is a Robot extended family in Silent House mirror the political and social world of 1980 Turkey Pamuk isspecially brilliant at capturing the self destructive psyche of the male cousins A terrifying and sad novel Sessiz Ev roman Silent House Orhan Pamuk 1952Silent House 1983 is Orhan Pamuk s second novel published after Cevdet Bey and His Sons The novel tells the story of a week in which 3 siblings go to visit their grandmother in Cennethisar a small town near Istanbul Silent House consists of 32. Ouveaux riches who dreams of going to America The widow has lived in the village for decades Supper Club ever since her husband an idealistic young doctor first arrived to serve the poor fishermen Now mostly bedridden she is attended by her faithful servant Recep a dwarf and the doctor's illegitimate son Mistress and servant share

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