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Put a big smile on your face if you RE LIKE ME AND DON T MIND A *BIT like me and don t mind a *Bit Fun With Your BDSMIt S *of fun with your BDSMIt s well thought out fantasy nicely worded and full of suprising detailIt s not gritty realism it s a daydream elouently
Brought To PaperIf You 
to paperIf you L and receives further punishments from the strict teachers including a public caning at assemblyJust when he's starting to get sed to his situation a final twist changes his fate forever Will the magic work If it doesn't This is first and foremost a story about forced feminization Light on the *torment big on really sweet moments public humiliation but the inner journey *big on really sweet moments public humiliation but also the inner journey a young who finds himself trapped in an inescapable predicament It ll also. A story about a boy caught spying on the girls changing room The girls capture him bust his balls spank him lock him into a chastity device and dress him p as a girl Humiliatingly he is then forced to attend the girls schoo. E a fan of feminization fantasies this will appeal to you as a fun ride it is well worth the read *I just loved this book It reminds me of my school *just loved this book It reminds me of my school not that I ever was involved in this type of behavior but it did bring back memories. Ill Alice keep her end of the bargain and allow him to return to his life as a boyThis is an adult themed story containing female domination male chastity forced feminization bdsm and gender transformation forced feminization BDSM gender transformation 18 plus plea.