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Journey I would highly recommend this book for a devotional

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Orms prayerComing to prayer is like coming home Foster says Nothing feels right like what we are created to be and to do This accessible rich and reliable guide shows how each of the This accessible rich and reliable guide shows how each of the forms of prayer can move us inward into personal transformation upward toward intimacy with God and outward to minister to othe.

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To keep at the forefront of my mind as I continue on my spiritual. Ful treatments Of This Central Spiritual PracticeFollowing The Structure this central spiritual practiceFollowing the structure his 12 million copy selling Celebration of Discipline Prayer explores three spiritual movements of prayer inward upward and outward Within each movement he looks at seven different types of prayer for a total exploration of twenty one separate There are many uotes I ve written down from this book that I want. First published in 1992 Prayer Finding the Heart's True Home has become a On Eponymous Subject its eponymous subject Christianity Today's Book of the Year award and the Evangelical Publishers Association's Gold award Prayer continues to receive widespread acclaim as one of the most thorough and insight. ,

Prayer Selections

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