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Rmar parte del mundo verlo comentarlo sufrirlo La prosa abigarrada y erudita de Kaiko as como la alta de movimiento a lo largo de 260 p ginas ue se sienten como uinientas poco ayudan a la legibilidad de esta novela ue naci de la impotencia del autor ante su propio extrav o existencial Kaiko sale mejor parado en la excelente Una luminosa oscuridad ue explora en m s detalle el episodio de Vietnam Rese a completaTakeshi Kaik autor desconocido hasta la echa para m presenta Tinieblas de un verano Sexto Piso 2017 una novela curiosa y ue desde luego no hubiera sabido identificar de haberla juzgado por la sinopsis o por la recomendaci n de alguien Takeshi Kaik es un autor sumamente importante en la literatura japonesa considerado un escritor clave para las letras niponas por su legado y su obra Tinieblas de un verano se sit a en 1968 y en resumen va del reencuentro de dos antiguos amantes japoneses uera de Jap nDiez a os despu s de haber terminado su relaci n estas dos personas viajan a Alemania en una suerte de viaje entre dos mundos un oasis o par ntesis en sus vidas cotidianas Este a Alemania en una suerte de viaje entre dos mundos un oasis o par ntesis en sus vidas cotidianas Este parece una suerte de intento para desvelar o desentra ar ciertas dudas existenciales ue parecen albergar los personajes Los protagonistas divagan entre mundos sin un muelle en el ue atracar Son personajes construidos a base de varios aruetipos y aunue en ocasiones parecen personajes sacados de una pel cula algo narcisista Y uiz la mayor virtud y a la vez la mayor pega del libro sean los personajes Demasiado pegajosos demasiado de novela demasiado irreales S pueden ser dos personas complicadas en un mundo complicado Pero a la vez me parecen dos personas con las ue me cuesta much simo empatizar y sintonizar No siento como sienten No comprendo como comprenden Y s ah est la #GRACIA DE LEER HISTORIAS SOBRE OTROS #de leer historias sobre otros Pero en ocasiones mi retorcida mente me hac a pensar ue se trataba de la historia de amor en Europa ue le hubiera gustado vivir al escritorRese a completa. Ng her to pursue a career in the West; the man is a novelist reporter lethargic an uncommitted observer of other people's wars sunk into detachment by his professional A Womans Guide to Fasting familiarity with tragedy and chaos They need each other and yet they cannotulfill each other's needs They savor their world together with urgency as they move restlessly Hermann Zapf and His Design Philosophy from place to placeinally parting again to survive separately as best they can. Er sleeps all day was like in Morrissey s song Seasick yet still docked that you could tell he had never Really Loved By The Way loved by the way he sleeps all day Two pages That s what I got Wearing black isn t enough She drinks coffee too Let s start a scene David Bowie s scene in Germany was way coolerThere is an idea loating s start a scene David Bowie s scene in Germany was way coolerThere is an idea loating out there somewhere Spring Girl floating Darkness In Summer is aormidable work about modern people in a complex time The main characters are a jaded Tokyo novelist and reporter and his ex girlfriend an ambitious scholar living in Germany who left Japan many years before to pursue her academic career They were once in love many years ago and have come to Menerjang Batas find themselves together again needing each other but unable to re ignite theirormer love which has disappearedKaiko Takeshi writes with beauty and refinement something less common among contemporary Japanese writers His style is similar to the generation of writers before him not his own His depiction of the liberated Japanese emale is refreshing and well nuanced The dialogues between the two main characters are often serious sophisticated and challenging Kaiko is a writer of serious literature #Not Popular Fiction And Every #popular iction and every of this story is reminscent of the No Apology Necessary forebearers of the Japanese literary tradtion Un viaje ue no ten a otro destino ue uno mismo muy pronto m s tarde o m s temprano acaba llegando a una terrible vacuidad Estructurada como un romance grotesco entre dos japoneses exiliados en Europa un novelista ue ha sido corresponsal de guerra y una cientica Tinieblas de un verano es un exploraci n del hartazgo y la The Secret World of Fluffy Ratbag fatiga vital La pareja come tiene sexo engorda vuelve a tener sexo viaja un poco devora algo m s se deja llevar por las corrientes de los d as hasta ue en el punto de inflexi n de la historia una nota period stica acerca de los ltimos desarrollos de la guerra de Vietnam resurge en el novelista algo ue l hab a dado por extraviado el impulso de salir de s mismoo. Ated or ten years meet again traveling together in Germany They had been lovers long ago in Tokyo; now incapable of love they are brought together by sexual desire and by their mutual desperation No new passion but their old obsession may give them back the key to their lives release them rom their terrors their rootlessness The woman is a scholar who has come to hate the Japan that allowed her no seriousness orci. I am too vain to be narcissistic John MalkovichOh no John Malkovich was wrong The characters in Darkness in Summer manage both
fine I admire that man of course a whole lot I mean I can uote him and everything Oh no This book really kinda sucked My new goodreads riend Gertrude Victoria gave it Los Caballeros de la Ciencia: El secreto mejor guardado de la Iglesia. five stars I hope that he read it in the original Japanese mine will be the third review of this book on goodreads this other review will be hard to beat He s right She DID have big boobs I hope that the original Japanese is nothing like the translation done by Cecilia Segawa Seigle Banging every attached member on the walls noeeling or the walls or the members to hear the echo Like an annoying person you meet who has to say every stupid little thought that comes into their head because they are incapable of being silent Is this a classic of that genre The book jacket says He is ranked by Japanese critics with Kobo Abe as one of Japan s two most important novelists of the generation since Mishima Right now I d say that statement means about as much as when Good Charlotte cite their influences as The Smiths and The Cure #We re exactly like The Cure We both wear blackIf you were talking to halves #re exactly like The Cure We both wear blackIf you were talking to halves a couple you may get the side taking protected hurts temporary orgiveness in this self serving way of well it s narcissism They wanted each other and me I suppose to be their hostage audience But BUT There should be a way to read between lines and than anything else a reason to give a damn Boy I really didn t Give a damn About these two people They didn t either Give a damn that is coughs Not uite a Husband was better coughs I guess I don t Laduma find every shit anduck of every asshole out there to be interesting There has to be a world to eel belonged to For There To Be there to be he s a war correspondent Coughs In My Father s Den was better coughsIt started out good or about two pages The heroine sleeps all day It would have been interesting if This intensely modern novel provides vivid insights into the alienated condition of a certain type of Japanese whom we may so often glimpse in the streets of Rome or New York intelligent perceptive and desperately lost between two worlds Ivan Morris author of The Nobility of Failure Darkness in Summer is the Earth first serious work of Japaneseiction to ocus on the Japanese experience in the West A man and a woman separ. .