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Near the beginning when eight year ld Silvia Marcu the protagonist and narrator f Kafka s House is introducing herself to the reader she mentions that people who live in small "houses make her uneasy She then relates this to how she felt years later when she "make her uneasy She then relates this to how she felt years later when she the house in Prague where Franz Kafka nce lived This house while extremely small is also where Kafka wrote much f his work Silvia says I was stunned to see how someone with such vast inner spaces can live in such a ridiculously small house If there is an verriding theme to Kafka s House it is while someone might be restricted in many ways it is still possible to have an enjoyable and full life by focusing n those areas that are unrestricted Romania in the 1960s was very restrictive The country was communist with the constraints that implies The Soviets were invading neighboring Czechoslovakia which created stress and less freedom as they prepared for the possibility f war Silvia s house while larger than Kafka s was still small and crowded with Silvia her parents and sister living in a two room apartment Yet Silvia had a zest for life and all it had to fferI found the book enjoyable not nly for the story but for the glimpse it gave f growing up in a different country and culture The differences are revealing yet I found the similarities show almost as much Kids interact with each ther in the same way regardless f country They worry about schoolwork They love to play and are sharp bservers f the world around them as they seek to understand that world and their place in it Some experiences truly are universalOriginally to understand that world and their place in it Some experiences truly are universalOriginally for Books and Pals book blog This book reads like an autobiography in the same vein as Cider With Rosie buy from the perspective f a 10 year ld Romanian child It was uaint and interesting rather than the most gripping read I ve ever had but sometimes its the little things that matterLife is hard by modern standards but Silvia and her friends make the best f it because that it all they know Even having grown up in a modern western country the things Silvia is concerned about school work family friends and childhood enemies school trips and a healthy fantasy life resonated with meThe language is a little stilted but rather than being annoying it adds to the atmosphere The Catcher in the Rye and Philosophy of the story very easy read good for all ages Gabriela writes in such a way that the reader can see what the characters are seeing You almost feel as if you are there walking with 10 yearld Sylvia and experiencing her life as she does So glad to have the Seven Sisters New Quilts from an Old Favorite opportunity to read this book Though generallyutside the genres that I tend to gravitate towards Gabriela Popa has found a great way Bike Mechanic: Tales from the Road and the Workshop (Rouleur) of writing a fantastic wayf writing from the point f view f a child while avoiding the annoyance When a Man Loves a Woman of dealing with such an immature voice but maintaining the innocence and simple naivety that you d expect While I fully expected to grow tiredf a ten year ld s point f view I found myself surprisingly satisfied and endearedThrough Popa s writing she depicts for us life in the late 60s in Romania Again not something I d have thought myself interested in but interested I was Parts feel so real that I found myself forgetting Kafka s House isn t billed as a biography It s fiction it s an easy read and it. Ten year Keep From Falling old Silvia Marcu lives in the magical worldf fairy tales sheltered from the traumatic events Romania goes through during. .

Feels remarkably authenticKafka s house describes 1968 Romania though the eyes f "A Ten Year Old It "ten year ld it into the coming f age genre and it describes a hard time in 10yo Sylvia s life The story is full f hope even in a time that was so sad for so many so much so that you can t help but be a little disappointed when you don t find Shrek out the restf Sylvia s story An intimate and affecting view f 1968 Romania at the time f the Soviet invasion Look Alikes Jr. of Czechoslovakia through the eyesf Silvia Marcu a dreamy and imaginative 10 year ld learning about death disappointment and informants in a totalitarian societyYet for all that and despite Silvia s frugal circumscribed life the book has a warmth humor and wisdom that elevate it above mere politics Of particular appeal too is the look inside Romanian homes families and lives as people were forced to adapt to grim realities Her father adapts by drinking wine and plum brandy a neighbor lady dreams f traveling to Prague Silvia dreams Architecture for the Shroud: Relic and Ritual in Turin of going to summer campn the Black SeaBut we also get to see the reality what they eat how they travel their folktales their idioms and daily life both in town and in the countryside We also witness how they deal with a bureaucracy indifferent as are most all bureaucracies to personal wants The reader glimpses too Silvia s Collecting and Exhibiting Computer-Based Technology: Expert Curation at the Museums of the Smithsonian Institution ongoing struggles with the multiplication tables including her visualizing the number seven as seven dwarfs hopping fromne ladder He Remembers the Barren of the multiplication table to another as a meansf finally enjoying mathThis is a charming novel It is true that The Early Girl Gets the Blood Wolf our childhood everyday exeriences make us what we are how we look at those experiences as we growlder gives us wisdom and knowledge a great book to hel us remember and look back as to how we thought at a young age smile Through a Child s EyesGabriela Popa has discovered a transporting method Diary of a Library Nerd: An Erotic Diary of One Woman's Metamorphosis of writing about the magicf being a child and seeing the world through the eyes The Stonemere Park Breast Essays: From The L.C.T.F. Archives of a child In her words A few years after I came to US after a long discussion with my American friends about life in Eastern Europe I started writing a novel about what meant to be a child in communist Romania I wanted to understand the child Ince was because I felt that that child held the key to my future I wanted to understand what it meant to grow up there in the mid sixties How were my friends my schoolmates how was I able to figure Let the Wolf Howl out what was happening around us How did we distinguish between bad and good when they were labeled chaotically How was it that we laughed a lot as children In KAFKA S HOUSE Popa reveals a gift for writing that assures the reader from the first page that here is an artist who notnly expresses herself well in a language that is so innocently childlike but that she is about to give us all a view The Resistible Rise Of Benito Mussolini of how life in the Communist countries developed and influenced the thinkingf the people primarily through the developing eyes and thoughts f children who had not known life without dictatorshipThis is a not a caustic novel a book filled with disenchantment a picture f a country degraded by the regime Blue Guide New York of Nicolae Ceau escu This story is related to the universal talesf the spectrum f growing up in an environment restrictive by both governmental decree and by low income living no matter where the house and child The sixties As the events f 1968 unfold she is assailed by uestions no ne not even her parents can answer With imagination and can. ,

Kafkas House