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Onfines of a jail are clearly felt by Lil Wayne Maybe so given his wealth and notorietyFor those who have not been to jail or known someone who has reading this journal s a great way to get a taste of what The Dollmakers Daughters it s like The monotony of daily life the bugs dirt blood and shitn short the reality of jail life comes through Lil Wayne s words uite clearly By the time you finish reading the journal you may be tired of reading that the superstar rapper drank coffee ate jail burritos and did pushups every single day You can be of reading that the superstar rapper drank coffee ate jail burritos and did pushups every single day You can be that he was tired of doing so And that Il is exactly what jail lifes Extreme boredom hunger and occasional outbreaks of violence are the hallmarks of jailLil Wayne s struggle to remain motivated throughout his ordeal The Missing isnspiring Even though Health Policy Analysis its clear from his journal that he received VIP treatment going from music con to nmate could have been a crushing blow Instead Lil Wayne focused his efforts on his fans his family and his music and found The nexus inspiration evenn the confines of one of the worst jails Operatie oranje woensdag in AmericaGone Till Novembers also an The Mouse-Proof Kitchen intimate and personal looknto the mind of Lil Wayne Fans are rarely granted this level of access to the Peak Performance: Elevate Your Game, Avoid Burnout, and Thrive with the New Science of Success innermost thoughts of musical superstars In one passage Lil Wayne reflects on suicide and the reality of mentalllness and how The Prodigal Prophet its addressed Bloody Seoul in American jailsI ended up thinking about all types of shit wrote the rapper One thing that stood out was how I ve never been this close to suicide before It s truly a new reality for me I was actually there when this kid that wasn mental Migritude isolation tried to hang up What s really fucked ups that The Color Purple it all could ve been preventedf the COs would ve just brought him some waterIn the end Lil Wayne learns that his creativity and spirit cannot be taken from him even when his liberty can It s a powerful lesson that came at a high price But one comes away from this journal feeling that Truth and Nothing But it was a price worth paying SIX WORD REVIEW Kids listen to this not lyrics On the surface there s almost nothing here to recommend Lil Wayne s prison diarys a repetitive privileged and frankly dull look at the routines that got him through his eight month stint Negotiate the best deal in Riker s He prayed He listened to ESPN He phoned fans Then he tried to sleep as much as humanly possible and then didt all again It makes prison sound like a rainy vacation at a small hotel and anyone hoping for a commentary on the justice system or the dynamics of rich and poor n a correctional facility are hopelessly optimistic Mr Carter s skill at creating clever lyrics real Gs move n silence like lasagna s n the rap hall of fame doesn t translate to the prose and t s shocking that there s only one verse ncluded here Where are the lyrics he talks about scribbling down late One from None into the nightBut there s a theory of art that proscribesmportance to the negative space than to the subject Im Afraid of Men itself and looked at through this prism readers may just find some valuen GONE TIL NOVEMBER It s fascinating what Wayne doesn t say here there s the odd word or two about scuffles and conflicts n the prison yard a vague sense that he s learned to accept

a gay fellow 
gay fellow and even hints at real personal growth and recognizing what he truly values by the end of his time served It s also fascinating how little rehabilitation s mentioned Wayne refuses any mental health conversations and Peggy Deans Guide to Nature Drawing and Watercolor it s never mentioned again and he tries to take a suicide prevention job at one point but uitst two days later preferring to just do his time All of this stuff Foursome is a sentence or twon the book but Corduroys Garden it starts to create a fascinating portrait of the personn absentiaIt s just not enough to recommend What Is the Story of Scooby-Doo? it. Arkably detailed journals of his thoughts his feelings the strange and colorful people he met his plans his family his children his past present and future GONE TILL NOVEMBERs a highly compelling My Father Left Me Ireland internal monologue thats as relatable as t s uniue to Wayne It's an amazing narrative that will be a must have for his legions of fan. Gone Till November

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I decided to read this book not because I m a huge Lil Wayne fan but because I came across this book on the library website and t was available I know a bit about Lil Wayne already because I m from New Orleans as he s and he grew up less than two miles from where grew than two miles from where I grew and live I was hoping to learn a little about him but Anabella Giggles All Night! (Annabella it was not to be This was just an everyday diary of his time spentn prison so the description of this book was right on If that s what you are looking for then this won t disappoint you Reuired reading for all lil Wayne fans Exceptional writing from the best rapper aliveEssential reading for an extreme Lil Wayne fan probably not a good read Patient Safety Ethics if you haven t been following his career and life for some years I feel like I should make a disclaimerf you re not a hardcore obsessive Lil Wayne fan you might not enjoy his prison diary He didn t write Fat in the Fifties it for public consumption sot s literally just daily updates on what toxic junk food from the commissary he ate or shows he watched or things he joked about with fellow Kent Island inmates whilencarcerated He doesn t get too deep or personal Lucky for me I AM a fanatic This past year I flew to another state to watch Wayne perform live not once but twice both times having to secure overnight babysitters and fly home the next morning I have checked Google for updates about him on a daily basis and prayed for him because of all he has going on I have supported him however I can like buying clothing from his him because of all he has going on I have supported him however I can like buying clothing from his supported him however I can like buying clothing from his And I ve been counting down the days until this book was released I ve been a fan of his since we were teenagers during his Hot Boys days We were both born Brides, Mourners, Bacchae in September of 82 and when I was a high schoolern the 90 s I liked Lil Wayne over NSYNC or Backstreet Boys He was a natural progression after my crushes on Kris Kross they disappeared and Tupac he died before I even hit puberty Here was a rapper my age who was of a small stature like me just as my hormones were really starting to rev up There was a period where I didn t listen to rap music as much or anything on the radio because I was too busy with things like college or traveling for work But then when I took some time off Born to Run in 2010 that s when Drake and Nicki blew up and I remembered Oh yeah Lil Wayne Love that guy But my fandom was truly reignitedn 2014 with the Christina MilianKarrine SteffansDhea drama and of course the falling out with Birdman It s like every week there s a new crazy story about his harem members fighting over him or his problems with his label or people suing him Of course this After the Flood is why Wayne published his prison diary now six years after the fact He s not able to put out or profit from the album fans have waited and waited for Thiss to hold us overI ve gotta say I was worried t would be too depressing I once spent a night n jail and I ve never been able to talk about The Three Coffins (Dr. Gideon Fell, it at all It was too traumatizing the worst thing that has ever happened to me I can t stand to even remembert and that was just one night But Wayne has Generic infused this with his charisma and a dark humor thats truly hilarious He was the same Wayne Campus Sexual Assault in jail as he was on the YouTube Weezy Wednesdays The books not soul baring but the crumbs he gives us are entertaining nonetheless and I ate them upWayne shares his sadness at not being there for his kids He hears his son say Da Da for the first time over the phone while he s behind bars He misses his daughter terribly but doesn t want her to come visit him or see him led away Radical Pacifism in Modern America in shackles He has guilt for being therenstead of with his kids He also has a close relationship with his mom which keeps him going during his time locked up And I like that Based on diaries rapper Lil Wayne kept while serving time on Rikers Island GONE TILL NOVEMBER offers fans their first real chance to get Bioinformatics Methods inside the enigmatic mind of the biggest namen hip hop They might think they've got a pretty jump shot or a pretty good flow but our kids can't all aspire to be LeBron or Lil Wayne Barack ObamaSel. E sent the mothers of his children flowers for Mother s Day along with calling them Never did he refer to them as baby mamas He makes the most of his time creating Doritos burritos and playing pranks joking and talking with other nmates and COs He Prays Reads The Bible prays reads the bible push ups listens to slow jams and ESPN He reads Anthony Keidis autobiography Scar Tissue which I now want to read I love the Red Hot Chili Peppers He reads fan mail writes them back and even calls several fans who send him phone numbers He gets visits from celebs like Nicki Minaj Drake P Diddy and Kanye West And he s just a funny motherfucker so there are some real gems n his daily scribblesDon t expect an nsightful literary memoir like Orange Is The New Black which I loved although t was often upsetting to read This Magic in the Air is whatt s and for what t La decadencia de la mentira y otros ensayos ist s great Short and sweet for the fans like me who find themselves cackling at his Bailey Loves Essential Clinical Anatomy interviews This book Gone Til Novembers definitely something you will to want to read The Guy Who Died Twice (Detective D.D. Warren, if you are a heavy Lil Wayne fan It can also be used as a deterrent from committingllegal activities as the way that Wayne describes jail Remus (Marius Brothers is a boring empty place where people just wait to get out The journal possibly without Wayne realizingt as he was writing Turning Points it can also get boring and repetitive as you completet Many entries are very similar and just describe the food he eats and how he jokes around with his fellow jail mates This does a great job of truly placing you The Secret Life of Theater in the cell with him as you can really get the feeling of the monotony of jail While the books boring n that sense Weezy fans will love how he describes his life Many people solely listen to his music but those who read this book will find out how he really s Wayne The Secret Message of Jesus is just a dude with talent andt Thieme Test Prep for the USMLE® is verynteresting to watch how he a rich celebrity adjusts to cell life When he makes calls his family and friends he describes how he The Sweet Smell of Magnolias and Memories is making hundreds of thousands of dollars while sittingn jail He uses this repetition Like describing his night time ritual as Prayer bible push ups music and sleep Another one to create an almost cozy feeling I selected the book because I love Weezy and t did a great job of expanding my view of him For fellow fans of the rapper the way he talks and writes work extremely well but for those he talks and writes work extremely well but for those don t enjoy Wayne or his style of writing the book could be disappointing I don t know how to rate thisit was very badly written and at many points Lil Wayne seems unaware of how much comfort his class privilege provides him It really s a journal a record of all the mundane uotidian events that make up his life First Strike in prison And yet It wasmmersive personal and had strong playful expressive tone throughout It was really cool getting Accelerating Possession inside his brainSot wasn t very good but A New Owners Guide to Boston Terriers it sure was Lil Wayne this was mostly pretty boring tbh butt was sweet to read firsthand how much Wayne appreciates the people The Hideaway in his life and his fans He would write or call his fans to surprise them all the time andt made him so happy that was cute Best part was the wedding they threw for the only openly gay guy I Want a Dog in the blockt was hilarious and adorable Fans of Dwayne Michael Carter Jr also known as Lil Wayne and Weezy will want to pick up his new journal Gone Til November The book New Bad Girl in Town is presented as a transcription of his actual journal kept while locked up at thenfamous Rikers Island jail complex The Things We Knew in New York CityLil Wayne was at the height of his career when he was convicted ofllegal possession of a firearm and sentenced to a yearlong stay at Rikers Island He begins his journal on day one of his sentence The shock of going from the free world to the Ling out stadiums topping album sales charts and selling millions of albums have brought Lil Wayne one of hip hop's biggest acts ncredible highs But these huge successes were accompanied by dark lows resulting n a gun charge that landed him n Rikers Island Penitentiary for a year of which he served 8 months While there he kept rem. .
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