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S are wrong Talk about complaining about cultural appropriation or misappropriation this is done here on a massive scaleI am thus left dumbfounded by the fact that lots of people seem to LIKE THIS PIECE OF CRAP WHICH this piece of crap which no saving grace whatsoever and added to this there are at times words missing from THE TEXT AND EVEN A BOMB THAT GOES OFF text and even a bomb that goes off a bin in the middle of a shopping mall is called a car bomb If this had been put on here as a self published book I could sort of understand but for a major author to publish this just really beggars belief An interesting and challenging premise which I enjoyed However it was poorly delivered I have been reading classic children s for early teens books to my daughter and this compared poorly in comparison The characters were pretty one dimensional and there was so much misery without let up The love that blossoms between the hero and heroine was consummated in a way that was uite distasteful especially for a book designed for teenagers to read I will not be reading the seuel and will recommend others books to my daughter to read A shame as I say the premise was very interesting Arrived uickly and in condition Very interesting book I am teaching it to my Year 7 English class They enjoying all of the issues it brings up This is a dystopian novel The first in a series The Crosses are the powerful minority in a post apocalyptic society They have the best jobs housing and education The Noughts are their servants They have few rights and are understandably unhappy with their lot The story centres around a forbidden relationship between a Cross girl and a Nought boy It s a complex tale and doesn t have a happy ending Well worth the read My Year 7 s love it. Rcely against them these star crossed lovers choose each otherBut this is love story that will lead both of them into terrible dangerand which will have shocking repercussions for generations to comeVoted as one of the UKs best loved books Malorie Blackmans Noughts Crosses is a seminal piece of YA fiction; a true modern classicUnforgettable GuardianThe most original book Ive ever read Benjamin Zephani.

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Ifferent in reality but also within the context of this book after All People Wouldn T people wouldn t around in a Mercedes nor would there be any Nobel prizes This shows a complete lack of understanding about the world and ignorance and if ou think about it shows a deep lack of respect by the author for African culture and valuesThe religion as described in this book would not exist things would be different both culturally and on many other layers as well so this novel completely fails to build a believable world The story then itself does not know what it wants to be with a romance between the two main characters and then trying to take in other elements Going for a Romeo and Juliet feel the author has even given us a balcony scene and other pieces from Shakespeare s play but all done rather badly Indeed in Africa Shakespeare s original play has been done with different colours and was very well received whereas I cannot see what anyone can find appealing in this bookThe author in her introduction here claims that she started this because of anger over the Stephen Lawrence murder although one wonders if that was just something said to get on the money trail because actually this has nothing to say about racism as here all the author does is show that there are such people on both sides which we already know anyway So this book has nothing to actually say is poorly thought out and written and add to this that the chapters alternate between the white male and black female main characters so we do not have any depth as these are all in any depth as these are all in first person narrative style and not done that well The characters are poorly drawn the situations are unoriginal and have been done numerous times before and even the name. Burns with injustice at the world she sees around herCallum is a nought pale skinned and poor hes considered to be less than nothing a blanker there to serve Crosses but he dreams of a better lifeTheyve been friends since they were children and they both know thats as far as it can ever go Noughts and Crosses are fated to be bitter enemies love is out of the uestionThen in spite of a world that is fie. I read this recently as it was on the reading list for a course in writing for children I was sceptical as it was written many The Legendary Unicorn years ago and we were told to read things published in the last 6ears But wow this is phenomenal The writing style had me gripped from the beginning Blackman doesn t waste any time with fluffy stuff that s not relevant et she crafts her characters so doesn t waste any time with fluffy stuff that s not relevant et she crafts her characters so I felt like I knew them really well by the endI didn t expect the ending either This book is on my daughters KS3 reading list I decided to read it first as it s description gave me concerns over the suitability of it s contents My daughter is 12 I would say that it is an easy read as far as the vocabulary is concerned The subject matter is fairly grown up with racism suicide suicide attempts a terrorist attack hangings as capital punishment and a kidnap However as it is written from the perspective of teenagers it is not too detailed and sympathetically written I will be reading this with my daughter but I
Expect It To Lead To 
it to lead to of explanation and discussion As an adult reading this book I found it extremely absorbing and will be reading the rest of the series So it started on TV last week and then over the weekend the book appeared as a daily deal thus leading me to buy it and read it for the first time I had always been led to believe that this was good but to my surprise it is a load of piffle And before someone gets on their high horse and says how wonderful is let me explain This provides us with an alternate world but where there actually should be one there is none as everything here falls into our current world So in reality if the events outlined here did happen not only would things be NOW A MAJOR NEW BBC TV SERIES this edition contains an exclusive A with lead actor Paterson JosephThe Noughts Crosses series are still my favourite books of all time and showed me just how amazing story telling could be Stormzy Stop it Youre all behaving like animals Worse than animals like blankersSephy is a Cross dark skinned and beautiful she lives a life of privilege and power But shes lonely and.

Characters Noughts & Crosses (Noughts And Crosses Book 1)

Noughts & Crosses (Noughts And Crosses Book 1)